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Echo & The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch preps ‘Candleland,’ ‘Mysterio,’ ‘Slideling’ reissues

The first three solo albums from Echo & The Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch are set to be reissued by Demon Music Group in expanded collectors’ editions — packed with bonus tracks including non-album singles, B-sides, live cuts and remixes — to coincide with the singer’s U.K. acoustic tour this September.

While Demon has yet to formally announce the reissues, they’re each listed on with an Aug. 27 release date. McCulloch’s Facebook page on Thursday teased the reissues, reporting they’re due to be released “in September of this year to coincide with the U.K. acoustic dates.”

Demon is reissuing 1989’s Candleland and 1992’s Mysterio in 2CD editions with 22 and 18 bonus tracks, respectively. Slideling, originally released in 2003, will get a single-disc reissue, with the original album supplemented with seven bonus tracks. Earlier this year, McCulloch self-released a fourth solo album, Pro Patria Mori.

Among the bonus material, Candleland features McCulloch’s debut solo single, a cover of Kurt Weil’s “September Song” that was released in 1984, plus all of the album’s B-sides, including seven remixes of “Faith and Healing.” Mysterio includes “Return to Sender,” previously found on the NME cassette The Last Temptation of Elvis, plus the unreleased tracks “History Chimes,” “Honey Drip” [Early Version] and “On One.”  And the Slideling reissue features covers of David Bowie’s “Prettiest Star” and John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy.”


Tracklist: Ian McCulloch, Candleland: Collectors’ Edition

CD 1: Candleland + Bonus Tracks
1. “The Flickering Wall”
2. “The White Hotel”
3. “Proud to Fall”
4. “The Cape”
5. “Candleland”
6. “Horse’s Head”
7. “Faith And Healing”
8. “I Know You Well”
9. “In Bloom”
10. “Start Again”
Bonus Tracks:
11. “September Song” [Short Version]
12. “Cockles And Mussels”
13. “September Song” [Long Version]
14. “Faith And Healing” [The Carpenter’s Son Mix]
15. “Toad”
16. “Fear Of The Known”
17. “Rocket Ship”

CD 2: Bonus Tracks
1. “Proud To Fall” [Long Night’s Journey Mix]
2. “Pots Of Gold”
3. “The Dead End”
4. “Everything Is Real”
5. “The Circle Game”
6. “Candleland (The Second Coming)” [Extended]
7. “Big Days”
8. “The World Is Flat”
9. “Wassailing In The Night”
10. “Faith And Healing” [UK 7″ Remix]
11. “Faith And Healing” [7″ Remix]
12. “Faith And Healing” [12″ Remix]
13. “Faith And Healing” [Club Mix]
14. “Faith And Healing” [12″ Dub]
15. “Faith And Healing” [Rock Mix]


Tracklist: Ian McCulloch, Mysterio: Collectors’ Edition

CD 1: Mysterio
1. “Magical World”
2. “Close Your Eyes”
3. “Dug for Love”
4. “Honeydrip”
5. “Damnation”
6. “Lover, Lover, Lover”
7. “Webbed”
8. “Pomegranate”
9. “Vibor Blue”
10. “Heaven’s Gate”
11. “In My Head”

CD 2: Bonus Tracks
1. “Lover, Lover, Lover” [Indian Dawn Remix]
2. “The White Hotel” [Acoustic Version]
3. “Vibor Blue” [Acoustic Version]
4. “The Ground Below”
5. “Ribbons And Chains”
6. “Birdy”
7. “Dug For Love” [12″ Version]
8. “Damnation” [Live]
9. “Pomegranate” [Live]
10. “In My Head” [Live]
11. “Do It Clean” [Live]
12. “Proud To Fall” [Acoustic Version]
13. “Return To Sender”
14. “History Chimes”
15. “Honey Drip” [Early Version]
16. “On One” [Early Version of ‘Pomegranate’]
17. “Hey, That s No Way to Say Goodbye”
18. “There Is A War”


Tracklist: Ian McCulloch, Slideling: Collectors’ Edition

1. “Love In Veins”
2. “Playgrounds And City Parks”
3. “Sliding”
4. “Baby Hold On”
5. “Arthur”
6. “Seasons”
7. “Another Train”
8. “High Wires”
9. “She Sings (All My Life)”
10. “Kansas”
11. “Stake Your Claim”
Bonus Tracks:
12. “Crackerjack”
13. “Blue Skies Up Ahead”
14. “Sliding” [Acoustic]
15. “Planet Song”
16. “Jealous Guy”
17. “Prettiest Star”
18. “Arthur (Prague)”






  1. will be picking these up, esp Mysterio since that has the unreleased stuff…it’ll be nice to have all those other releases(which I have) all in one place.

  2. Cool. Only complaint is that Candleland is missing “Candleland (The Second Coming) [Single Version]”. Good thing I still have the CD single.

  3. Notch Johnson

    Again, it is the legend!

  4. I remember seeing him play solo in Inman Square, Cambridge Ma (USA). 20 years ago. Don’t remember the name of the club! He was very drunk–but very good.

  5. this is some great and exciting news

  6. Nice, never ventured beyond the 1st solo effort. I’ll have to check these out! I do wish E&B would reissue Reverberation. I actually like this album when he left.

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