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Video: New Order live at Berlin’s Tempodrom — 45 minutes of pro-shot footage

We’ve seen some fairly good webcast footage this summer of the Peter Hook-less New Order playing at various European festivals, but this is far and away the best live film to emerge of the reunited band’s summer touring: a 44-minute reel of professionally shot and edited footage from the band’s June 21 performance at Berlin’s Tempodrom put together by Electronic Beats.  It’s basically the second half of the concert, including the encore of two Joy Division classics. Check it out via the player posted above.


Setlist: New Order, Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany, 6/21/12 (partial)

1. “True Faith”
2. “586”
3. “The Perfect Kiss”
4. “Blue Monday:
5. “Temptation”
6. “Transmission”
7. “Love Will Tear Us Apart”







  1. The absence of Hooky can definitely be felt and heard. It’s almost like listening to a live performance of the band’s remixes. Different, but interesting. Still very New Order IMO. Sounds great!

  2. I totally agree with moog70. While N.O. is not defined by Hook, his missing and iconic bass sound (not to mention his cocky stage presence) makes this performance and others sound like weird remix projects. But looks it takes two dudes to fill Hooks place on stage these days. On a side note, I like how the crowd fell flat when Barney announces 586. So Lame. That’s classic N.O.

  3. Cool. Intelligent, respectful discussion of New Order and Hooky. (And no sarcasm intended or implied.) Yeah, New Order has every right to go on without Hook – but they definitely sound different. And that’s cool – although can’t say I dig it as much. But whatever – I think Hooky has the right to do his own thing too. (Although he’d probably be smart to think a bit more before opening his mouth!)

  4. Great audio and video. They really sound good, but yeah- they’re missing Hooky. They tried to get the bass to sound like him, but it certainly ain’t.

  5. I actually think the bass player (can’t remember his name) tries to put his own spin on the Hooky bass sound, which makes sense. It worked for me.

    I enjoyed this whole excerpt of the show, and would have been dancing fool had I been there. I think they sounded great, “remix” arrangements or no. I even liked “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” despite generally believing that song’s overrated.

  6. Saw them in MCR, really enjoyed it. Very slick, which New Order have never been before. Would have loved to have Peter Hook’s bass but still sounded great…esp Temptation.

  7. saw Hooky perform earlier this year. needed another bass player, his son, too. he was doing lead vocals so that explains a lot. Hook and the Liight not only sounded great, they also had a very credible show. I used to be a big NO fan but can’t listen to or watch them without Hooky. the are very boring without him.

  8. he elected not to be there. i don’t think he ever liked the dance stuff anyway. the hour glass is draining and we should be happy as fans to hear this great music live once again.

  9. Yep, so I can sympathise with both sides of the camp here. Whilst I agree they sound really good, & I’m trying really hard to just ignore Hooky’s absence (regardless of the reasons why) being a long-term fan (honestly, since Joy Division) – this just isn’t NO to me.
    I was torn when they came back to NZ earlier this year (you have no idea), but I eventually decided I wanted to remember them as they were, at the Galaxy in Auckland, February 1987.
    Sure, it’s nice people get to hear those songs on stage again (or for the first time or whatever) I certainly wouldn’t want to deny them that.
    But to me, NO ceased to exist when Bernard & Peter went their separate ways after Sirens.
    For those of you who think different – go along & have a great time.
    My only request at this point would be – retire with what little grace you have left guys – after this wave of concerts, preferably.
    Sorry Barney.

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