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Video: Elizabeth Fraser plays Cocteau Twins, new songs at first-ever solo concerts

Over the past week, former Cocteau Twins frontwoman Elizabeth Fraser played her first-ever solo concerts — and first full performances of any kind in 14 years — with a trio of shows in the U.K. that delivered, as promised, a mix of Cocteaus material with new arrangements and brand-new solo material from an anticipated album.

Fraser and her backing band performed an 18-song-set last Saturday at Bath Pavilion, which served as a warm-up to her performances on Monday and Tuesday at the Antony-curated Meltdown festival at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Below, we’ve got the setlist to the Bath show (via Adrian Masters), which reportedly was the same set played at both Meltdown appearances.

Plus, check out the assortment of fan-shot video of varying degrees of quality from the two Meltdown gig — apparently tight security at Bath made it near-impossible to film — that  we’ve culled from the depths of YouTube and also assembled below.


Setlist: Elizabeth Fraser, Bath Pavilion, Bath, England, 8/4/12

1. “Bushey”
2. “Bluebell Knoll”
3. “Suckling the Mender”
4. “About Ship”
5. “Cherry Coloured Funk”
6. “Charade”
7. “Oomingmack”
8. “Make Lovely”
9. “Enoesque”
10. “Donimo”
11. “Pitch The Baby”
12. “Metal”
13. “Athol-Brose”
14. “Frou Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires”
15. “Golden Air”

16. “Underwater”
17. “Pearly Dewdrops Drops”

18. “Song to the Siren”


VIDEO: Elizabeth Fraser, “Bluebell Knoll,” 8/6/12


VIDEO: Elizabeth Fraser, “Make Lovely,” 8/6/12


VIDEO: Elizabeth Fraser, “Donimo,” 8/6/12


VIDEO: Elizabeth Fraser, “Metal” and “Atholl-Borse,” 8/6/12


VIDEO: Elizabeth Fraser, “Golden Air,” 8/6/12


VIDEO: Elizabeth Fraser, “Underwater,” 8/6/12


VIDEO: Elizabeth Fraser, “Pearly Dewdrops Drop,” 8/6/12


VIDEO: Elizabeth Fraser, “Song to the Siren,” 8/6/12



VIDEO: Elizabeth Fraser, “Pitch the Baby,” 8/7/12


VIDEO: Elizabeth Fraser, “Athol-Brose,” 8/7/12


VIDEO: Elizabeth Fraser, “Pearly Dewdrops Drop,” 8/7/12


VIDEO: Elizabeth Fraser, “Song to the Siren,” 8/7/12







  1. WOW

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  2. Magical.

  3. liz’s voice sounds great but it’s just not the same sonically without robin.

  4. Were the back up singers provided with LYRICS???? I’ll never find out I’m sure!

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