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Video: Morrissey plays 4 unreleased songs in Dublin for ‘Studio in Session’ program

In June 2011, Morrissey debuted three new and still-unreleased songs during what is no doubt a heavily bootlegged session on BBC Radio 2 — and about a month later, it turns out, he entered a Dublin studio with legendary producer Tony Visconti to record the trio of tunes, along with a fourth he later debuted in concert.

Morrissey’s in-studio performances of those songs — “The Kid’s a Looker,” “Action is My Middle Name,” “People are the Same Everywhere” and “Scandanavia” — currently are being aired on the Sundance Channel in Canada as part of the program “Studio in Session.”

In the playlist posted above, you can see the four songs presented in three parts, thanks to uploader  (who came to our attention via SomeDizzyWhore), with most of the interspersed segments that featured Foster the People and Alice Gold removed.


Selist: Morrissey on “Studio in Session”
Recorded at Temple Lane Studios, Dublin, Ireland; July 2011
Produced by Tony Visconti

1. “The Kid’s a Looker”
2. “Scandinavia”
3. “Action is My Middle Name”
4. “People are the Same Everywhere”







  1. Batshiz Crazay

    Sounds good. Gotta admit he’s consistent- If you asked me which album this song came off of, i’d have to say: any one of them.

  2. They’re all pretty drab imho. Apart from Scandinavia which has a slight hint of former greatness.

  3. La La La La Laaaaa

  4. All these sound great, want new album now!
    And he owes us an Australian Tour :)

  5. Good stuff. Nothing great, but pretty darn good. Too bad Moz and his various line ups over the years have always sounded better in studio than live. I also love how satisfied Moz is with himself after the first cut. haha. Classic.

  6. if we ever needed a smiths reunion tour, it’s now.

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