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Yazoo singles, album cuts, mixes assembled on ‘The Collection’ double-disc set

The all-too-brief early ’80s career of synthpop duo Yazoo — comprised of singer Alison Moyet and former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke — will be anthologized next month on a new 2CD set called The Collection, which assembles singles, cuts from the band’s two albums and both vintage and recent remixes.

The set is due out Sept. 10 in the U.K. via Demon Music Group’s Music Club Deluxe imprint, the label behind the new Duran Duran compilation that arrives on the same day. The Yazoo collection features 52 tracks, including several of the recent remixes of the duo’s work that appeared on 2008’s Reonnected EP. Check out the full tracklist below.


Tracklist: Yazoo, The Collection

CD 1
1. “Only You”
2. “Situation”
3. “Don’t Go”
4. “Nobody’s Diary”
5. “The Other Side Of Love”
6. “Didn’t I Bring Your Love Down”
7. “Happy People”
8. “Bad Connection”
9. “Good Times”
10. “Mr. Blue”
11. “Ode To Boy”
12. “Tuesday”
13. “Too Pieces”
14. “Goodbye 70s”
15. “Situation” (US 12″ Mix )
16. “Only You” (1990 Version)

CD 2
1. “Situation” (Hercules And Love Affair Remix)
2. “The Other Side Of Love” (Remixed Extended Version)
3. “Sweet Thing”
4. “Softly Over”
5. “Winter Kills”
6. “Anyone”
7. “Midnight”
8. “Nobody’s Diary” (Extended)
9. “State Farm”
10. “Unmarked”
11. “Walk Away From Love”
12. “Ode To Boy” (Das Shadow Re-Work)
13. “Don’t Go” (Todd Terry Freeze Mix)
14. “Goodbye 70s” (Black Light Odyssey Remix)
15. “Winter Kills” (Electronic Periodic’s Sub/Piano Remix)
16. “Situation” (Original US Dub Mix)






  1. That’s a great photo!

  2. Weird that it’s not a Mute records release, but I guess selling to EMI made this happen. Still looks like a decent release except for the omission of “In Your Room” and “And On”.

  3. that photo looks like it could have been taken in 2012

  4. james nelson

    that’s all fine and good but what ever happened to the LIVE DVD from the reunion tour?

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