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Vintage Video: The Sugarcubes live at Auburn University in 1988 — full 50-minute set

In October 1988, an MTV-packaged “new music” tour featuring Living Colour, The Godfathers and The Sugarcubes hit Alabama’s Auburn University, where the music-video network filmed the latter band’s 50-minute, 14-song set for a special that aired during the “second 60” of “120 Minutes” on Christmas of that same year.

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we bring you that concert, posted above via YouTube user , for a classic glimpse of Björk before she became, well, Björk. As Einar Örn introduces the set: “We are the Icecubes from Sugarland, down deep south in Alabama. We’re going to play you some tunes.”


Setlist: The Sugarcubes, Olympic Stadium, Auburn University, Alabama, October 1988

1. “Sick for Toys”
2. “Birthday”
3. “Köttur”
4. “Universe”
5. “Nail”
6. “Motorcrash”
7. “Deus”
8. “Traitor”
9. “Dream TV”
10. “Blue Eyed Pop”
11. “Coldsweat”
12. “Tidal Wave”
13. “Cowboy”
14. “Delicious Demon”







  1. Notch Johnson

    Whatever happened to the godfathers? I just looked up “she gives me love!” the other day. Classic!

  2. I saw this tour at The Ritz in NYC back around the same time. Surreal to think about how much time has passed since that show!

  3. Good stuff. I forgot how different Bjork was when she was splitting time with Einer Orn.

  4. I remember watching this on 120 Minutes when it aired. I was a student at The University of Alabama and I really wish the show had been on our campus.

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