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The House of Love’s Creation Records debut to be reissued in 3CD set with demos, rarities

The House of Love’s self-titled debut album on Creation Records — the second of three eponymous releases from the U.K. indie band — is set to be reissued this fall in an expanded 3CD set, with the original 10-track album supplemented by 40 bonus tracks, including non-album singles, B-sides and 19 previously unreleased demos.

Super Deluxe Edition today reports that Cherry Red Records will reissue the classic 1988 album sometime in November with the tracklist posted below.

The first disc will feature the original album with two extra tracks: demos of “Shine On” and “Christine” originally released on a bonus 7-inch that came with initial copies of the album. The second disc is loaded with 19 non-album singles and B-sides — including all 10 tracks compiled on the so-called “German Album” — plus rarities and three previously unreleased live cut. The third disc features 19 previously tracks off an original demo cassette.

The original album and all non-demo tracks will be remastered from the original tapes, according to Super Deluxe Edition. The album was reissued by Renascent in 2007 with no bonus material, and it’s unclear whether that edition received an actual remastering.

News of the reissue follows The House of Love’s first live gig in four years last month.


Tracklist: The House of Love, The House of Love

CD 1: Original Album
1. “Christine”
2. “Hope”
3. “Road”
4. “Sulphur”
5. “Man To Child”
6. “Salome”
7. “Love In A Car”
6. “Happy”
9. “Fisherman’s Tale”
10. “Touch Me”
Bonus tracks:
11. “Shine On” (Demo – Bonus 7”)
12. “Christine” (Demo – Bonus 7”)

CD 2: Singles, B-Sides, Rarities
1. “Shine On”
2. “Love”
3. “Flow”
4. “Real Animal”
5. “Plastic”
6. “Nothing To Me”
7. “The Hill”
8. “Loneliness Is A Gun”
9. “The Hedonist”
10. “Welt”
11. “Destroy The Heart”
12. “Blind”
13. “Mr. Jo”
14. “Destroy the Heart” (Demo)
15. “Shine On” (Fuck Version)
16. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You But I Do” (Demo)
17. “Love In A Car” (Live – Previously Unreleased)
18. “Destroy The Heart” (Live – Previously Unreleased)
19. “I Wanna Be Your Dog” (Live – Previously Unreleased)

CD 3: Previously Unreleased Demos
1. “Shine On” (Guy Chadwick Solo Demo)
2. “Touch Me” (Demo 1)
3. “Real Animal” (Demo)
4. “Happy” (Demo 1)
5. “Hold On Me” (16 Track Demo)
6. “Christine” (16 Track Demo)
7. “Modern World” (Demo)
8. “Salome”
9. “Man To Child”
10. “Hope”
11. “Love In A Car”
12. “Touch Me”
13. “Road”
14. “Fisherman’s Tale”
15. “Happy” (Demo 2)
16. “Sulphur”
17. “Real Animal” (16 Track Demo)
18. “Little Girl (alias Mr Jo):
19. “Shine On” (Band Demo)






  1. RED FLAG!- Cherry Red Records has a bad reputation on these reissues (see catherine wheel)! What a great album so hope this gets the proper treatment it deserves. Right, the 2007 reissue was not remastered. It just came in a nice album sleeve.

  2. Man, how many times are they gonna rehash these old albums? C’mon guys, release new material, turn Terry’s backing vocals down,dump Matt on bass, get Chris back and shine the fuck on again

  3. Just to confirm, the first 13 tracks of CD2 is the same content that was previously released as the “German Album”?

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