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Peter Hook to play New Order’s ‘Movement,’ ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ live in 2013

Having performed all three of Joy Division’s official albums live in recent years, Peter Hook announced today that he will turn his attention to his other former band, New Order, and perform that group’s first two albums — 1981’s Movement and 1983’s Power, Corruptions & Lies — live and in their entireties at a pair of U.K. concerts in January.

According to the group’s Facebook page, Peter Hook & The Light will performs the two New Order records at concerts Jan. 17 at London’s KOKO and on Jan. 18 at the Manchester Cathedral, “two very special venues which have been hand picked by Hooky & his band to showcase these momentous debut performances of such timeless material.”

Speaking to Slicing Up Eyeballs last year, Hook hinted that he’d move on from performing Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures and Closer to play the band’s posthumous compilation Still — which he did this past May — and then “go on to New Order and annoy Bernard even more.” He noted: ” I like to say my idea is to play every album before I get too told to play them.”


Peter Hook & The Light plays New Order:

Jan. 17: KOKO, London, UK
Jan. 18: Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, UK






  1. Batshiz Crazay

    $10 says he’s going to get jumped in a dark alley by someone who strangely looks like Sumner and Morris.

    On another note, Hooky’s shirt really needs to read, “I made money, not history!”

  2. What a bitter idiot.

  3. dum-bass. Now I don’t just dislike him and care about his past, I’m instead growing to hate him and anticipate the next NO album without him.

  4. So, basically we now have it confirmed. Hooky is the new Roger Waters. And it took two decades for HIM to bury the hatchet with Dave Gilmour. After Bernard’s confirmation earlier in the week of a new New Order record in 2013 with the new line-up, I agree with Scott above here – I am even MORE prepared to accept Bernard’s leadership of the band and look forward to the new LP. Bernard Sumner – the new Dave Gilmour. Hurrah.

  5. I don’t understand why some people are getting all bitter about Hook performing JD albums and now NO albums. He helped create – and was part of – those albums, and is entitled to perform them whenever he wishes. It’s up to the public to decide if they want to attend his gigs or not.(Regardless is the shows are good or not) No one is indispensable really – there are good musicians around who can cover any band member’s place(except the vocals, obviously cause that is a important trade mark of any band); and any band can continue without one or more of it’s original members…As we have seen done with other bands. The same applies to former band member’s, like Peter Hook, they can continue making music if they desire, and if music is their vocation …So Let Hooky be.

  6. Huge New Order and all side project fan here (except for Freebass, which was just OK). Hooky was always my fave bass player and still is, but too bad his actions have come to this. I try to follow this row, but still don’t get it. Pulling off the New Order tunes will be way more difficult, than JD. I actually liked it when The Light had Moby sing at one of their concerts… he could have sung full time! Agreed all, looking forward to the next NO album!

  7. After seeing Hooky and his Light live performing Closer, I’ve changed my tune. The performance was amazing to say the least and sounded MUCH better than the recent string of N.O. shows. Do I think the squabble between sides is stupid for men of this age? Totally. BUT Hook has as much right to play this material as Barney and Steve do. Besides, even if N.O. had not divided, I don’t see them playing entire records of amazing back catalogue material like Hook is doing solo. Here’s to hoping he brings Movement and Power to the U.S.

  8. Joy Division will be remembered for two things: Voice and bass. End of story.

    • Batshiz Crazay

      Not even close (you can’t be a JD fan if you think that)- JD was the sum of it’s parts- the sprawling distant guitar, the machine line drum patterns, and the non stop attack of the bass…each instrument doing it’s thing yet fitting perfectly together for Ian to sing through.

      And perhaps most importantly of all, Martin Hannett’s production of which Joy Division would never have sounded the way they are remembered for.

      So in other words, you’re reading the wrong story.

  9. Yeah, each side should be able to do their own thing. It’s up to us the fans to support one, both, or neither party in their endeavors. (My vote has been to repurchase the vinyl I got rid of along the way.) But I don’t get all the Hooky bashing. Regardless of whether you like him personally or not there’s no way the JD and NO music we love would sound the same without him.

  10. Why bother with these shows when the genuine article is out there touring?


    Compare the JoyDiv songs played live by The Light versus New Order Now.

    I give my vote to The Light. The energy/passion that is essential to the JoyDIv music is totally delivered by the Light. New Order Now on the other hand sounds like they’re going thru the motion.

    Even pre Hooky/Barney riff, whenever New Order played JoyDiv songs, Barney never got into it.

    So, The Light proved their relevance and brought the live JoyDiv sound to the world — not many can say they saw JoyDIv live. The Light provided the next best thing.

    Can the Light pull off New Order? I think they can — up thru Low Life — after that it’s way more synth’d.

    I would buy tix to see the Light play New Order.

  12. All the best to Hooky.

  13. He WAS touring Joy Division. At least Joy Division don’t exist anymore. He’s been touring the JD nostalgia show for three years. Now he’s run out of JD stuff, it’s onto New Order. At least the singer of JD is dead and can’t sing anymore, and there isn’t a JD. So even with the whole tenuous link of “Bass-Player-Singing-Songs-He-Didn’t-Originally-Sing-and-Not-Playing-The-Instrument-He-Played-On-The-Records” which seemed a bit of a loose connection to the original JD band, he’s now in the whole “Bass-Player-Singing-Songs-He-Didn’t-Originally-Sing-and-Not-Playing-The-Instrument-He-Played-On-The-Records-Even-Though-The-Original-Singer-Is-Still-Alive-And-The-Band-Are-Actually-Together” position.

    How would we feel if it wasn’t Hooky? If say, it was another band. If it was Jason-Newsted ex-Metallica touring one of their albums? It’s a desperate move. Or perhaps someone who used to be guitarist in Whitesnake trying to sing some of their drivel. Think of something else to do Hooky. We don’t need Faux New Order when the actual New Order are touring. And if I had to pick between Hooky and Barney singing New Order, Barneys a better singer. Always has been. It’s not too far until we get the Peter-Hook-performs-The-Other-Two-And-You in 2023.

    Lets not mention Rowetta murdering the songs. You might as well have Lady-Gaga-sings-Nirvana.

    For heavens sake, Hooky, I’ve never wanted you to be anything less than a success, but seeing you perform a set full of New Order songs with a bunch of mostly Sleeperblokes, singing songs you never sang, and not playing bass, is a bloody horrific idea. I’ve seen Frankenbands trying to cover old songs when there’s only the singer, or the accountant, left, and it is a degrading sight to the songs. I don’t want imagine Hooky and The Blokes trying to growl their way through “Blue Monday”. I might as well go and see Howling Mad Frank down the local pub karoke over the 12″.


    Write new songs, record new songs, tour new songs, and play some old ones at the same time, and I wish you every success in the matter, but STOP LIVING IN THE PAST, stop selling bricks and bits of ground up old beer cans from a club that closed 15 years ago, and stop trying to make a buck out of being the worlds only tribute act to Who You Were Thirty Years Ago.

    If I wanted to see New Order, I’d go see New Order.

  14. What an idiot!

  15. My question is: I wonder if any of them even remember why they’re mad at each other…?

  16. At the end of the day, it’s not so bad that Hook wants to play songs from Joy Division or New Order, what bothers me is that the guy is far too talented to carry on by rehashing the past over and over again, and that’s all he’s been doing. How about focusing on new material with The Light or as Revenge or Monaco? That would be brilliant! He’s more than capable of writing great songs and making great music, but I guess it’s easier to lean on the old foundation instead of building something new. I wish you’d move on, Hook. I’d love to hear some new material.

  17. Only 2 things can happen now. 1) This will be completely brilliant or 2) this will be complete shit. If anyone has heard their take on “Blue Monday” , makes you wish you were deaf

  18. What a nutter, but if he can find people to pay for his concerts, so be it. Me, I’m saving my money and couldn’t care less :)

  19. I just dont care at all its just great toi hear the stuff played out live either way, long live JD and NO.

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