Album News — September 25, 2012 at 7:58 am

Chris Lawhorn releasing ‘Fugazi Edits’ LP that samples every song in band’s discography

DJ and former punk drummer Chris Lawhorn next month will release a 22-track instrumental album titled Fugazi Edits that, as its name suggests, is built on samples of every song released by the dormant post-hardcore band Fugazi over the course of its recording career, which spanned 1988 to 2001.

The album is due out in late October on Lawhorn’s own Case/Martingale Records, and, the musician says, it has been authorized by the band’s Ian Mackaye, with profits being donated to a pair of charities (“one that works with senior citizens in Washington, D.C., and another that provides aid globally to folks impacted by disaster and civil unrest”).

Assembled over the past two years, the album features more than 100 Fugazi samples. Lawhorn says it’s “an attempt to make something that employed both the musical influences of his youth and his love of cutting up tracks and reassembling them.”

To hear a pair of short samples of Fugazi Edits, visit




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  1. Finally got around to listening to the CD today. It’s an awful almost unlistenable cluster fuck of Fugazi samples randomly thrown together in an unorganized and sloppy fashion. If it were not for the charitable cause I would have been extremely upset about wasting money on it that could have gone to a more enjoyable CD release by another band or artist.
    Avoid this like the plague or just pirate it. ZERO STARS.
    If you want to listen to Fugazi then just listen to Fugazi.

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