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Depeche Mode debuts new untitled song in Paris with in-studio video — hear it here

Depeche Mode opened today’s press conference in Paris with an in-studio video set to the sounds of an as-yet-unnamed new song — although it seems likely it’ll be called “Angel of Love” — and you can now hear the track in its entirety via the clip posted above. Also, check out full details of today’s tour announcement.






  1. WOW, that’s different! I love it!

    • same old sh*t? you don’;t know mode .. they tell a story throughout the record .. let me take you on a trip and back my friend .. Gahan’s voice came through piercing in that song .. maybe you were rubbing your cats belly while listening to the track .. put it on a disc, 3 am and drive through the city in full blast maybe then you get the meaning of the song!

  2. Ugh. Same old same old. The rock gospel-I feel you-barrel of a gun-condemnation-wrong-raspy voice- is getting tired now. I was hoping for something new and original.

  3. I’m with Chad.
    Take us back to pre-SOFAD please!
    We want to hear a clear and concise Gahan voice

  4. Has Nick Cave joined Depeche Mode?

  5. Not sure this would have made it as a b-side during that era. Alan Wilder rumours untrue then, shame… more stop/start, tin-pot synth songs with Ben Hillier producing. Sure there’ll be a couple of gems – and the rest will be fire/desire, pain/chain parodies of past string-laden glory days.

  6. Man.
    Depeche is my personal favorite, but I agree with Chad and Steve. Same old, same old. Is it just me or does Dave sound more and more like he’s trying to channel Elvis? Like he’s trying too hard or something? I like the music though.
    I think it’s time for Depeche to call it quits, or reconsider things. And for cryin’ out loud, bring back Alan Wilder already!

  7. Relax, guys i’m sure its just a b-side or else a track that will later appear in a box set like the last album. For me it definately does not sound like the kind of song that will make the final 12 or 13 of the record. I still have high hopes for this album.

  8. Depeche Mode now has a really mature an unique sound. I also would not go back to old pop stuff like Madonna who should really start to act her age. I think it’s time all you critics wake up and appreciate the fact that DM still delivers!!!! Thank you Dave, Martin and Fletch.

  9. their cover of U2 wasn’t half-bad, but this version of U2 is, half-bad.

  10. Batshiz Crazay

    Has age really affected their ability to make a proper album? Side projects are meant to get the songs off your chest that aren’t fit for your main band. Such a disappointing lazy song. Can’t drive to it and you cant dance to it. I could however, clean to this and maybe wash my car to it… but that one is pushing it.

  11. This is another utter piece of crap. Boring, uninspired drivel.

  12. Dave getting worked up and hitting some duff notes there… less is more mr. Gahan. Marty forgot to write a chorus, a la Wrong/ Barrel Of A Gun. Get AW back in to do his strings and atmospheric crescendos.

    If it’s a boxset bit of fluff – why release it?

  13. It’s just one song…..relax.

  14. Do you really want them to sound the same as the 80’s or 90’s? As usual this first glimpse of their new music has caught me off guard and I don’t understand it yet. But that only means that it is different and needs more listening…and that it’s definitely not boring. It’s just like when I first heard “I Feel You” and “Barrel of a Gun” both of which I love now. It’s funny how as Depeche Mode fans we hold them to such ridiculously high standards…If any other band released this most would be salivating.

  15. Tracklisting for new album ‘Infector’, just in: Raptures; In Your Name; Little Angel; Praying For Your Chains; Diseased; Multi (instrumental); Higher Dress; I Feel No Shame; Jonah; Holding Court; You Free Me.

  16. Actually this is the track listing:

    1. Infector (Intro) (0:47)
    2. Spaced (3:25)
    3. Grinder (4:20)
    4. The Nomenclature Fiasco (3:35)
    5. Accelerated Decrepitation (5:14)
    6. Nightmares of Galileo (4:52)
    7. Replicants (2:41)
    8. Super Mario Bros. Castle Theme (Bonus Track)

  17. Agree w/Alexis, the clip is too short to gauge how their upcoming album will be like. But I think it’s safe to assume that Wilder will never come back, violator and SOFD will never be revived, nor will they ever evoke the same phenomenal reactions as they did in the late 80s/early 90s, because it’s 2012, culture and times change, business models changed, everyone matures.

    Plus back then, sampling, electronic/synth music was in its infancy, it was considered ‘new’, concurrently house and techno was gaining notice, I can’t think of anything nowadays that has that same groundbreaking effect. Who today is gaining a large underground following because they’re doing something never done before?

  18. It’s the style of the song that grates on me. I’m not into the pseudo-gospel crap like Condemnation, and I certainly don’t like the ‘music’ on this record.

    In my opinion, Mesh blow DM out of the water. They have a new record coming out in Feb and I expect it to be much better than DM’s.

    And the DM Tour? You can bet you’ll be hearing the same old hits they play every time, with no rare tunes or album tracks beyond the new stuff.

    • boring the living shit out of me…..

      I still get blown away by the B-side, ‘Shout’. I’ll never forget putting the 12″ on my turntable the week it came out…..speechless.

      Yeah, I know, that was a long, long time ago…..’Looking From A Hilltop’ anyone? ;)

  19. It’s not quite the stand-out track that Wrong was on Sounds of the Universe, but I still like it. I don’t expect Depeche Mode to stand still with the music they were making in the 80’s and have been quite happy with the last several albums. Sounds of the Universe I thought was particularly strong album.

  20. I like it, gritty/dirty sounding. Perhaps those that dont like it, are living in the past. Move on! Onwards & Upwards, never stand still!!!

  21. I’ve been living and breathing this announcement today, and I’ve watched this clip 3 times. While I don’t instantly LOVE the song, it’s growing on me and I like the sound. God people, give it a chance! it’s only a teaser and who knows where it will end up on the record! Thanks to my dear friends in London, we’ve secured tickets to the 02 Arena gig and I will be flying over in May! Let the MODE fever commence!!!!!!!!!!

  22. remember when scissor sisters released ‘shady love’ and even shot a video, and so many people backlashed it, they made ‘only the horses’ the first REAL single instead? Maybe this is a test, since the people who will buy the music are the only ways to give them the feedback that they want. DM has bored me since post-ultra, dave’s voice is amazingly so much better now than it was on sofad, i give him mad props for doing so much hard work and training.

  23. Brilliant…. New, different, another one pulled out f the bag…(if your not a DM fan, don’t review it cos u won’t get it….) well done boys

  24. Its a different time for them, I do agree that Alan was the principle in the 80’s and he is missed…but they still ar emaking music, and its not like they need the $$ or something. They are still into it… I’m pretty sure that Dave wrote this track as its not too rich in lyrics like ML Gore …Im still excited for release

  25. Mark – They’ve been doing dirty/gritty for 20 years now.

  26. Playing The Angel and Exciter were such unlistenable let-downs, anything is better than that .. SOTU was a return to form of sorts, but still think the obsession with vintage synth-algorithms and glitchy bleeps and bloops gets in the way of the songs. Hope Marty got that knob twiddling off his chest with VCMG.

  27. Same chords as “Nothing”. Nothing new under the sun. Hoping the rest of the album has a few gems.

  28. The song is a grower for me and I hope it ends up on the album. And just because Alan Wilder was the force behind their best albums doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have released a few crappy ones with him still around. DM still kick as without him. If Martin had left instead of Alan, then they would’ve been domed. They’re still very relevant because I got into them last year with SOTU!!

  29. pretty good cool finally some good first realease music do not like to much whene it stops and sounds like 1930 s owwwwwwwwwwww leave me here for ever more whene he says and music goes slow i don not like that every thing els is good

  30. I’m very disappointed in the new song:(:(:( I hope the others are better than this one, I don’t like it, it vaguely reminds me of to have and to hold and I feel you but it’s worst:(..I miss black celebration, sgr, cta and violator:(:( I miss wilder

  31. Been a Depeche fan since 82. Stopped being a Depeche fan around 98. This really is ….. Heartbreaking lol. My head is actually gonna fall off my neck I’m shaking it that much.
    Can’t watch their live shows anymore either, or as Dave would sing ” Aaaaaither”.

    His need to ‘perform’ is making him sound like a shouty, vocalised thug behind the mic, which is a shame cause he’s actually quite a good singer, when he calms it down a bit.

    Pass me a tissue :(

  32. Alan WAS Depeche, to put it bluntly.

    Damn shame

  33. I’ve never been to a Depeche concert and once in my life I’d like to see them performing but I’m afraid of being disappointed:0..I’m forcing myself to like this new song and I find it easier by listening to this remix “Angel of Love (Drifting Somewhere Mix)”, it’s a whole lot better than the original!
    Alan please come back!!

  34. Steve
    Alan WAS Depeche, to put it bluntly.

    Damn shame

    Oh really?? So, Alan wrote Stripped, Personal Jesus, Walking In My Shoes and countless other classics did he? Have a rest.

  35. No but he created the whole sound. Did you think that was Martin ?
    Martin took no part in the studio, was all Alan.

    Where has that sound been since Alan left ?

    Right back at ya fud lol ;)

  36. Right back at ya fud lol ;)

    Haha, fair enough ;)

    I agree that Wilder “contributed” to the sound and production, along with the likes of Dave Bascombe and Flood, but without the songs that Martin wrote, he would have had sod all to work with. I find the majority of his Recoil work virtually unlistenable, he really isnt much without Gore. So i guess it swings both ways.

  37. Yeah, granted m8

  38. This IS shit tho, lol

  39. Horrible! Weak song, lazy effort. Just like most of the albums after ULTRA, the exception being “Playing the Angel” are lack lusters. Get rid of Ben Hillier, bring back Alan Wilder and Vince Clarke for god sake! Seem like Martin Gore has ran out of juice.

  40. It breaks my heart to say that I don’t care much for this song either. However, I have faith in the boys that there will be some amazing songs on the new album. Devotee and proud ;)

  41. Samantha Speer

    Rough but I can feel it. Can not wait for the tour!!!

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