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Dead man’s party: Watch 3 of Oingo Boingo’s epic Halloween concerts from 1987 and 1990

Oingo Boingo at Irvine Meadows

For those of us living in Southern California in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Halloween meant one thing: Oingo Boingo’s epic “Dia de los Muertos” concerts in Los Angeles and San Diego. We’ve posted this 1990 show before, but now we’ve got two full sets from 1987 — Oct. 30 and 31 at Irivne Meadows — all courtesy of YouTuber

Danny Elfman and Co.’s run of multi-night Halloween stands at Irivne Meadows from 1986 to 1991 were the stuff of legend (after taking 1992 off, the band returned to the venue for its ’93 concerts, but switched to the smaller Universal Amphitheatre in ’94 and played both venues for the band’s final concerts in ’95, memorialized on the Farewell: Live from the Universal Amphitheatre album and concert film).

So go back in time to 1987 and 1990 and relieve a very Boingo Halloween:


Setlist: Oingo Boingo, Irvine Meadows, Irvine, CA, 10/30/87

1. “Dead Man’s Party”
2. “Home Again”
3. “Dead Or Alive”
4. “Who Do You Want To Be”
5. “Private Life”
6. “Help Me”
7. “We Close Our Eyes”
8. “My Life”
9. “Sweat”
10. “Grey Matter”
11. “Gratitude”
12. “Stay”
13. “It Only Makes Me Laugh”
14. “No One Lives Forever”
15. “Just Another Day”
16. “New Generation”
17. “Not My Slave”
18. “Insects”
19. “Elevator Man”
20. “Wild Sex”
21. “Capitalism”
22. “Nothing To Fear”
23. “On The Outside”
24. “Goodbye, Goodbye”
25. “Weird Science”
26. “Little Girls”
27. “Violent Love”
28. “Nasty Habits”
29. “No Spill Blood”
30. “Only A Lad”
31. “Ain’t This The Life”


Setlist: Oingo Boingo, Irvine Meadows, Irvine, CA, 10/31/87

1. “Dead Man’s Party”
2. “Home Again”
3. “Dead Or Alive”
4. “Who Do You Want To Be”
5. “Private Life”
6. “Help Me”
7. “We Close Our Eyes”
8. “My Life”
9. “Sweat”
10. “Grey Matter”
11. “Gratitude”
12. “Stay”
13. “Winning Side”
14. “It Only Makes Me Laugh”
15. “Pain”
16. “No One Lives Forever”
17. “Just Another Day”
18. “New Generation”
19. “Not My Slave”
20. “Insects”
21. “Elevator Man”
22. “Wild Sex”
23. “Capitalism”
24. “Nothing To Fear”
25. “On The Outside”
26. “Goodbye, Goodbye”


Setlist: Oingo Boingo, Irvine Meadows, Irvine, CA, 10/25/90

1. “Cry of the Vatos”
2. “Dean Man’s Party”
3. “When the Lights Go Out”
4. “Dead or Alive”
5. “Home Again”
6. “Skin”
7. “Glory Be”
8. “Cinderella Undercover”
9. “Help Me”
10. “Sweat”
11. “Out of Control”
12. “Flesh ‘N Blood”
13. “Grey Matter”
14. “Long Breakdown”
15. “Good For Your Soul”
16. “Elevator Man”
17. “No One Lives Forever”
18. “We Close Our Eyes”
19. “Mama”
20. “Minnie the Moocher”
21. “Dream Somehow”
22. “Not My Slave”
23. “Stay”
24. “Who Do You Want to Be?”
25. “Wild Sex”
26. “Try to Believe”
27. “Just Another Day”
28. “Gratitude”
29. “Private Life”
30. “Violent Love”
31. “No Spill Blood”
32. “You Really Got Me”
33. “Little Girls”
34. “Only a Lad”
35. “Goodbye, Goodbye”


  1. Notch Johnson

    My first show ever was Boingo at the Orange Show in San Bernardino. Must have been 84, 85 but im not sure. Good memories…

  2. Greatest post ever. Greatest live band ever.

  3. They had the best Halloween shows. Watching while home from work because Sandy.

  4. Saw them in 1993 on their final tour. Amazing to think they’ve been gone now almost 20 years

  5. I really, really regret never going to see Boingo at one of these shows, but I wasn’t a fan back then! I only learned to appreciate them after they broke up. *sigh*

  6. I became a fan in 1994 but I live in Chicago, too far from the West Coast to see them.

  7. Went to a number of those Halloween shows back in High School & Junior College. And their last show on Halloween in 1995. Viva los dia de los muertos Oingo Boingo shows!!

  8. I remember when first told of the mystic knights way back when from a friend in the LA area. Then I heard Danny do an interview on KFJC talking about the first EP – and the cover from Louis Wain and the onset of schizophrenia (which fit the band). I was sold. From 1980 on I can’t remember how many times I saw them from the smallest venue and even theme parks to large auditoriums. They are missed, the 80’s never would have been the same without them.

  9. a true genius and great band

  10. Thanks for posting these. I’ve been a Boingo fan for as long as I can remember. They were my second concert. 1987 at Universal Ampitheatre on the night Batman was opening. My parents would never let me go to concerts as they thought I was too young but my older sister snuck me to this one. Loved it! Wish I had been able to get to a Halloween concert.

  11. bobbetta805

    Love love love Oingo Boingo. Saw them at Magic Mountain of all places in 1985 and a couple of times at the Universal and Irvine Meadows. Just one more show Danny, please!!!

  12. Saw them with Wall of voodoo maybe 85/86. Great band and good times

  13. Living in So Cal I had the pleasure of seeing Oingo Boingo live many times including their Halloween show at Irvine Meadows in 1986. I’ve been looking for that full show link. If anyone does have it please post. Anyway, they were amazing live and miss those good old days. I have seen Boingo Dance Party multiple times and, no offense to current lead singer, I miss seeing and hearing Danny sing those great songs.

  14. Awesome! 1987 show was my first ever concert!

  15. Gilbert Rendon

    Some of my favorite times were at these concerts.. memories for life .. Class of 84 ..

  16. Marcello Benevenia

    The best!!! I’m soooooo glad I got to see them! Such an amazing time!!
    I remember going to Irvine Meadows then off to Universal Amphitheater!

    Every effin Halloween!!!

    Long live Boingo!!!

  17. These are time capsule concerts that I hope never dissapear from public consumption.

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