Contests — November 5, 2012 at 11:35 am

Contest: Win Dinosaur Jr’s ‘Chocomel Daze’ LP plus 3 CD reissues from Merge Records

Later this month, Dinosaur Jr will release a limited-edition live album called Chocomel Daze that recorded in 1987 and will be available only on vinyl or as a digital download — and our friends at Merge Recrods have set us up with a copy of the deluxe 150-gram vinyl LP to give away to one lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader.

But that’s not all: Merge is sweetening the deal by throwing in copies of the label’s CD reissues of Dinosaur Jr’s first three albums, Dinosaur, You’re Living All Over Me and Bug.

TO ENTER: Simply drop a comment below naming your favorite Dinosaur Jr song (or songs, if you can’t quite pick) and share some thoughts on why it holds that place in your heart.

This contest is open to entrants anywhere in the world, and we’ll take entries until 12 p.m. EST Friday, Nov. 16. After that point, we’ll select a winner at random and contact them via e-mail — so please remember to use a legit address when you enter. And if the winner don’t respond after one full week, we’ll select a new one. One entry per person, please.

For more detail on the Dino Jr live LP — which was was recorded by the band’s original lineup in 1987 at Dorrnroosje, Nijmegen, Netherlands — here are the full details, plus you can stream one of the set’s tracks, “The Lung.” Chocomel Daze will be released Nov. 19.




  1. Kimberly McElroy

    My favorite would have to be Out There. It was one of the first dinosaur jr. songs that really hit me and it is so powerful.

  2. “Turnip Farm” is my fave…the guitars careening around one Watt’s bass make me feel woozy in all the right ways.

  3. Roger Scanlon

    My favorite song would have to be “The Lung.” The amazing guitar riffs made me being to learn the guitar myself.

  4. Leslie Davis

    I love them all, but Feel The Pain would be my favorite!

  5. “Freak Scene” from Bug is my favorite. Bug is my favorite Dinosaur Jr album and that song just sets the whole thing off. It’s a very loud and cathartic record and Bug is the album that turned me on to J, Lou, and Murph in the first place. So this one holds a special place in my heart and Freak Scene is the one I tell other people to listen to if they’ve never listened to Dinosaur Jr. before.

  6. The Wagon. This was the first song I heard from Dinosaur Jr. which made me a big fan since the early 90s.

  7. Leah Lehmann

    ‘Green Mind’ will always have a special place in my heart as that album as a whole was my life playlist when I lived in Scotland for a year…it the first time I was completely on my own and missing a lot of things from back home and basically finding myself <3

  8. Little Fury Things because it is the first D Jr song I heard.

  9. Start Chompin’

    Because J Mascis is a golden god.

    Barlow’s badass too, he can be a golden god also.

    Pick me!

  10. Missing Link featuring Del Tha Funky Homosapien as that whole album/soundtrack was amazing.

  11. i just remember how awesome and big “thumb” sounded at off festival in poland in 2010. it still brings me goosebumbs. album version and live versions are good, but theres nothing like seeing it live.

  12. Freak Scene – it always brings me back to a very specific time. In the soundtrack of my life, it’d hold a prominent place. First track perhaps?

  13. I got the vinyl reissue of ‘Dinosaur’ many moons ago and ‘Bulbs of Passion’ really struck something.

    But hey, they’re pretty damn good.

  14. The Wagon. I have a whole cartoon in my head, and that song is used in the opening credit. Maybe one day I will get off my butt and actually write it.

    I also love the Just Like Heaven cover…and Forget the Swan, ok way to many to pick. I am going to stop now.

  15. When I was a young college grad living in Boston, my roommate was friends with a “Lemonhead.” We went over to his apartment, and he put a song on telling us “You’ve GOT to hear this. This band is going to be HUGE.” It was Little Fury Things. He had very good taste.

  16. favourite? little fury things
    why? it was the first Djr song i heard and it turned me on to the band

    got my tickets to the 12/1 show here in NYC after your post – thanks for the heads up

  17. Freak Scene.

  18. “Back to Your Heart” from Beyond. A maudlin/sweet Barlow lyric with some rib-crushing soloing from Mascis. The band working as a unit at their finest.

  19. the lung. a song that always me smile.

  20. August Gering

    “Pond Song,” because it’s the first thing I heard from them; it was 1988, and WXRT DJ Johnny Mars played it on his weekly alt-rock show “The Big Beat.”

  21. John Shepski

    My favorite is “Don’t”. Such a painful song to listen to.

  22. ward crittendon

    Repulsion was the first track on the Homestead Records sampler “The Wailing Ultimate” – first track I ever heard by Dinosaur (they hadn’t yet had to add the “jr”).
    Maybe not even their “best” song, but a great introduction.

  23. Freak Scene

  24. I would have to say Thumb off of the Green Mind album. I was in high school at the time it came out and my parents were going through a divorce. It was a tough time for me, but hearing the J sing, “There never really is a good time, always nothin’ much to say” really hit home for me. In a way that album saved my life, someone else felt like I did. Dinosaur has been my favorite band since I was 15. I’m so glad they are still making and releasing amazing, relevant music.

  25. Can I pick an ep? Whatever’s cool with me. I remember sitting in my car making out with my girlfriend at the time in front of my house. I think we listened to it 2-3 times. Just kidding too. Good memories!

  26. The Wagon. No great reason why. It just seemed to be everywhere when it came out.

  27. “What Else Is New”. It the first of their songs I’ve heard. I thou
    Oight « what the hell, this is great!
    Velton, Brasil.

  28. The Wagon – the single from SubPop. It was the first bit of new music from Dinosaur Jr for what seemed like ages. It was great to hear new stuff from them and I wore that single out.

  29. Freak scene. Whenever I hear the song I immediately remember the scene in “The year punk broke” with the audience singing along…
    Also, Feel the pain is one of those songs that take me to better, simpler times…

  30. “In A Jar” because I read Craig Finn of Hold Steady loved it and I’ve been stuck on Dinosaur, JR. ever since!

  31. there are many, but the first one that pops into my mind is “budge”. the way it starts off uptempo and without any intro, the vocal melody directly at the top of the song, it just makes me smile and my heart kinda swells up and i feel lucky to have such a treasure in my life. i saw the “bug” show in stockholm, sweden and that was the only song where j kinda moved a little, swaying from side to side. so maybe it’s a fave of his too, eh?

  32. “I Don’t Wanna Go There”… love the early stuff and Where You Been is my fave DJ album but this cut blows my mind. Should have Neil Young’d it out to 20 minutes!

  33. “Forget It”, a B-side to the Start Choppin single. opens acoustic, then the charred chords come in like raging wildfire. “The more I think about it/I can’t live without it”

  34. my favourite Dinosaur Jr. song is “Freak Scene” overwhelming melody and reminds me my sixteen years! :)

  35. My favourite dinosaur jr. track is the “You’ll living all over me” album! Every song on it it’s awesome! :D

  36. It’s really a tie between “The Wagon” and “Freak Scene.” I’ll have to admit that these two became my favorites after seeing Dino Jr. play them in 1991: The Year Punk Broke, but even after so many years and albums after that, these two have remained my most played songs. Perhaps it’s the guitar crescendos, or J. Mascis’s warbling lyrics. Or maybe I just don’t know, which is often the case when picking my favorite songs. They’re my favorites because they hit me at the right time and place in my life.

  37. start choppin’. that intro says it all.

  38. i know you re *out there* (where you been) since i am here

  39. Kari Hiltula

    Freak Scene, classic track!

  40. “In a Jar” will always stick with me. When it came out a good friend of mine used to get beat pretty bad by her dad. I felt like I was singing this song to her. Always wish there was more that i could have done, but we were just kids….

  41. Back to Your Heart with Lou singing is the best Dinosaur Jr. song … after Little Fury Things of course.

  42. My favorite would have to be “Sludgefeast”. It’s one of the heaviest tracks I can think of. Everything about it is just filthy and raw. Very powerful song. The name is appropriate.

  43. Ocean in the way

  44. Since it was given permission to choose more than one song, I go with “Freak Scene” (their first ever classic and a genre-defying masterpiece) and “Raisans”(a real gem that shows all their great qualities: catchy-melancholic-happy chorus, great guitar work, solid groove…).

  45. Van Tegtmeier

    Either “The Lung” or “I Don’t Think So” would have to be my favorites because something about those songs just resonates with my soul.

  46. “Kracked” from You’re Living All Over Me.
    The first Dinosaur song I ever heard, pretty much cemented that they would become one of my all-time favorite bands. YLAOM is still an incredibly powerful record.

  47. Friends. Had to go pick up my friends who’s car broke down 3 hours away, put my iPod on shuffle when I got in the car, this song came on, the drive was awesome.

  48. Lightning Bulb!
    Lou, J and Murph reuniting with Beyond and proving that they are timeless

  49. “The Lung” will be always my favorite, pretty much what I was listening to all the time when I was 16!

  50. The Wagon helped to blend my love of grunge with my live of melody..,it was like Big Star meets Neil Young to my ears…

  51. Sludgefeast really does it for me.

  52. Not You Again, probably because it was the first Dinosaur song I really loved (it was on the “This Is Fort Apache” compilation, which got a lot of play by the teenage me).

  53. Raisins!

  54. Probably would go with “The Post.” It’s a nearly perfect balance of melody, noise, and longing. And the refrain, “She’s my post to lean on/And I just cut her down,” works so many ways and just so.

  55. Raisans, hands down. It helped me get through a nasty nasty breakup that seemed to drag on for a lifetime. You’re Living all Over Me in a whole, made me scream, cry, get sad, get angry, and finally, get happy. Thanks Dinosaur. xo

  56. Goin’ Home.. because it reminds me of my first girlfriend.

  57. Forget the Swan…. First song, first album, had me hooked at the first listen.

  58. I love a lot of them, but I will pick “In A Jar” because of the way the song explodes at the 2:16 mark.

  59. The Wagon, first Dino Jr song I ever heard. It really shows off the songwriting & guitar skills of J Mascis.

  60. I must admit that by a long shot, my favourite Dinosaur Jr. album is Farm. So I’d have to say that my two favourite Dinosaur Jr. songs are Pieces and Said The People. I just love the riff of Pieces and it blends so well with Mascis’s vocals. And then Said The People is just really heavy. Something about the simplicity of Murph’s work makes it sound so heavy.

  61. Kracked: an absolute masterwork in dynamics, tension and release. Oh yeah, and one of my favorite J solos. A classic.

  62. Pond Song was one of the first Dino Jr. songs I ever heard, and still my favorite.

  63. feel the pain

  64. ‘Little Fury Things’, because that’s how you end a song.

  65. I really like I Don’t Want To Go There off the stuff from this revived run of the band

  66. Start Choppin’. I remember being in the car with my dad in 1993 and this song came on the radio and he said “this is pretty good” and turned it up and totally rocked out to it. Which was cool because he was usually a real dick.

  67. My favourite Dinosaur Jr. song is Severed Lips. Severed Lips holds a spot in my heart because when I was in high school I learned how to play this song on guitar, I did this because there was a beautiful girl in my class who whore a Dinosaur Jr shirt. I really liked this girl so I decided the best way to show someone you like them is through music! So I gained the courage to invite her over to hangout, listen to records, and of course, listen to me serenade her. She was smiling ear to ear the whole time and I was so nervous. When I finished I asked her if she would like to date me. She through her arms around my neck, said yes, then (my favourite part) kissed me! Pretty cheesy story, I know, but its why I’ve been in love with Dinosaur Jr. That and the fact that they are freaking amazing.

  68. gotta be “just like heaven” only cause it was the first dino song i heard thanks to the blind video days skateboard video. as far as original dino tunes… so many… here’s one from each era- w/ lou first time I’ll go with the lung. Post-lou i’ll go with drawerings and with lou second time i’ll go with been there all the time. classic dino rocker!

  69. My favorite song is “Severed Lips”, gives me shivers down my spine! *_*

  70. Freak Scene is one of the greatest songs ever written!.

  71. “The Wagon”
    This song was my backing track during a pivotal time in my life…the crossroads AFTER you get to college and come to the worrisome realization that you are in the WRONG place! Had this on “Repeat” on my Sony Discman (actually, the Panasonic knock-off version) for what seemed like months!!!
    Thanks for the fun contest!!!

  72. Freak Scene! Awesome!

  73. Thumb

  74. Ollie Brown

    Kracked. The noises and the solo after the build up bit are just amazing

  75. Start Choppin’!

  76. Thomas Kilduff

    Kracked. God bless that awesome riff. Turned me into a fan of alt-US rock and opened up a new world of music when I was young which endears to this day!

  77. Early Dinosaur – Keep the Glove – just incredible dynamics, loud to louder.
    Mid Dinosaur – Blowin It/I Live For That Look – both sides of the coin
    Late Dinosaur – I Don’t Wanna Go There – never-ending guitar fuzz solo = much Mascis love. I can’t think of any other band that has three separate acts where each is as awesomely satisfying as the others. Greatest band of all time.

  78. On the Way

  79. Mike Powers

    Sludgefest/Freak Scene

  80. I loved Green Mind, couldn’t name any of the songs but I listened straight through dozens of times.

  81. “Not You Again” because that’s what people think when they see me.

  82. I’ve gotta go with “The Lung”. A while back I remember seeing video of Dino Jr playing that song and being completely blown away by the way J Mascis absolutely SLAYS on guitar. His playing in that video inspired me, a beginner guitarist at the time, to push my own abilities with that instrument to the best that I can manage. Thanks J!

  83. Sludgefeast…or Don’t

  84. “Over it” is my favorite Dinosuar Jr song right now.

  85. Its almost imposible to choose just one song, so i’ll try with something different. “i don’t wanna go there”, the chorus, the amazing solo, the fuzz, the noise, the lenght… All the dino jr spirit condensed.

    I love then because they have lot of energy and rage but also a lot of soul, style and good feelings

  86. Just Like Heaven. Their cover of this song is amazing. YOU!!!!

  87. Feel The Pain is che cherry over the cake

  88. freak scene
    can’t be a better opener for an album coming after you’re living all over me

  89. The Lung – First song I heard by Dinosaur Jr and loved it instantly.

  90. Muck

  91. Freak Scene off Bug. Singing/Yelling that with friends on New Years Eve 1990 in Goldstream Valley, Fairbanks, Alaska. Jagermister was involved and I remember someone left their car running all night so it wouldn’t freeze…since it was at the most -20*F!

  92. Mike Hamilton

    Easy. “Over Your Shoulder” for all the adolescent catharsis that was much needed. I also love “Start Choppin.” It reminds me of smoking weed with my best friends.

  93. “I Got Lost” from “Beyond.” It seems (to me) to perfectly encapsulate the feeling of having fucked up hard and wishing the impossibly broken pieces would fit back together again.

  94. Rob McKinney

    “Little Fury Things”
    I love have the intro is all on the insane tip…then at the 3 second mark, they just kinda chill out. I also really dug the video. I recorded it on VHS (probably off of 120 Minutes). I watched & rewound that sucker until the tape disintegrated.

  95. Steve Vincent

    I’ll go with Gargoyle. It’s weird, it’s cool!

  96. Dawayne rahman

    Forget the swan, lung, lightning bulb and every other song that they have put out.

  97. Dawayne rahman

    Because they are the only band that can make me shed tears of joy

  98. The Lung, Freak Scene, or The Wagon. Green Mind was the first Dino CD I bought.

  99. My favorite is “Muck” from the Green Mind album, which I think is Dinosaur Jr’s best album. Green Mind was the first Dinosaur Jr. album I ever listened to and ‘Muck’ stuck out as a particularly groovy song. I listed to the album in the fall of 1991, so the song always reminds me of high school and the fall air of October/November.

  100. “I Live For That Look” from D Jr Green Mind. The first cd I ever had to buy due to there being no lp when it came out! Fuckin’ 90’s…. Thought vinyl was dead…please. Hey 2010, way to overcompensate. Pricing out the regular folks who have been collecting records since before the 90’s…way b4.

  101. David Levesque

    One of my favorite is The Wagon. Because it reminds me the time I was in college.

  102. Plans is my favorite song of theirs so far. I got into this band last year and I couldn’t stop playing that one. It’s so sweet and emotional and it rocks at the same time, like many Dinosaur Jr songs!

  103. Easy …The Wagon. I heard it shortly after Green Mind was released in my friends truck on the way to high school. I’ve been hooked ever since.


  104. “Start Choppin” is my favorite. The track is explosive from beginning to end. The song opens with an unforgettable riff, has classic emotive lyrics with matching delivery, and ends with a scorching solo. It is the perfect amalgamation of what makes Dinosaur Jr. so perfect.

  105. “They Always Come,” because, you know, they always come –

  106. The Wagon , though i love Water from Green Mind also. One of favorite live tracks by any artist though is the live version of Thumb from the Whatever’s Cool With Me ep, a monster mind melting solo!

  107. “Green Mind” – Great song and Dinosaur Jr’s best album.

  108. Puke and Cry, because that’s just about all I did in the 90’s.

  109. Freak Scene, an instant love upon the first chord.

  110. It’s a tie between “Freak Scene” and “Muck” because the former was ALWAYS on our student union jukebox and was the first song I heard of theirs. The latter because it always gets me moving!

  111. “Let it ride” I always do, but also love this song.

  112. Kris Perdew

    Any song from the ‘Where You Been?’ album. ‘Start Choppin’ immediately comes to mind. I had a flourishing indie CD/Record store at the time of the album’s release. Hearing that album brings back those good times.

  113. Sentimental favorite-Freak Scene.

  114. The Lung winds me up every time

  115. My wife turned a reluctant me onto Dinosaur Jr. and it “Get Me” that, erm, got me.

  116. that would have to be Green Mind, the closing song off the same titled lp. Mainly because it was the first album that I was introduced to them with, and that song has always been my favorite off it.

  117. Whatever’s cool with me. No, no that is my favorite Dinosaur Jr song — Whatever’s Cool with Me.

  118. I enjoyed Dinosaur Jr’s cover of the Cure’s Just Like Heaven because it is THE CURE and it actually is a great version, and the muppets in the video are perfect! As for their own material, I like Get Me because the lyrics along with the guitar and vocals are so hopelessly desolate yet seem to give the listener (me, if no on else)the sense that ok, I have been screwed over and been left hanging yet once again, but this is not a time to sulk because the person I relied on most is not able or willling to help…No, I am going to succeed at my dreams in spite of these insurmountable odds so ….in other words, this IS a song of hope especially in overwhelming despair…

  119. Jeff Johnson

    Little Fury Things-This song is everything that Dino Jr. is to me on the most perfect album ever made. Melody and pop buried in the sludge of feedback and noise. Purposely difficult, but wanting to be heard and loved.

  120. Freak Scene, No Bones, They Alaways Come, Yeah We Know, Let It Ride, Pond Song, Budge, The Post, Don’t. Simply whole The Bug album – sound of my youth.
    And ofcourse also brilliant golf anthem Feel The Pain.

  121. tmthydunne.

    Original line-up: The Lung.
    I have blown a few speakers in my time listening to the big ending of this track up way too loud.

    Mascis solo era: Seemed Like The Thing To Do.
    We all know what J can do when he turns it up. When he turns it down and lets melody speak for itself? It is pure beauty.

  122. Wagon from Green Mind really got me hooked.

  123. Even You from Without A Sound. That whole album is one of my all time favorites.

  124. fav1: freak scene
    coz1: a perfect opener to a perfect album

    fav2: let it ride
    coz2: it always held something special about the beach boys for me

  125. Feel the pain!
    Brilliant song with a brilliant video, that influenced a lot of other artists

  126. – Feel The Pain;
    remembre me the carefree days of the university

  127. Hello,
    My favourite Dinosaur Jr track is “Just Like Heaven”… I know its a cover, but the cranked guitar sound great and rips through the melody so beautifully. I still have the etched CD EP, which I bought when bunking school for an extended lunch hour! This was when CDs were new and slightly mysterious objects in the world. The idea of a CD with an “etched silver art print” on its surface was a sufficiently magical suggestion to make me skip school and catch the bus to the only record shop in the region that would stock such an item.

  128. Start Choppin’. There are other uber-favorite Dino songs, but this one has it all, from start to finish.

  129. “Start Choppin'” is an easy favorite. Though I always dug the soundtrack to “Gas Food Lodging”– while not a Dino Jr album, I tend to associate it with the time I was really into Dino Jr.

  130. at the moment “Sludgefest” has the crown but their library likes to share it. SO much goodness

  131. ‘Said the People’ cause i heared once someone compared the mood of the song with a bulldozer bashing through a wall of frozen tears. And this description is so true.

  132. ‘Don’t’ is my favourite, there’s no song that says so much with so little words

  133. Renan Bossi

    Sludgefeast is a masterpiece for me, the break rhythm in the middle part, the amazing solos at live versions….

  134. Arthur C. Hurwitz

    “Bulbs of Passion” because it connotes a state of being in which one is on the verge of mental and spiritual collapse while maintaining that borderline “above the line” sense of being.
    The cover of “Just Like Heavan” which gives the song a more serious and sincere and real sensibility. Because I have been there and in that song, exactly. J takes that song and in the most modest of efforts, enters into it and as is done in a good cover makes it his own, and ours..
    “Forget the Swan” When this song was composed and initially performed, when we were 19, the notion of hopelessness could seem romantic and appealing. Of course now, those sorts of feelings have to be stoically swallowed and repressed, each and every day.

  135. Out There would be my favourite Dinosaur Jr. song. I was in highschool at the time and it has become the soundtrack of that certain period in my life. It’s raw emotion still sends a chill up my spine.

  136. My favourite song are Raisans because it connects the punk rock rage but also a melodic elements and this things,togheter, makes my ears bleeding and explode my heart.

  137. Start choppin. A time, a place, soundtrack to my life…
    My daughter sings along with J now :)

  138. Julian Waddell

    The lung would have to be it for me. Such an incredible song based only on g c and d.

  139. Raisans makes me miss the carefree days of youth.

  140. when i was young…

  141. Julio Ferrand

    ‘Said the People’ was so direct to me. That mournful voice infecting everything around. And the tireless guitar for behind watching everything from other lane.

  142. Jamie Touhill

    “The Lung” and “Tarpit”(both from “You’re Living All Over Me”) because they’re both transcendent, but in different ways. Also, I’ll always hold a place in my heart for two great songs from the album “Green Mind”: “Blowing It” and “I Live for That Look” (the former segues nicely into the latter), partly because “Green Mind” was the first Dinosaur Jr. album I owned, and which helped open my eyes to other great indie/post-punk bands.

  143. “Out There.” Passionate, catchy, and emotional with a cool guitar solo that screams above the indie noise of the time.

  144. Kevin Maliszewski

    The Wagon…… It really struck a nerve when I saw it on The Year Punk Broke, live. I loved the progression. Great song.

  145. Tobias Jenkins

    Dinosaur Jr were the first band I ever went to see live! When it comes to a favourite song, for me – it has to be ‘In a Jar’ – in no other Dinosuar song do the lyrics so perfectly complement J Mascis’ lethargic drawl.

  146. Pasi Pöljö

    My favorite song is definitely Sludgefeast! First three albums are my favorite albums of all time!

  147. Dylan Clarke

    Very hard to pick so gonna have to go with 2 – The Lung because as a musician the guitar playing on this blew me away the first time I heard it. Start Choppin’ because it’s the best roadtrip song ever, especially where he sings the high parts.

  148. I’m not sure I can even narrow it down to a song, since everything on “Bug” except for “Don’t” is amazing. I listened to that album (including the inadvisable last song) every day for about a month when it came out in 1988. So I’ll say my favorite Dino song is the first 8 songs on “Bug”!

  149. I have two favorite songs I can’t pick between. “Kracked” is pure, intense emotion

    • Oops! I accidently posted comment without finishing, lol…

      “Kracked” is pure, intense emotion and I can imagine Mascis just wanting to rip apart the room the first time they played it. The solo is also probably one of their best.

      “Freak Scene” is the first song I heard by Dino Jr., and will always hold a place in my heart as that. The lyrics are really catchy and sweet, and the solo is up there with “Kracked” in being one of the best.

  150. “The Wagon” is probably my favorite due to the memories surrounding that time.

  151. I like “Bug” alot, but is it wrong to pick a cover? “Just Like Heaven” on 10″ vinyl. I just played it the other day.

  152. Oof: Quest, The Lung, Raisans, No Bones, The Wagon, Thumb, Out There, all battling for the top spot.

  153. Forget the Swan…

  154. For me it’s a bipolar draw: “Freak Scene” and “Don’t”.
    These two capture most appropriately the extreme dynamic of emotions I’d felt all too often during adolescence. “Freak Scene”; the hyperactive launch of a promising relationship. And “Don’t”: well… it still hurts too much to explain. Thanks Dinosaur Jr… I’m still chasing the weirdness..

  155. “Feel The Pain” and especially the video for it or the “Freak Scene” or…. too many good songs to choose from

  156. Forget It – I love this song…

  157. Nicolas Girard

    My favorite song is Tarpit. The song structure is so simple, yet so powerful. And the final moment of the song is a simple NOISE with some wah effect and gain overdrive. So classical effect Dinosaur Jr sound. And that why I love DInosaur Jr; Because of their noise sound. AND OF COURSE’ the lyrics are so cool with lot of metaphorical reference about drug abuse and hope going nowehere…. I LOVE IT. :)

  158. I would have to say one of my all time favorites Dino Jr songs is Repulsion. The line “The girls they smile and say hello, and darkness drags me back home” for some reason sticks in my head. Must be because my teen angst era was so memorable, but in a good way… Love Dinosaur Jr, have all the original pressings and would be awesome to have the reissues.

  159. If you’re forcing me to choose, I have to go with In a Jar or Back to your heart. We’re dealing with a band that has released at least 3 perfect albums, and the greatest record ever made, You’re living all over me.

  160. Forget the Swan… Like Ben said: First song, first album. When they did it on the Henry Rollins Show it brought it back alive for me.

  161. Michael O. Roberts

    My favorite Dinosaur Jr. song is “Not You Again” because it reminds of most relationships that I’ve been in. Not to mention the song spoke to me when I first heard it as a 15 year old and has slowly become a part of the soundtrack of my life.

  162. It has to be “Little Furry Things” just because it was simply the first track off the first album I ever heard by Dino, “You´re Living All Over Me” and that introduced me to J Mascis and cool wah wah use and it blew my mind and there you have it!

  163. Missing link , it takes me back to my musical heyday.

  164. ‘Get Me’, because of the harmonies and because ‘you’re not gonna get me through this, are you’ is such a perfectly, heartbreakingly resigned lyric.

  165. I am partial to I Don’t Wanna Go There. The song is so quintessentially Dino Jr.

  166. The first albums I heard were Green Mind and Fossils, but the song where everything really jelled for me was “Start Choppin'” and it led me to delve further into the back catalog.

  167. Kinda hard to call it an absolute favorite, but I’m going with “Don’t”. Bug came out at the same time I was going through a bad breakup and it just seemed to embody the pain. I get goose bumps when I listen to it to this day.

  168. I can’t believe I’m seeing this band this month here in Santiago, Chile. Unfortunately it is a festival so I hope they play more than an hour. If any band member is reading this, plese keep it short when you jam between songs :)

    To choose a fave song from a band that easily has more than 30 great songs is really hard. But I choose Raisans. It’s the one that struck me the most and then when I found out the lyrics I loved the song even more.

    Nice mentions to Watch the Corners and Rude from the new album. They’re instant classics.

    Dinosaur Jr is definitely on the best bands ever. And they’re one my fave bands too. I really like that underground 80’s punk rock scene. So many cool and great bands. I’m really glad to see J, Lou and Murph in Chile. Now I just hope the Meat Puppets can come to visit us too.

    Alright, cheers everybody!

  169. my favorite song is a piece of Barlow “Lose” … fantastic

  170. So hard to choose, but Raisans always stands as such an amazing alternative rock song. And the solo is just a perfect part of the song.

  171. First song my friends and I heard was The Wagon. Everybody hated it except for me. And despite the peer pressure my friends gave me to dislike the song, I continued to love the song. Twenty-one years later and The Wagon is still the best around.

  172. It would have to be a tie between the lung and green mind! I lo ve the lyrical content in both, it makes me feel like a teen looking for an alley to smoke weed in before school.

  173. Feel the Pain. That video, man!

  174. In a Jar is definitely my favorite. I started listening to them as a freshman and I remember keeping it on repeat. I got to see them in Memphis and they opened with that song. I remember being wild eyed as J’s stack blew out my eardrums. My ears rang for 3 days, but it was totally worth it.

  175. Freak Scene – I discovered the band on accident sort of, back in high school in 1990, my friend left a mix tape of his in my car, so I started listening to it, one side had random songs by various bands, the other side had the complete Bug album. I was immediately hook, and Freak Scene was a stand out song, so much I listened to it over and over until I memorized the lyrics.

  176. Definitely “Freak Scene” – the wildest song ever written. It was the first Dinosaur Jr song I’ve known, and I remember thinking “Holy Shit! This is the best song ever, who are these guys?”.

  177. Matt Boettcher

    Id have to say keep the glove is my favorite DJ song but close second would have to be freak scene, because it holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the first songs I learned on guitar :) but asking a DJ fan what his favorite song, or songs are is F’IN HARD :)

  178. Josh Phillips

    Feel the pain…I was around 11 years KLSU when I began to discover the world of alternative music in the mid 90’s. this was one of the first songs that I heard sans Nirvana. It’s always stuck with me

  179. I met my wife at a Dinosaur, Jr. concert in 1988. Freak Scene has always been our song. I couldn’t get J Mascis to play at our wedding, but Das Damen did, and they played a cover of Freak Scene.

  180. “The Lung.” My heart still goes a-flutter when I hear it…even after all these years.

  181. raisans, “i’ll be down, i’ll be around, i’ll be hanging eventually where you’ll have to be”. plus the coolest drum roll ever at the break. nuff said.

  182. thumb is probably my favorite because it can really make you feel the video too.

  183. ‘Almost fare’; it is my favourite track on their latest album on ‘I Bet on Sky’, which I think is one of their strongest albums to date. ‘Almost fare, seems to lift my mood regardless of how rubbish my day at work has been. It works like a happy pill. Has such a bright, breezy vibe. It became an instant favourite upon first hearing it.

  184. Francisco Ayala Lara

    I LOVE RAISANS! And of course Start Choppin’
    I like Dinosaur Jr because every song that they perform reminds me of Neil Young´s work!
    Ante todo agradezco la forma en que fomentan la imaginación o la ilusión de poder ganar algo relacionado con Dinosaur Jr. Para mí este mes ha estado relacionado con la banda por que en diez días más tocaran en la ciudad en la que vivo. Así que estoy muy contento. A mi me encantan las portadas de los álbumes de la banda y también los vídeos de sus singles. La canción que elijo es “Feel The Pain” por su vídeo y por el golf. Aunque creo que quizá nunca practicaré ese deporte. Que por lo demás parece muy difícil. ¡Saludos!

  185. The entire Green Mind carries fond memories of my junior high days spent skateboarding and drinking crystal pepsi.

  186. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this until today! Big Dino fan just bought the new LP on vinyl

  187. I don’t have a favorite song but I am obsessed with “Recognition” off the new LP. Lou’s voice sounds so soulful!

  188. In my opinion it would have to be In A Jar. I liked it so much i used it as a related text for my essay in my english class

  189. Chris Bejgrowicz

    “The Leper.” We got the “Repulsion” single at WIXQ 91.7 (college radio) and that was fantastic and new. Now we listen to the album and “Forget The Swan” has me on my knees. But see, that’s not it, by the time “THE LEPER” finishes it is confirmed – I am listening to a catalyst in music history.
    And I LOVE “Rude” off the new one.

  190. Plans, because the voice of Mascis for 6 minutes and 45 seconds make me forget about everything is around me.

  191. Dominic Bucci

    “Get Me” is my fave!

  192. not you again

  193. “Water” from Green Mind. That song transports me to the early 90s. What a great time to be alive.

  194. Fave Dino tune has got to be “Freak Scene”. Yeah I know it’s obvious…but it’s obvious for a reason.

  195. Sludge. Feast.

  196. So many favorites! I particularly enjoy the cover of Quicksand with liberties taken on the lyrics and the Andy Warhol intro.

  197. Little Fury Things. It takes doubt, anxiety, and failure and envelops them in a thousand layers of fuzz. It’s the sound of the mind’s smoke alarm. It’s beautiful.

  198. Freak Scene!

  199. I’m gonna go with their cover of Just Like Heaven, because I remember reading at the time the band only did it to “help them pick up chicks”.


  200. “Green Mind” is still an incredible song. Love the sonic mayhem.

  201. Dinosaur Jr!!!

  202. I’m Insane.

    The first time I heard it, the horns were just so unexpected that I didn’t even know how to react.

  203. Geoff Vincent

    Freak Scene. It was their first song i ever heard. Actually it was the video for it. Cliché but true.

  204. ‘Feel the Pain’. That guitar riff intertwining with the bass-line is just too catchy. The song just rules.

  205. Christian Scanniello

    I’m gonna go with Start Choppin’; the J’s solo is totally guitar’ded (in the best possible way).

  206. Kimberlhy Raymond-Jensen

    “On the Way” is probably my all-time favorite song. For me, it is so hard to pick favorites when it comes to Dinosaur Jr.’s music. My favorite album is Green Mind and I have to say that had it not been for that album being made, I don’t think I would have survived a terrible break up.

  207. Jeff Merryman

    “Watch the corners” off of “I bet on sky”. Excellent song, saw them in Nashville in October and they are as good as ever.

  208. Joop de Haan

    The Wagon. Blew me against the wall when I first heard it en it still does. And I was in love with a girl that looked like the girl on the cover of Green Mind, though the girl of my desire was elder. But she didn’t want me.

  209. Raisans from you’re living all over me.

  210. My favourite Dinosaur Jr. songs are “Pieces”, “Crumble” and “The Lung”. The first one is a melodic monster that features one of the best ever Mascis solos, and kicks off the Farm LP in perfect style. The second song is one of the most emotionally affecting songs the band have recorded (along with Lou Barlow’s “Back To Your Heart” and the third one is just plain awesome

  211. just like heaven
    love how the ending always tricks the uninitiated
    plus my friend’s old cover band did a wicked cover of the wicked cover

  212. Kevin Porter

    Start Chopping. First song I heard from Dinosaur Jr., and the guitar solo is absolutely embedded in my brain.

  213. Definitely ‘Forget The Swan’! J Mascis heads into space jam territory when they play this live and the song itself…Ah man. Reminds me of a very special place and time. A boy and a guitar.

  214. the wagon or whatever’s cool with me

  215. “The sludgefeast” – one of the first times in my young life I had heard such rippin, feedback-laden guitar tones paired with desperation-drenched lyrics. Solo is awesome, punk-as-fuck double-time at the end to top it all off. Radical.

  216. Little Fury Things… that guitar howl is one of the best starts to an album ever!

  217. Gabriel Rhodes

    I Want You To Know from Farm is amazing. Blows my mind and puts me in the BEST mood!

  218. If I were to narrow it down it would probably have to be either “No Bones” or “Yeah We Know” off of Bug. I love the drum beats, Lou’s pouunding bass and J’s hazy guitars buried in effect pedals.

  219. I’d have to go with “Start Choppin'”, because I’m not cool enough to pick anything from the first three records, and damn that tune SMOKES.

  220. REPULSION. Kinda sets the tone for Dinosaur Jr.’s odyssey.

  221. Takahiro Muraoka

    “Whatever’s cool with me” / “Start Choppin’ ” and …

  222. It´s not the easiest thing to pick ONE favourite Dino song. Well, “They always come” comes to mind. Love the fast pace and the melody.

  223. “The Lung” and “Tarpit”. Both take me right back. “Tarpit” careens on that ragged edge with the guitar burst in the middle without being too self indulgent.

  224. Contest is now closed. Thanks to all who entered and shared memories of this great music.

  225. In a Jar! I once played that song over and over again on a 3 hour road trip (much to the dismay of everyone in the car). Its just a perfect song.

  226. My favourite song is “I Want You To Know”. I love it. I put that song and it’s like everything’s going to be ok. (I’m from Argentina so i’m sorry if i mess up with the words haha) Bye!!!

  227. The new “Watch the Corners” is my current fave. Amazing progression and then the lead at the end is mind-blowing. We knew they were great – but cranking out new stuff like this song? Wow!

  228. start choppin

  229. Nathan Collins

    In a Jar – love it!

  230. I’ll go with “Sludgefeast” for the sick feedback intro.

  231. James McQuillan

    Mine would have to be The Lung. It’s just so darn catchy

  232. Christian Butler-Zanetti

    Forget the Swan. Thumb. I’m Insane. Post. It’s Me. Poledo.

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