Video — November 16, 2012 at 11:00 pm

R.E.M. releases James Franco-directed video for ‘Blue,’ featuring Lindsay Lohan

Seemingly out of the, uh, blue, R.E.M. this week debuted a music video for the song “Blue” — a song featuring Patti Smith that sounds like the band’s last song with her, “E-Bow the Letter” — off swan song Collapse into Now. The clip, posted above, is directed by actor James Franco and features a hodge-podge of visual imagery, including shots of Lindsay Lohan.






  1. Beat thing you lot have done in years.

  2. sounds a bit like “going nowhere” from the ST cure album.

  3. Thanks to my friend AURFEE, I discovered REM with “Losing my religion”. A very nice group !
    It’s a pity that they had to quit the Rock stage !

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