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Video: The Church performs ‘Untitled #23’ album in full — preview of upcoming DVD

The Church next year will release a live DVD capturing the band’s performance of three full albums — 1988′s Starfish, 1992′s Priest=Aura and 2009’s Untitled #23 — last December in Sydney, and is previewing the upcoming release by streaming each of the sets via Right now, you can watch the Untitled #23 performance, and, on Tuesday, Priest=Aura premieres, while Starfish follows on Thursday.

Above, you can watch album opener “Colbalt Blue,” or head straight to to watch all of Untitled #23. The Church is about to embark on a tour of Australia with Simple Minds and Devo.


Setlist: The Church, Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia, 12/17/11

Untitled #23
1. “Cobalt Blue”
2. “Deadman’s Hand”
3. “Pangaea”
4. “Happenstance”
5. “Space Saviour”
6. “On Angel Street”
7. “Sunken Sun”
8. “Anchorage”
9. “Lunar”
10. “Operetta”





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  1. This band holds such a dear place in my heart. They’re one of the few bands that sound good in whatever mood I’m in, and have yet to release a bad album. Some are better than other’s but all are quality. They deserve more credit. Given I wasn’t close to any of their gig locations I’ll totally get this DVD when it comes out.

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