Auto Reverse, Mixtape — December 3, 2012 at 6:00 am

Download: Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (December 2012)

So here we are, another December… which means its time to drop this month’s installment in our ongoing series of Auto Reverse mixtapes — two 45-minute wads of music to help get do what needs to be done. Below, you can stream or download the two sides, brimming with new music and some great vintage tracks.

This month, we’ve got brand-new music from Johnny Marr and Camper Van Beethoven, plus favorites old and new(er) from the likes of The Mighty Lemon Drops, Pixies, The Toy Dolls, New Order, Abecedarians, Peter Gabriel and much, much more.

Check it about below — and enjoy.



Tracklist: Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (December 2012)

1. The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Blues From a Gun”
2. Revolting Cocks, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” (Rod Stewart)
3. The Cure, “The 13th”
4. The Mission, “Butterfly on a Wheel” (Troubadour Mix)
5. The Mighty Lemon Drops, “The Other Side of You”
6. Johnny Marr, “The Messenger”
7. Depeche Mode, “Precious”
8. Abecedarians, “Smiling Monarchs”
9. Colin Meloy, “Everyday is Like Sunday” (Morrissey)
10. Another Sunny Day, “I’m In Love With a Girl Who Doesn’t Know I Exist”
11. Concrete Blonde, “God is a Bullet”

1. The Replacements, “Alex Chilton” (Alternate Version)
2. Love Tractor, “I Broke My Saw”
3. J. Mascis, “The Boy With the Thorn in His Side” (The Smiths)
4. Pixies, “There Goes My Gun” (BBC Session)
5. The Toy Dolls, “Nellie the Elephant”
6. The Cramps, “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns”
7. Camper Van Beethoven, “Northern California Girls”
8. Echo & The Bunnymen, “Villiers Terrace”
9. Peter Gabriel, “I Don’t Remember”
10. New Order, “Your Silent Face”
11. Close Lobsters, “Skyscrapers of St. Mirin”
12. Love and Rockets, “An American Dream”






  1. In a world full of mediocre sadness – you guys are a shining light!!! Rock on – Woo Hoo!!!

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