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New Order’s ‘Lost Sirens’ set of 8 unreleased tracks finally due for release in January

New Order’s repeatedly delayed Lost Sirens mini-album — a collection of eight previously unreleased tracks and mixes from the sessions for 2005’s Waiting For the Sirens’ Call — finally will see the light of day next month following a legal battle over the material between the band and erstwhile bassist Peter Hook.

New Order announced via its Facebook page today that the set will be released Jan. 22 as a CD/vinyl bundle via Rhino Records UK. Plans to put out Lost Sirens first were revealed by Hook last year in an interview with Slicing Up Eyeballs, but the collection’s initial release date in December 2011 was delayed by a legal dispute between the bassist and his former bandmates.

The collection features six songs that are completely unreleased in any form, as well as a previously unreleased mix of Waiting For the Sirens’ Call track “I Told You So” and the “original non-radio edit form” of “Hellbent,” a track that first surfaced last year on Rhino’s new Total compilation of New Order and Joy Division tracks.

Lost Sirens currently is available for pre-order through


Tracklist: New Order, Lost Sirens

Side A:
1. “I’ll Stay With You”
2. “Sugarcane”
3. “Recoil”
4. “Californian Grass”
Side B:
1. “Hellbent”
2. “Shake It Up”
3. “I’ve Got A Feeling”
4. “I Told You So”

1. “I’ll Stay With You”
2. “Sugarcane”
3. “Recoil”
4. “Californian Grass”
5. “Hellbent”
6. “Shake It Up”
7. “I’ve Got A Feeling”
8. “I Told You So”






  1. I’ll be glad if it sees the light of day, but still think they should have packaged the sirens’ call remixes from the 7″ singles so those are readily available….or I’m never satisfied!

  2. the most recent official NO remixes leave much to be desired. Im glad Lost Sirens will finally get released.

  3. Hmmm… I hope Rhino isn’t doing this as a CD/vinyl bundle as in you have to buy both at the same time. Much as I like vinyl, I am worried that the combined price of both formats could be a tad prohibitive to the average joe who might just want the CD. But it’ll be good to know it’s finally out, nevertheless.

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