‘120 Minutes’ Rewind: Peter Murphy, Bauhaus spotlighted in special — May 18, 1990

For this week’s “120 Minutes” Rewind, we present what appears to be a standalone special of some sort looking back on the career of Peter Murphy — or “Pete” Murphy, as he’s repeatedly ID’d on screen —following the release of Deep.

Uploader Darkresource lists this 16 minutes of footage as a “120 Minutes” special that aired on May 18, 1990 — a Friday night — and it features interview footage with Murphy as well as former bandmate Daniel Ash, and performance and video footage from Bauhaus and Murphy’s solo work.







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  • MattOKC

    I was just a kid. And I remember when a skater-punk friend of mine told me about the “Mask” video that I hadn’t seen yet. “Daniel Ash bends over and rips saliva from his mouth into Peter’s mouth!” I remember being appalled–SCANDALIZED!–and yet somehow delighted. It was just a perfect, sexual, deviant, punk moment of refutation of all the slick pop imagery of every other music video that I was so proud of Bauhaus for daring it.

  • That’s bull: “Darkresource” simply swipes other people’s uploads and posts them as his/her own. (lol, he’s probably like 25 years old.)



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