Contests — January 11, 2013 at 7:54 am

Contest: Win all 5 of New Order’s classic ’80s albums on vinyl from Rhino Records

To celebrate next week’s release of New Order’s Lost Sirens mini-album — which will be issued digitally here in the U.S. beginning Tuesday — the good folks at Rhino Records have gone analog, hooking us up with a set of all five of the band’s classic ’80s albums on vinyl to give away to one lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader.

The winner, who must reside in the U.S. (sorry, that’s Rhino’s rule), will get vinyl copies of:

As for Lost Sirens (which you can now stream in its entirety), the eight-track set of material left over from the Waiting for the Sirens’ Call sessions in 2005 — and likely the last “new” New Order release to feature departed bassist Peter Hook — will be released digitally in the U.S. and as both standalone CD and CD/vinyl combo editions in the U.K.

TO ENTER: Simply drop a comment at the bottom of this post naming your favorite absolute New Order album, and give us a few words on why you think it’s such a great record.

RULES: This contest is open to U.S. residents only and we’ll take entries until 12 p.m. EST Friday, Jan. 18. After that point, we’ll select one winner at random and contact him or her via e-mail — so please remember to use legit addresses when you enter. And if the winner doesn’t respond after one full week, we’ll select a new one. One entry per person, please.


UPDATE 1/18/13: The contest is now closed, and the winner will be contacted via e-mail. Thank you everybody for entering, and sharing your thoughts and memories about New Order.






  1. Power, Corruption & Lies – just a solid album from end to end

  2. Rick Marino

    Brotherhood. 3 words-All Day Long.

  3. Julie Busha

    Low Life. I have lots of great memories associated with it, plain and simple.

  4. Even though it’s a compilation album, I would say my favorite record by them is “Substance”.

  5. Lowlife, it pretty much defined my youth, very cool dancy tracks. and it has the best version of The Perfect Kiss. One of the all time best albums of the 80s.

  6. PC&L….shaped my teenage years. Timeless stuff on that record.

  7. Peter Hilton

    Low life. It just brings me back to so many times in my life.

  8. Thom O"Barsky

    Brotherhood. They hit thier stride on all fronts. Such a clean sounding album.

  9. Low Life – really has the band at its peak of its power. Never tire of listening to it.

  10. Technique by New order, It is a classic from start to finish, Amazing melodies and synths, summer in Ibiza. New Order, what a great band, what a great life.

  11. Brotherhood is my absolute fave! New Order’s most cohesive album from start to finish. It creates its on atmosphere.

  12. Melissa Morris

    Brotherhood. Fanfukintastic.

  13. N.O. over all favorite & most played by ME = TECHNIGUE perfect flow from start to end along with some of their best b-sides & mixes!

  14. Lowlife, “The Perfect Kiss” and “Vigilante” are two of my Favorite N.O tracks ever

  15. Brotherhood was the first New Order album I owned, so I have a soft spot for that one.

  16. Nathan Mattimoe

    Lowlife. Love Vigilantes gets me every time.

  17. Jeffrey Chapman

    Power, Corruption & Lies – a perfect masterpiece that contains the absolute gem that is “Age Of Consent”. Utter brilliance.

  18. mark sanders

    Too hard to choose(like picking which kid you love the best) alas- Power, Corruption & Lies

  19. Brotherhood — because all through college I never made a mixtape for a girl that didn’t have “Bizarre Love Triangle” on it.

  20. Movement, because it captures the squiggly postmortem after Joy Division that isn’t quite the band finding their new voice, not yet able to let go of the past few years with Ian.

  21. I love all of these records, so I’m going with Power, Corruption & Lies for the amazing cover image.

  22. Maria Vianna

    Low-Life is my favorite New Order album. Reminds me of my college days. Great dance tracks.

  23. LOW-LIFE.

  24. Keith Malloy

    Power, Corruption & Lies, because of Blue Monday making me want to dance.

  25. Low-life. I was given a cassette copy of this by a friend’s very cool older sister, and it just changed everything I thought I knew about music.

  26. Troy Bogdan

    “Power, Corruption & Lies”
    It is my favorite New Order album, because it contains my favorite New Order song, “586!”

  27. Lowlife: Because of Elegia and Perfect Kiss, what else do I need?

  28. Low Life – Love Vigilantes was always in constant rotation.

  29. Brotherhood. The tape was in my walkman (remember those?) for most of ’86 and ’87. Brilliant album from start to finish.

  30. Chris polly

    Has to be brotherhood. Used that album as one of my staples to get through high school.

  31. Movement – If any other group but it out, it would be their masterpiece. It bridges the past and the future of the band. Plus, the cover is amazing!

  32. Brinda Wood

    I think Brotherhood would be my favourite because I listened to it everyday and night and it became the soundtrack to my teen years……right music, right feelings, right time.

  33. Low-Life. It’s the soundtrack to one summer.

  34. Lowlife, although Power, Corruption and Lies, is a close second. Love Vigilantes…

  35. Power, Corruption & Lies – because its very nice when Bernard says “piss off” on Your Silent Face.

  36. Low-Life is the sound of New Order firing on all cylinders.

  37. Lowlife brings back some awesome memories!

  38. Power, Corruption & Lies. Age of Consent, Blue Monday, great album.

  39. Low-Life. My first New Order album holds a special place in my journey into the electronic music genre.

  40. Power, Corruption & Lies. It was the album that truly made me fall in love with New Order and post-punk in general.

  41. I first fell in love with New Order in 1987 when Substance was released and “True Faith” was getting so much airplay. And though I still love that collection, the one record I still go back to over and over again is “Movement”. It might be their only record that shows no age; a true timeless classic.

  42. Brotherhood. This is when I got into New Order.

  43. Movement: The album title and the music set the stage for the transition of what was into what will be.

  44. Power Corruption and Lies. It is ageless, sounds as hood now as it did when I heard it for the first time.

  45. “Power, Corruption, and Lies” by far the best. No first Album ( Post Ian) jitters. Much more open and explorative, gotta love the underlying political lines.

  46. Low-Life…. it was my intro to New Order. Brings back great memories of “back in the day” and still sounds timeless today.

  47. Substance. Just a great collection of songs and representation of NEW ORDER !

  48. Low-Life! The most varied album and solid start to finish – just think how different Love Vigilantes, Perfect Kiss, Elegia, all sound! Can’t forget the angst of Sunrise or Sub-culture either. First album I got after hearing Substance, I still play it constantly (the CD is pretty much permanently in my car) All 5 albums on vinyl would be a heck of a birthday present too as today’s my birthday. :) I have lots of New Order on vinyl but it’s mostly the singles.

  49. Low-life was side A on a cassette given to me by a friend in 1985 or so to introduce me to some new music. (The Cure’s The Head On The Door was the flip). It may not have been my absolute musical ground zero, but everything changed nonetheless…

  50. Power, corruption and lies.
    I’ve introduced my five-year-old daughter to New Order by way of Blue Monday.

  51. Power, Corruption & Lies. Still one of my Top Ten Desert Island Albums.

  52. Power, Corruption & Lies, Blue Monday! New Order found its sound on this one!

  53. Low life.
    I hear spring summer fall and winter.

  54. i’d have to say power, corruption and lies… i realize just how great it is every time i hear someone else cover a song from it (joe pernice, velocity girl, destroyer, and masters of the hemisphere come to mind immediately).

  55. Technique….lots of awesome 7th grade memories!!!!

  56. Technique! They’re all so good but that one really gets my full attention when it’s on.

  57. Power, Corruption & Lies. ‘Your Silent Face’ gives word and rhythm to emotions ineffable.

  58. Low-life, since it was the first one I owned.

  59. Power, Corruption and Lies.. because from there I worked backwards and found Joy Division

  60. ‘Power Corruption & Lies’ (1983) The epitome of early 80’s nightclubbing!

  61. Substance-The perfect combination of songs for whatever mood you are in.

  62. Brotherhood for sure. The title of this album is exactly what was made for me in high school. With Paradise, Weirdo, and Bizarre Love Triangle .. these songs are what I play to remind me of the days when times with friends was awesome.

  63. Stephen Gersztoff

    Brotherhood is New Order’s most consistent and confident record.

  64. It’s a tough call, but I’m going to say Movement. It echoes their time in Joy Division with the band finding its voice in the emotional ride that followed. It’s an interesting transitional record that demonstrates the group’s desire to push onward while finding inspiration from the past. It is definitely one of my favorite records from the 80’s.

  65. Scott Price

    Power, Corruption & Lies, though i love them all!

  66. Chris Guevara

    Low-Life. Every track was performed live and forged in front of their fans lucky enough ti see them play from the winter of 1983 (Sooner Than You Think ) to January 1985. Bernard’s vocals really came to life. Musically they were on top of their game.

  67. Low-Life. Great album from start to finish. Love Vigilantes and This Time of Night are two very underrated New Order songs, and I’ve always been fascinated with the sampling/effects used in The Perfect Kiss. I can honestly say it’s my favorite song that samples ribbiting frogs. I would have loved to been in the room when someone suggested it during the recording — “hey this song is good, but you know what would make it even better? Frogs.” Genius.

  68. Low-Life: It has everything on it, that made them great!

  69. Low-Life – because it has Face Up!!

  70. Power, Corruption and Lies. Age of Consent. What more can one say?

  71. Low Life although I expect to be the only one… Their poppiest effort!

  72. Substance – it covers the best of all their styles. You can eat then evolve from Joy Division to New Order right before your ears…

    It’s a perfect auditory snapshot of one of the greatest bands in history.

  73. I like all of them for different reasons but I probably have the most memories of listening to Brotherhood while I’d deliver newspapers. Everything seemed perfect in the world as I listened to it on my early cassette WalkMan.

  74. Brotherhood. That’s when it all came together!!

  75. Daniel Matthews

    Low Life. It’s the first New Order album i bought, & my future wife loved Perfect Kiss.

  76. John Capati

    Technique – great vibe and cover art.

  77. Brotherhood! some how they got even better after lowlife…

  78. Brotherhood. It’s got the most guitars, and really, having to pick just one is ludicrous, but today I like guitars, and so today my pick is Brotherhood!

  79. Power, Corruption, and Lies. First record that I’ve ever heard by New Order. I’ll always have a soft spot.

  80. Virginia Rutter

    Power Corruption Lies…every emotion I have ever felt

  81. Although Substance is my favorite release, Power, Corruption, & Lies is my favorite true album. Bridges the gap between the past and the future quite nicely. The cover art of PC&L is fantastic, as well.

  82. Power, Corruption & Lies: Love the hodgepodge of emotions that musically develops throughout the album…

  83. Chris Clark

    Any NO album, any time. But this morning, I need a little Low-Life. Except replace the album version with the live video by Jonathan Demmee.

  84. New Order Substance, only because it has the best versions of all the singles. Substance is the first New Order record to list Ceremony, which is my favorite song by the band. The guitar builds slowly, and the drums kick in, and then the bass line… the perfect bass line, becomes an anthem of loss and despair. Also on this album we find an instrumental version of Thieves like us. The song begins with a door knock and Bernard saying simply, “come in.” It’s within this song that I am reminded of my youth and of afternoons of watching the movie Pretty in Pink, which used this sample in their movie. Molly Ringlwald’s character is making her dress for the prom, and I’ve always thought that if it wasn’t for New Order playing in the background, she never would have found her courage to move forward. There are many songs that I love on this album, another would be bizarre love triangle with a nearly 2 minute introduction… and it needs to be a 2 minute intro because the song is magical. Towards the end of the song we hear what New Order is truly best at: joyful melancholy. The lyrics on their own could drive you to tears, but thank God there is a synthesizer and a drum beat keeping us on our feet.

  85. Lowlife. It is classic throughout. But all the early new order lp’s are amazing.

  86. Low-Life was the soundtrack to my freshman year in college. New Order was a benchmark of cool at the time, and Low-Life was danceable, too. I met friends, discovered freedom, and experienced much joy to that album. I still spin vinyl and would love to replace my cassette tapes!

  87. Technique, that perfect blend of guitars and electronics!

  88. Tom McNamara

    Technique. The band tension, Ibiza, and guitars made it it brilliant…

  89. Mac Stewart

    Movement – this has to be the most influential album of the early 80s, as well as for me. Overcoming the loss of Ian, they carried on and became musical legends. I would place Movement in the Top 5 of my favorite albums of all time.

  90. Power, Corruption & Lies. Great album from start to finish. Can listen to it over and over!!

  91. Movement! Discovering that sound when I was a kid was like an epiphany. It led me to search for better music than what was being fed to me on the radio. That’s a huge thing for any music fan, if you think about it. Plus, the album cover remains one of my all-time favorites.

  92. Tony Vitale

    Low-Life has a special place in my heart. I was 15 when it came out and it was the first New Order album I purchased. It’s one of those albums that transports you to a special time and place.

  93. the best new order record is missing from the above list and comments.
    it is factus 8,
    reason? martin hannett

  94. Nate Collins

    Power, Corruption & Lies – From beginning to end, it is unbelievable and it sounds so far ahead of its time. Amazing album cover, too.

  95. Technique – perfect from start to finish and perfect for the time

  96. Low Life really convinced me that New Order would survive the Joy Division changeover, but Brotherhook is my favorite. (Every second counts….).

    The fun part: I have three of the 5 on vinyl already, but boy are they worn down!

  97. Power, Corruption & Lies. That one was a staple of my teen years.

  98. Jason Borkowski

    Lowlife. I discovered New Order when the Substance collection was released and fell in love. I immediately wanted more and decided to start backwards, in order. Due to the fact that my local record store didn’t have a copy of Brotherhood, I landed on Lowlife and it is still one of my all time favorite albums, hands down

  99. Low Life, because it is simply the best!

  100. For me, it’s Power, Corruption, and Lies. I remember spending just about an entire weekend in college listening to it on repeat.

  101. Randall Brown

    Low-Life. Easily my favorite New Order album. It’s the one I was introduced to the band through, and it captures the move from post-punk to a dancier sound in an all inclusive manner. Love Vigilantes will always be my favorite song of theirs. All hail Low-Life!

  102. Don McIntosh

    Movement is my favorite. I don’t know that I’d say its better than the others, but it is the first one I heard and it struck a particular chord in me. It was different from EVERYTHING else I was listening to at the time. I listened to it ceaselessly for weeks. It became part of my musical DNA.

  103. Movement, because it’s the try to continue made music after Curtis’s suicide.

  104. Rob Blankenship

    Low-Life. Really just an end to end great record. Saw them move away from the Joy Division sound and really push forward their dance music aspirations

  105. Mark Wilson

    Low-life. Hands down. It had everything that Power, Corruption & Lies had – rock (Sunrise), proto indie-pop (Love Vigilantes), stellar dance tracks (Perfect Kiss, Sub-Culture)- but done more confidently. The sound was sleek, experimental and surprisingly accessible at the same time. The The made an even bigger step with their Infected album the next year but New Order got there first with “Sub-culture.” All that aside, Low-life was a great example of the tension between pop and underground sounds that resulted in so much great mid-Eighties music, especially in the U.K. Only the Talking Heads were operating at this level from the U.S. at that time.

  106. Low-life has great range of styles. Love playing “Sunrise” for those who mistakenly think this was just some synth-y dance band (but this album has that stuff too)

  107. Brotherhood — ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ is the PURRFECT song for ANY occasion!

  108. brotherhood, though all of their 80s work is terrific. time will out that new order were at least as important as pixies, sonic youth, replacements, the cure or any other band of that era. brotherhood is grand from start to finish, and the whole thing snaps together from the thwack at the start to the run-off scratching at the end. g-d save new order.

  109. Low life
    Every track is a winner.

  110. David Theis

    Power, Corruption & Lies. Obviously. Your Silent Face….

  111. Power, Corruption & Lies. Seems like they started to figure who they were and what they can do with that album. Some of their most influential material came out around that time.

  112. Power, Corruption, & Lies. Soundtrack to my formative years.

  113. Movement, just such a classic album, has hints of Joy Division, and to listen to Bernard and Hooky on vocals, still gives me chills to listen to this album

  114. Juan David Barragan

    Power, Corruption & Lies, best album ever!

  115. Brotherhood – still and always relevant

  116. low-life- regia is one of the saddest tracks i’ve ever heard

  117. Christophe J

    Power, Corruption & Lies: you caught me at a bad time, so why don’t you just piss off…

  118. Technique for me. I listened to it on my Walkman endlessly.

  119. Low-life. It was the first album I heard by them thanks to my cool older brother and it kicked off a life time love of their music. But tell me this- was I the only one who thought Stephen Morris was the lead singer because it was his picture on the cover?

  120. Keith Hoelscher

    Brotherhood…so good!!!

  121. Movement- I “moved” from the Joy Division realm with some trepidity wondering how the band would continue after 1980’s events. This LP has a sense of falling into a dream. Electronics bleeps and pangs float in space. And it’s an unlit space, at that. Sumner’s voice is like listening to the storyteller while coming out of anesthesia. I don’t think anyone has made an album remotely like this one, and they certainly moved away from it quickly into more danceable fair. But I’ll never loose the strange quality it had when I dropped it on the turntable back in 1981. It’s one of my desert island records. Plus the quality of the coverstock, graphics and B-Music label all increased the sense of something very different. It’s transitional, to be sure, and contrasts greatly from everything that happened to them after Blue Monday came out.

  122. Low-Life. Love Vigilantes and The Perfect Kiss. Their two greatest songs, back to back.

  123. Low-Life. For the frogs in Perfect Kiss.

  124. Very difficult task to pick one as an outright favorite. But, if you twist my arm, I would have to say Power, Corruption & Lies. What a leap forward for the band.(However, Ask me again in 5 minutes and I’ll most likely say Low-life or Technique…)

  125. Power, Corruption & Lies!

  126. Movement – Was probably on my turntable for 5 straight years

  127. Movement – fantastic tracks where you hear the evolution of Joy Division to New Order with synths. Darwin would be proud…

  128. I agree with Gary who posted somewhere above………..

    Power, Corruption and Lies. Age of Consent. What more can one say?

  129. My vote is for “Republic”. I remember hearing “Regret” for the first time, it was almost life-changing. Not sure why but I wasn’t into New Order before hearing that record. So on that day I made a discovery for myself, and ended up getting New Order’s entire catalog along with many singles and becoming a huge fan.

  130. Power Corruption & Lies. Such a haunting and heavy and yet spare and beautiful album all at once. The material featured prominently in their recent US tour and felt as fresh as anything out there today. Your Silent Face is such a gorgeous piece.

  131. Low-Life! Love Vigilantes, Perfect Kiss are two of my favorite tracks and first introduced me to New Order.

  132. Ralph Barrientos

    Substance-everything you need in 1 package

  133. Will have to say Brotherhood although Lowlife is right there as well. Both of these are on my all time desert island top 10.

  134. My favorite New Order album would have to be Brotherhood from 1986. I absolutely love Bizzare Love Triangle. It’s one of my favorite tracks from the decade of the 80’s.

  135. Low-Life. Love Vigilantes…one of my all time favorite New Order tracks.

  136. Oh my, so many GREAT New Orders albums! NO continue to be a great act and I love everything they have put out. My favorite is Technique. Love that CD but it’s really hard to choose one. Would love to win the contest.

  137. Power, Corruption and Lies.

  138. Andrew De La Garza

    Favorite: Power, Corruption & Lies

    Reason: For the two songs, Ultraviolence & Age Of Consent

  139. LOW LIFE! Because I can remember the entire day when I first heard it almost 25 years ago. Sub-culture an all time fav! Great memories

  140. David Anderson

    Power, Corruption and Lies. It marked a major turning point from Joy Division to their own sound. And they defined the sound incredibly well.

  141. Technique. It came out during my music discovery years.

  142. Republic

  143. My fave New Order album is Substance 1987 as it is brings together many of my fave New Order songs of the eighties in one collection. 1987 was the year I ran a bus tour to see New Order, Echo and The Bunnymen and Gene Loves Jezebel at an outdoor amphitheater near Detroit.

  144. Christopher

    Lowlife because of Jonathan Demme’s Love Vigilantes video, Peter Saville’s sleeve (with that beautiful paper wrap, which was the only place that revealed the band’s name), and, of course, because of New Order’s incredible music.

  145. Low-Life is my favorite. From the opening of “Love Vigilantes”, you knew you were in for a great experience. “The Perfect Kiss” is among their best tracks of all time as well. It’s such a solid album from start to finish. An absolute classic!

  146. I got to go with Substance even though it was a compilation album, with the exception of “truth faith” which is one of my favorite’s songs of the 80’s.

  147. Technique — drugs are rubbish without it.

  148. Low life…high school!

  149. PC&L – DJ’d some in the mid to late 80’s – wish I had a dollar for every time I played Blue Monday.

  150. Jacob Harris

    Power, Corruption & Lies – An amazing, milestone album. Age Of Consent is one of my fav tracks ever.

  151. Jonathan Chen

    Hooky’s bass line were just sublime on Low Life.

  152. Harley Chadly

    Substance – That double CD was always being played through my college years and it had every club song and more.

  153. Power, Corruption and Lies.

    A. It is a great album, from start to finish.
    B. I like almost all of the albums equally, but I never win anything, so I’ll pick this one.

  154. Low…..infectious, classic, influential, songwriting….album cover…

  155. Substance. Just love every song! Great album.

  156. Low Life – I wore this record out.

  157. Jeff Merryman

    Power corruption and lies. Their most consistent album start to finish with some of their best songs. One of the best album covers of all time as well.

  158. Power Corruption and Lies. Makes me think of College

  159. This is like picking my favorite child… But, I would have to say “Power, Corruption & Lies.” Favorite Band, Favorite Record.

  160. For me, it’s a tie between Substance Power, Corruption and Lies. Substance (though not an original album) for the great 12″ versions and edits, plus “True Faith” – one of my absolute favorite songs, ever.
    Power, Corruption and Lies is with “Age of Consent”, “The Village” and “586”…”Your Silent Face”…it’s just a great record – with great artwork, in my opinion.

  161. Technique is my all time fave

  162. I can’t help but be drawn to Movement, bridging the 2 sounds. I have always liked most band’s sophomoric efforts, when the exploration is still palpable. I imagine it must be the most difficult album for the band to revisit.

  163. Kile Thomas

    Substance 1987. Solid compilation with all the great singles.

  164. Low Life. College days…

  165. Alex carrasco

    Lowlife has to be my favorite album of all time. Its the first album I had purchased of new order I would listen to this album practical all the time. the sounds were embedded in my mind constantly playing in my head. From start to finish it is a masterpiece. I was hooked and I had to get the rest of their albums.

  166. Gotta be Low Life for me, because of “The Perfect Kiss” and the really nice sleeve.

  167. Technique – solid from beginning to end, absolute perfection of their craft.

  168. Paul Crowell

    Technique is my favorite ALBUM. The others all have great singles, but for killer songs start to finish, I’ll go with Technique. All the Way always a fave.

  169. Brotherhood. Perfect transition from obscure origins to global stardom.

  170. I would have to say substance, it shows the transition from the old to the new through the singles

  171. Another vote for “Power Corruption & Lies.” Best songs, best combo of their guitar-y past and their electronic future.

  172. Low-Life. The Perfect Kiss? Elegia? These songs are pure perfection. Not much else even gets close to the brilliance seen on this album.

  173. Technique…The apex of New Order’s perfect collision of keyboards and guitars and the soundtrack to my first love at the beach age 16

  174. Alex carrasco

    Low life as to be my favorite album of all time. Its the first album I had purchased of new order I would listen to this album practical all the time. the sounds were embedded in my mind constantly playing in my head. From start to finish it is a masterpiece. I was hooked and I had to get the rest of their albums.

  175. Power, Corruption & Lies – this was an introduction to a new style of music for me. I did not get it at first and it took a long time for me to come around to it, but this is where it began.

  176. “Movement”, without a doubt, is New Order’s greatest album. They started to create their new sound while still maintaining a hint of Joy Division’s genius. Plus, the album artwork is amazing. Also, to hear Peter Hook sing on”Dreams Never End” is just beautiful.

  177. Power, Corruption And Lies! Proof that New Order had arrived at an identity all their own. The mix of pop moments and bleakness is nothing short of a masterpiece.

  178. Low Life – It was the first New Order album that I ever heard and it made me fall in love with their music.

  179. Todd Burchard

    Technique. Well blended, great riffs, slightly crazy, and most importantly fun.

  180. Power, Corruption & Lies. Age of Consent was the song that really turned me on to New Order. Listened to that song before every soccer game. Played it in every band I was in. The whole album played a pivotal role in my appreciation of music. Absolute classic.

  181. Low-Life. by far, the most consistant album they released. full of classics.

  182. Power, Corruption & Lies. “Your Silent Face” need I say more!

  183. Substance 1987. All the good stuff in one (or double) album. It was my first intro the New Order, as probably with many others.

  184. low-life
    front-to-back brilliant.

  185. Bleddyn Williams

    Brotherhood – my first New Order CD, and I played it to death.

  186. Low-Life.”Elegia” is perfect.

  187. Brotherhood. The A side is amazing — Paradise, Weirdo, As
    It Is When It Was, Broken Promise, Way of Life. That sixth track is
    something special too.

  188. I first fell in love with the flexi disc of Joy Division
    and when the band became New Order- I was ready for it. I got many
    LPs and had a college radio show that played the LPs. Brotherhood
    has been the LP I played the most and side two with All Night Long
    and the classic Bizarre Love Triangle was played the most. New
    Order has influenced so many artists since then – One of my
    favorites was Divine who actually took ( ripped off) Blue Monday
    and turned it into the song Love Reaction. Many of my old vinyl LPs
    has gone aways– old loves stealing them as they left. Would love
    for this collection to rekindle my memories.

  189. Power, Corruption & Lies. I was hooked from the
    opening notes of “Age of Consent”!

  190. Low-Life, for the same reason as this guy…

    January 11, 2013 at 9:32 am
    Low-Life.”Elegia” is perfect.

  191. Michael E. Rice

    How can you choose just ONE? — Can I please have at least
    a tie vote? (1.) ‘Power, Corruption, and Lies’, which could win
    with its fantastic title and artwork alone! The icing on the cake
    for the American versions of the cassette/CD editions and the
    Collector’s Edition later, would be the inclusion of the historic
    tracks “Blue Monday” and “The Beach”! — (2.) But I would then have
    to consider all the music contained on ‘Lowlife’, which could have
    easily been the soundtrack for my life in the 80’s and early

  192. My favorite New Order album is definitely Technique, which
    I bought when it came out when I was fourteen years old. It’s a
    solid album start to finish and has some of their best songs. It’s
    the album I come back to the most!

  193. Brotherhood – pure genius. I originally owned it on
    cassette, then eventually had to pick the CD on import.

  194. Low-Life. By then, they’ve perfected their sound.

  195. PCL. It’s just an insanely great album.

  196. I always loved Low-Life. Love Vigilantes sets the mood of the entire album.

  197. Power, corruption and lies is my all time favorite New
    Order release due to the combination of brilliant artwork, title,
    tracks and year of release. It was the summer of my 17th year when
    this creative blast from NO dropped.

  198. Power Corruption and Lies. Phenomenal album ~ holds up
    amazingly to this day. Framed poster in my den…

  199. Power, Corruption, & lies

  200. Sandy Alonso

    I’ve always been partial to Lowlife. Perhaps because I associate it with a particular time in my life.

  201. Brotherhood is the one I can play from beginning to end without my attention ever flagging once.

  202. Brotherhood. I remember how excited I was just open it. I bought it on cassette and I remember it even a scent to it. I am sure that I played it so much I vaporized the actual tape.

  203. mike martinez

    Technique is my all time favorite NO record. In fact, it is
    the greatest album. Period.

  204. Substance – I believe it has the most roots with joy
    division =] and also a great album with a solid listen

  205. Shawn Harkins

    Substance. Because everything after that wasn’t as good. I
    always have Substance on my iPhone.

  206. Power, Corruption & Lies because…Age of

  207. Brotherhood. I love Peter’s bass work on BLT and SOTN. Fantastic record!

  208. Low Life. I am instantly transported to somewhere and sometime else in the opening notes of ‘Love Vigilantes’.

  209. Low life. I played so many times it’s now

  210. Brotherhood. Not only was it the album that finally opened
    me me up to electronic music, but it ties Joy Division’s Unknown
    Pleasures for the best album cover of all time.

  211. Best album – Movement

    This was their transitional album. They kept their punk and added the electornic beats which would later help define New Order.

  212. Power, Corruption & Lies-So many great songs that ended up defining the NO sound as they transitioned from Joy Division. “Leave Me Alone” and “Your Silent Face” are still classic and timeless.

  213. Low-Life; it’s the perfect balance of early and later New
    Order sounds. Sunrise is just earth shatteringly good. :)

  214. Power, Corruption And Lies – as a whole, it dated better
    than the other 4. It sounds as great in 2013 as it did 30 years

  215. Surprised by how many people chose Brotherhood, but add me
    to the list. It was the first album I bought from them, and it
    changed the way I viewed music

  216. Michael Louie

    Technique because it’s a brilliant album from beginning to
    end and brings back such happy memories of high school.

  217. Technique, because even robert smith could dance to that record, oh and the forgotten children (b-sides) are great

  218. Low-Life. The thing about Low Life for me is that I feel it’s the first record that New Order finally shed all of it’s Joy Division roots and became their own band. Both Movement and Power, Corruption and Lies still had elements of Joy Division running through it. Low Life was all about New Order…

  219. Power Corruption & Lies. The first album where they
    really found the sound they were looking for after the exorcism on

  220. Brotherhood-Bizarre Love Triangle and just an overall nice
    representation of two genres

  221. Shaun Nelson

    Technique. The tour around that time was the only time I recall New Order coming to Utah. Lots of good memories.

  222. Power, Corruption & Lies describes my life to a

  223. Deinitely Low-Life.

  224. Power, Corruption & Lies – This cassette tape
    (which had Blue Monday and The Beach on it) was my first NO album
    and seemed to always be in my car when I was younger and will
    always have a special place in my life.

  225. low life – trying to learn to play Elegia on crappy Casio
    keyboard as an alone and awkward teenager

  226. I have to go with Movement. It’s got a wide range of
    styles, from the bright poppy opener, into the deeper darker middle
    of the album. Fantastic all around.

  227. Timothy Treat

    Tough choice – but got to give the nod to “Power,
    Corruption, & Lies”. “Age of Consent” , “Your Silent Face”,
    “Leave Me Alone” – beautiful songs. My cassette tape of this even
    had “Blue Monday”. Classic!

  228. Low-Life, which features my absolute favorite New Order
    song, Elegia. Thank you for putting this contest on, thank you to
    Rhino for making the LPs available, and thank you a second time for
    reminding me I haven’t listened to New Order in a while. Putting on
    Low-Life now…

  229. Jennifer Hardt

    Hi. My favorite is Republic. I remember going to the each
    with my friends while listening to this album. So many great
    memories. Every song brings back some warm memory. Great

  230. Waiting For the Sirens Call. I think they just keep getting better.

  231. Todd Burchard

    My favorite is Technique. Well blended, great hooks, and most importantly sheep. Brings back some great college memories. Made it through my freshman year enjoying this one. It’s fun and just great.

  232. Power, Corruption & Lies. Still extraordinary and
    powerful 30 years after its release. Each element in perfect

  233. My favorite New Order album is Factus 8 because it contains
    five of the best songs the band ever recorded in their entire
    career all on one handy dandy EP.

  234. Technique – the synthetic sheep slay me every

  235. Low Life – Love Vigilantes is a killer track.

  236. Technique is my vote. Although not the best they offered for me this was the one i started with. It so sounded so fresh at the time with the mix of classic new order, pop new order and new wave sound.

  237. If we’re talking proper albums, Power Corruption and Lies wins by a mile; but if compilations are in the running, Substance wins by a few more.

  238. I love, love, love Power , Corruption & LIes. It’s when they starting getting more electronic but not too commercial. It’s accessible and experimental at the same time. The cover’s lovely too.

  239. Lowlife, any album with “The Perfect Kiss” and “Vigilante”
    (two of my favorite tracks ever), although I have a special place
    in my heart for “Shellshock” even tho it was never on a New Order
    album per se – but the first time I heard it in “Pretty in Pink” in
    1986, it was all over. Such an amazing band!

  240. I got yer Technique ri’ chere!

  241. Power, Corruption and Lies. The sound of their previous
    album Movement still remained under shadow of Joy Division. PCL is
    where they let go the ghost of Ian Curtis and really became New
    Order. An album that I have listened to consistently since high
    school – in the mid 80s :)

  242. Jonathan Knowles

    Technique is my favorite New Order LP. As a whole, I find it the most solid and I have endless memories associated with it.

  243. Power, Corruption and Lies is my favorite. “Blue Monday”
    changed my life, and that record captures New Order during an
    inventive, transformative time. The right balance of post-Joy
    Division gloom and their future disco-rock. Incredibly

  244. Power, Corruption & Lies. From start to finish an absolute masterpiece. The quintessential 80’s album that reminds me of my clubbing days.

  245. Power, Corruption & Lies – Blue Monday!

  246. it would have to be power, corruption, and lies

  247. The 1st time I heard New Order was their EP Factus-8
    (1981-1982). It has my favorite version of “Everything’s Gone
    Green”. It also marks the band’s new sound after Joy

  248. Low Life – Good ol’ high school days – I’d listen to it
    over and over and sing every word.

  249. 1985’s LOW-LIFE for sure. Released the year I graduated
    from high school, I instantly fell in love with this album. From
    “Love Vigilantes” (an incredible song about war and loss) to
    outstanding dance songs like “The Perfect Kiss” and “Sub-Culture”
    to what may be the most brilliant instrumental of all-time
    (“Eligia”). I’ll always love this record.

  250. Technique!!
    The soundtrack to my High School senior year! Amazing!!!!

  251. Power, Corruption and Lies (non-US version). Every song a
    winner. Truly marked the start of New Order for me.

  252. They are all my favorite, hence my desire in this contest.
    ;) But if I had to choose, I’d go with Power, Corruption &
    Lies. For me, it was the first New Order album, perhaps because it
    was my first New Order album?

  253. Hands down, Power, Corruption & Lies with Low-Life
    a close second.

  254. Substance. The first NO album I ever bought, just before I went to see them at Irvine Meadows Sept 87. My first concert ever, and they played Substance in order. The planets were aligned. Love NO.

  255. Technique. It’s start to finish a great listen, and Dream
    Attack is amazing.

    • I didn’t put Technique, but I couldn’t agree more that Dream Attack is an amazing song. Such sweet music on that one.

  256. Brotherhood – as it introduced me to the band.

  257. karm sediner

    Power Corruption & Lies

  258. Low-Life. Simply on balance, it has the greatest number of my favorite songs than any other New Order album. Which is not to say that there aren’t New Order songs i like more than those on Low-Life, just that Low-Life is almost all killer. And I’m not even counting the dubious Perfect Kiss edit!

  259. Technique is my favorite. A great mix of their styles.

  260. Brotherhood. From that classic period where all of the bands on here released some of their best albums, and the mood of that album captures what I think of when I think of New Order.

  261. Power, Corruption and Lies. Your Silent Face, “You caught me at a bad time, so why don’t you piss off.” Great line. Great song.

  262. Power, Corruption, and Lies – what a fantastic record.

  263. Kris Hoffler

    Power, Corruption, and Lies. Personally, many good memories go with it , plus it is just a mature, solid album all around.

  264. Low-life: Love Vigilantes, Perfect Kiss, Sub-culture, Elegia…

  265. Tiffany Lewey

    I love Power, Corruption, and Lies. I think it was so ground breaking. It changed the group from Joy Division to Neworder. Love those guys.

  266. Technique. Best mix of synth and acoustic instrumentation. Vanishing Point, Mr. Disco and Guilty Partner are my all time faves. Drums on the break of Run amazing as well.

  267. Natalie Lorin

    Technique. Or should I say La Technique with heavy breathing? :).. HA. Gotta love that album. So dance and so Neworder.

  268. Steve Nichols

    Low-life: the soundtrack to my college life

  269. Brotherhood – Fantastic from start to finish.

  270. I have No Regret… Republic. All the way the best. Love it. One song to the next.

  271. “Movement” remains the sentimental favorite. Takes me back to a time when we were still mourning Ian who committed suicide just weeks before we’d be able to see Joy Division in person. Seeing New Order tour for this record was a bit of a memorial.

  272. Power, Corruption & Lies.

    Tough choice to be sure, but this one gets my vote because it was my first introduction to the band. It perfectly encapsulates everything that music meant to me when I was young: An escape to a different life, hope, and a promise that there was something else beyond my dreary existence. It contains 3 of my favorite NO tracks: Age of Consent, The Village, and Your Silent Face. And the cover is as absolutely gorgeous as the music.

  273. Definitely Substance – tons of road trip memories attached!

  274. lowlife for me. 1985 had so many wonderful albums, and this one of the years best. Lyrically-rich but absolutely danceable.

  275. Technique! My love for this one has grown over the years. Technique and I didn’t bond immediately, but we have become the best of friends.

  276. Ryan Maloney

    I’m so torn. I love them all. Jeez. I’d have to say low life. It has truly great memories attached to it and the songs are haunting and incredible. The Perfect Kiss is one of the greatest tracks of all time. Unlike many others, I really do love their last studio release Waiting for the Sirens Call. New Order always have and always will be my favorite artists of all time.

  277. Low-Life: it’s a good soundtrack for being 16, and driving around in the relative freedom of teenage summer.

  278. Power, Corruption & Lies…not only did I lose my virginity to it, it’s great front to back. Age of consent, your silent face, 586, and of course the beautifully tragic leave me alone…

  279. Power, Corruption and Lies: any album that has a vocoder on it wins in my book. I also saw them perform much of this album at the Paradise Garage in NYC in the early ’80s…

  280. Power, Corruption and Lies. Love the music and the artwork.

  281. Low-Life. First New Order album I ever bought and heard all the way through. You never forget your first love, right? Even after all these years (decades!) it still sends a chill down my spine. :)

  282. Low Life – Soundtrack to my early HS years.

  283. Low-Life. It’s the first album I had of theirs and still love it from start to finish.

  284. Movement, sounds as good today, as it did when it was released.

  285. Technique. Despite its outdated sonic effects, it stood the test of time. The melodies, lyrics, the whole mood of the record – all are still there and still evoke emotions. Yes, it’s a long way from Movement (my 2nd favorite album), but this is why I love that band.

  286. Any of those middle three are masterpieces.

  287. Low-Life….because Love Vigilantes is on it!

  288. The first New Order album I ever bought was Substance, and it has the long version of “Thieves Like Us,” but of the five I love Power, Corruption and Lies for the gorgeous cover and quirky poetry:

    our love is like the flowers
    the rain
    the sea
    and the hours…

    It would be a joy to have all five of those albums in my collection.

  289. Movement.

  290. low-life because it’s perfect end to end.

  291. Low-Life

  292. Power Corruption and Lies – as the result of some resemblance of Joy Division with the outbreak of an emerging New Order. Plus the LP artwork/cover basically correlates completely perfect with the music.

  293. Technique – I have many memories of this album having been the soundtrack on a concert road-trip.

  294. “Substance” was my first so even though it’s a bit of a cheat, it’s still my favourite. 12″ singles rule!

  295. I would have to say Power, Corruption & Lies. It was the first N.O. album I owned. Brings back memories.

  296. Technique, captures the great sound of the late 80’s, it never fails to amuse me, it contains so many great dance songs like Fine Time, Round and Round, Vanishing Point and more.

  297. Brotherhood. I go back and forth between this album and Technique, but Paradise, Weirdo, and As It Is When It Was rank high in my list of favorite New Order tracks. The end of the album is perfect, too.. *SCRRRRAAAAAAAAAATCH* *SKIP* DONE!

  298. Lowlife is my favorite.. it’s a perfect album from start to finish. And of course it has my favorite New Order song on it.. The Perfect Kiss.

  299. Definitely Power, Corruption & Lies. Such an amazing record with a new New Order edge that was not quite developed on Brotherhood, and fully developed by the time Low Life came out. Additionally, the live shows from that era were equally amazing.

  300. Technique: This album was released a year before I graduated high school and brings back so many memories from 89-92. Actually one of my favorite albums of all time.

  301. Michael Zigmund

    Substance – truth faith, bizarre love triangle, perfect kiss, shellshock… That’s all.

  302. Power, Corruption & Lies was the gateway album for me when I was 12 or so. To this day it is still my favorite. Perfect album from start to finish.

  303. Jason Adams

    My vote is for Low Life. 13 year old me used to listen to Sub-Culture over and over and over again. For some reason, the lyrics (ex: “I like walking in the park when it gets late at night”) somehow became my moody teenage mantra.

  304. Technique — its one of the few records that I bought multipule times. I wore out the cassette 2x before I bought a cd, then last year bought the re issue. So many timeless songs on there. Vanishing Point still sees my work out rotations.

  305. Steven Joyce

    I like the Brotherhood Album

  306. Movement is an amazing work of art.

  307. The Other Keith

    PC&L – spoke to the generation and converted others.

  308. The cop-out: Substance. I do like Republic an awful lot also

  309. My favorite New Order album is, by far, Movement! It is such a window of a time period that revealed the band at a crossroads. Not any band, and not even “New Order” per se… but Joy Division. The raw emotion was not only captured in the music and lyrics, but in the space between. Each voice put to tape had it’s own space and time. The mix was perfect. It stands up there with Unknown Pleasures. Revealing that in the darkness, lies beauty… literally.

  310. favorite New Order album?… it’s tough to choose. I like them all, but I have to say my favorite is the severely underrated and often ignored Get Ready. It’s guitar-based and a good solid record through and through, unlike the other albums which are a bit patchy.

  311. It’s hard to pick my fav, but I guess I’d go w/Power, Corruption & Lies since Blue Monday introduced me to New Order and the rest of the album made me a devoted NO fan.

  312. Dominic Bucci

    Power, Corruption & Lies … great album beginning to end!

  313. evil Kelly chan

    Power, Corruption, & Lies. it is an amazing album and it was my introduction to New Order.

  314. Power, corruption and lies: Nice album cover. It has “Blue Monday” on it.

  315. Low-Life. It was the soundtrack to my last-minute studying for college exams. I stupidly gave away my original Factory Records copy when I moved from Ireland to the US.

  316. low-life. love vigilantes just a top tune in my book, takes me back in the tunes tunnel every time.

  317. Substance – what a sick compilation of amazing singles. Who among us didn’t wear that cassette (and later CD) out? Yes – it doesn’t really count as a true album, but if you were headed to Mars and could only take one NO album with, don’t kid yourself – it would be this one.

  318. Republic. It was my first exposure to the band, and contains Everyone, Everywhere which is my favorite track of all time. Man, these would look good in my man cave! :)

  319. Craig Small

    Low-Life, because it’s the perfect mix of rock and dance. And because Sunrise is the greatest song New Order ever recorded.

  320. Big fan of everything New Order ever did, but if I’d have to name a favorite it would be Power, Corruption, and Lies–mostly because “leave me alone” is one of the best things recorded by anyone, ever.

  321. Power Curruption & Lies – The first vision and truw blossoming of the true NO that we would all come to know and love. Streaching from 500 mile hour, full throttle anthem of Age of Consent to the stark, shimmery beauty of Leave me Alone and Your Silent Face and the beautiful cover art by Peter Saville. And all that’s not even including the B-sides, 12 inch singles and EPs that came out of this same era (Confusion, Blue Monday, Thieves Like US)!!!

  322. Power, Corruption & Lies……for sure. “Blue Monday” was an exceptional club song. Also, it gave me the opportunity to make life long friends who have allowed me to work together with them in the Rock’n Roll merchandising business. And we proudly represent New Order Now….for merchandise on-line as well as tour with them on their last US Tour. Great music and fabulous people!!!!!

  323. All 5! All amazaing, love love love New Order! :)

  324. Technique. First tour I got to see them live and reminds me of a great summer with a friend who is no longer us.

  325. Low-Life…It was the centerpiece of my high school years! Brilliant, moody, dancy, nothing else like it at the time. Oh and I still love it today. Great artwork too :)

  326. Low-life, because it’s unexpected and holds the charm of sounding more so like a live recording, you could almost see the smirk on Barney’s face recording the vocals, and as Craig Small said, theres Sunrise

  327. Low-Life. I was really into Joy Division during the early eighties and was really sad and dissapointed when Ian had commited sucide just before their U.S. Tour. Wasn’t really sure about Bernie taking the reigns on what would become New Order as of yet. I heard their song “Perfect Kiss” off Low-Life on the radio and something about that song called to me. Coincidently, when I went to purchase the 12″ single for “Perfect Kiss”, there were some printings that had the word “Alex” on the bottom of the sleeve. Not sure what that meant but thought it was a calling for me to give the band a shot. Loved them ever since.

  328. Low-Life: I knew right from seeing the overlapping text of new Order on the cover that this was going to be something different and fantastic. 28 years later it still is.

  329. Low life for the joy that is Face Up!

  330. For me it was Brotherhood because when they came to my campus to tour after it was released, I got to be a volunteer roadie for the show. Unforgettable experience.

  331. steve wattz

    Power, Corruption & Lies is by far my favorite project.

  332. Power Corruption & Lies. So much energy and passion. Makes me dance on the inside.

  333. All the albums are great but Movement stands out for me for some reason.

  334. Power Corruption $ Lies

  335. Low-life became the background music of a very important time in my life … it reminds me of my youth, my curiosity in the unknown, and my desire to do the complete opposite of what my parents wanted me to do. :)

  336. As good as some of the other albums are, Movement is still my go-to New Order album.

  337. power corruption and lies, sums up life…..

  338. john browne

    movement because dreams never end …

  339. Power, Corruption & Lies. Just perfect.

  340. Substance. I know it is a compilation.. but it was my first exposure to New Order. At the time I was into hair-metal bands (and other stuff that has long since come and gone). I heard a few New Order songs from a friend and I was hooked. It was a new musical journey for me, and I still listen to Substance from start to finish on a regular basis today. Brings back many fond memories from many eras of my life!

  341. Dougie Fresh

    Power, Corruption & Lies – from the cover to the track list to the music, it’s a perfectly crafted album. It’s the Platonic Ideal New Order Album. Perfect in every way.

  342. Technique : Why?

    The perfect record to smile and shed tears on the dance floor

  343. Technique – first time I saw New Order live was Technique tour in FL – great music and good times

  344. Low-life and Technique bookended my high school years…I have to go with Low-life.

  345. Technique. There’s a certain tone to this album that I really love. The band seems to have matured at this point; the songs have more depth and flavor.

  346. movment – my uncle who was close in age to me when i was younger got me into joy division and new order.

    after he was violently killed i used movement to help escape the pain of his passing. to this day it is still and album i pop on whenever i am feeling down and it always saves me again and again.

  347. Michael Link


  348. Low-Life because of
    “Perfect Kiss” and “Sub-Culture”

  349. Movement, it really broke the ground for getting me out of terrible metal music and into all the great indie music I listen to today.

  350. Movement, because they kept making music ….and it really bridges the transition from Joy Division to New Order. It’s beautiful.

  351. Well, Power, Corruption & Lies, of course.
    Because it’s Power, Corruption & Lies, of course.
    It just can’t get any better than that, now can it.

  352. Kimberly Evering

    Brotherhood because the music was electrifying! We would crank it up in the common area of our dorm room to get ready to go to the clubs.

  353. Power, Corruption and Lies, followed closely by Low-Life and Technique. Just how they were able to pull it off embodies the NO ethos at its finest – no Martin Hannett for the first time, Bernard pushed forward, not yet attempting to write pop songs just for the sake of it, and unafraid to experiment.

  354. Gosh, an impossible question, yeah? I really love the new recordings too, Siren. Old school probably Technique actually . Hope to an (obviously).

  355. All 5 are brilliant albums so it’s hard to pick one. But if I was going to be sent to a deserted island and could only take one with me, it would probably be Brotherhood. All five would hold up well to repeated plays but Brotherhood has the widest range of the five. But there’s not a bad album in the bunch!

  356. David Young

    Really a tough call! I love each of them for different reasons but in the end I have to go with Power Corruption and Lies. This is the sound of New Order coming into their own. They’d moved past the tragedy of Ian Curtis’ death and mourned it with Movement – when Age of Consent kicks in it’s like nothing else. I had been impressed with the singles leading up to it’s release but p.c.a.l. was pure magic.

  357. Although I love each album, including Get Ready and Waiting for the Sirens Call, Technique is my all time favorite. Decades worth of memories tied up in it and hearing any of the tracks instantly and vividly transports me back to a significant moment in my life that was soundtracked by the 9 perfect tracks on the LP.

  358. Power, Corruption & Lies is my favorite New Order album. One of the many things that make it great is how distinctive and catchy every instrument is on every song. You might find yourself, without effort, for any of the songs, humming the bass line while tapping out the drums while singing the lyrics, guitar, and keys in your head (or trying to do them all at once out loud)–because every element of every song sticks with you. The album is that infectious.

  359. Low Life was and is everything that made me love New Order.

  360. Low-life – It’s the first New Order album I ever heard as a teen and when I hear it now, I am transported to a dark highway in Michigan, driving away from Detroit after a night at Shelter.

  361. Power, Corruption and Lies….so why don’t you piss off?

  362. Man, what at a tough call on this one! PCL spent a lot of time on my turntable, Brotherhood was so very anticipated when i had my first record store job, we couldn’t wait to get it in and blare it in the store. But Movement, there was so much to it that was brought with it from the time of Joy Division. To carry on after such a tragedy, and feel like Ian Curtis was standing over them, urging them to continue. The spirit permeated the record. The sense of darkness, but the feeling of hope. Bernard stepping up to take over the vocals. The bigger presence of the keyboards without losing the heavy bass lines. I don’t think many bands have had a run of album after album of such great material.

  363. Tough call. I would say movement because its so close in sound to joy division. But I have to go with Technique. High school nostalgia coupled with lyrics that are resonating so much through a breakup after 10 years together.

  364. Technique – the band deftly keyed into the acid house music scene that was all the rage on several songs, especially raging single “Fine Time.”

  365. Brotherhood – Although all the albums are great, I have a special connection with Brotherhood. It’s the album that made me fall in love with New Order and was one of my most played albums throughout my college years!

  366. PCL — It’s the rare album where I skip past no songs on every listen. Admittedly I can’t say that for every other NO album.

  367. Power, Corruption, and Lies – This was the first album I ever heard of New Order, and everytime I listen to it, it still gives me that strange sensation of uniqueness that I felt when I first listened to it, which is why this album is so special for me.

  368. Definitely Low Life. Fond high school memories.

  369. Movement – [I]an [C]urtis [B]uried.

  370. Low-Life as it has the best song construction of any of their albums.

  371. Lloyd Braun

    Technique! I met my first serious girlfriend while it was playing at a party. We both already loved the album. Later, when we both had too much to drink, we were bowing to stereo in awe.

  372. Low-Life. Amazing album, perfect soundtrack to the 80’s.

  373. Mark LostWater

    Brotherhood is the best NO album of all time. Just the opening kills it. And Shellshock is the best song. NO made the largest departure from the sound of Joy Division with Brotherhood

  374. Low Life was a great period in my life.

  375. Jeff Kumfer

    Love all their albums, but Technique hit me at he right time. It’s the soundtrack of my high school days. Lots of great memories of listening to that record with my friends and seeing New Order live in concert for the first time.

  376. I think think Low-life is my personal favorite. It has a certain atmosphere, and the perfect balance of guitar and synth that they always seemed to be looking for.

  377. Low-Life. A classic album that makes me think of which side of the tape to put on in the car.

  378. Brotherhood is my personal favorite. Everyone has that one album that pinpoints a time in our lives that we will remember forever. Brotherhood is that album for me. Great times, Great memories, and great friends. The Pinnacle!

  379. Low Life – lots of great tracks, espcially ‘this time of night’. Also love the fact that cover art is of drummer.

  380. Marc Church

    Very tough choice. Power, Corruption and Lies. Still has the moodiness of Joy Division yet shows glimpses of the dance floor progression they would have with Blue Monday. Plus it has “Your Silent Face”, my all-time fav New Order track. :D

  381. Technique was their pinnacle album at the close of the 80’s. It is very polished and a great listen from start to finish. They were at their commercial and artistic peak at this time. I remember seeing them on this tour at Red Rocks in summer 89.

  382. Power, Corruption & Lies. It defined their sound going forward and “Age of Consent” is one of my favorites.

  383. Low Life : just too many really great songs. They played 3 from this one in Chicago.

  384. Brotherhood. Underrated and Way of Life us my all time favorite track. Hardcore fan and will always be. They’ve been with me since I was very young and I am old as they are:)

  385. Power, Corruption & Lies. “Age of Consent” is an amazing opening track.

  386. Would have to be Low-Life. First record I owned by them, it was such a new sound and represents a very specific part of my life for me.

  387. Technique. Because it’s perfect.

  388. Power, Corruption and Lies is a slim winner over Waiting for the Sirens’ call! But of course all New Order albums are wonderful.

  389. Technique. With Low Life as a close 2nd. Technique is excellent start to finish. Singles on side 1 and and a very strong side 2.

  390. Technique–’cause, most of all, its got love technique

  391. Technique – just incredible fond memories of the mock nightclub in my high school friend’s basement tied to that one.

  392. I can’t help but love Low-life because it was my first!

  393. Power, Corruption & Lies ~ “Leave Me Alone” both breaks my heart and has always pulled me in.

  394. Gary Eckerson

    “Power, Corruption & Lies”

    They wouldn’t produce something this cutting edge ever again. It still sounds exciting and fresh today. “Technique” would be a second choice because it’s full of solid songwriting.

  395. Technique–Great album art work–great songs that even in 2013 don’t sound dated-and the flow of the record is spot on!

  396. Power, Corruption & Lies… I loved ” your silent face” when I finally saw (most of them) live this year.

  397. Love them all, they all stand the test of time, but I pick Technique because I was listening to it the other day and it was the first to pop into my mind.

  398. Low Life 1985 From Blue Meannie Records in El Cajon Ca. THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  399. power corruption & lies. it has the best cover.

  400. ian christensen

    “Brotherhood” has always been my favourite. It always seemed to comprise all the great New Order sounds.

  401. So hard to choose, but as of past few years I have to say ‘Power, Corruption, and Lies’. ‘Leave Me Alone’ has become my favorite N.O. song, the bass line on ‘Age of Consent’ still kills and the oceanic keyboards on ‘Your Silent Face’ still sounds contemporary. They were amazing on their recent tour!

  402. Power, Corruption & Lies – need i say more?

  403. My fave album is Power, Corruption & Lies. It’s such an innovative album in many fronts. It’s the first album where New Order consolidates their own voice and leave behind their Joy Division shadow. The artwork is still amazing to this day. And the title says it all, all about the ones who rule over us all.

  404. I adore Technique simply because it has a good mix of guitar and techno numbers. Dream Attack, Vanishing Point, both favorites. I still put on Round & Round in the car, one of my favorite thumper/ stompers to get me in a good mood!

  405. Low Life and Brotherhood are probably my two favorite New Order albums.

  406. Low-Life – This is such a tough call, but mainly because this album was the soundtrack to my teen years, especially the song Sub-culture. This, I believe, best represents New Order when they were at their artistic peak.

  407. Technique – a solid bet through and through, with every song well-written. Some strong dance numbers, much melancholy, and the spirit of the times.

  408. PC&L, no, Low Life! Wait, PC&L! AHHHHhhhh you pick! Either one remains an all time favorite and both were high school staples.

  409. PCL – Peter Hook at his best.

  410. Dan'l the Span'l

    Brotherhood does it for me. I remember listening to the cassette on my crappy boom box while in 8th grade. Good times.

  411. Technique – because it was the first New Order LP that grabbed me, and because it was 1989, the same year so many of my favorite albums arrived (plenty of them could be on this website!). It’s just my favorite New Order combination of wild electronic pop with some bass guitar. It never matters how many times I listened to this LP in my life, and especially the track “Fine Time”… I think “Fine Time” is one of the single best electronic pop tracks ever. There, I said it.

  412. Technique: best album, best cover, and so many amazing psychedelic songs.

  413. Power Corruption and Lies – Their defining moment / era – nothing they have done since has come close – good but not this good.

  414. Brotherhood – Aside from the overexposure associated with “Bizzare Love Triangle”, there’s just something about the guitar-jangle magic of this album. “Every Little Counts” folks!!!

  415. Such a tough call but I’d say Power, Corruption and Lies. I’ve worn that album out on vinyl, cassette and CD but still brilliant 30 years on. Played it all the time on WDCR…Can’t wait to hear New Order material this week. Hook me up Rhino and we’ll have a listening party on my new turntable ;)

  416. Power, Corruption and Lies: Age of Consent, Leave Me Alone, Your Silent Face – greatest New Order songs!

  417. David Parent


  418. PCL…it has every NO component, from start to finish. One of their most solid offerings. Goes the whole spectrum: happy, sad, angry, joyful. The Best.

  419. Brotherhood. My first exposure to the band, my “gateway drug.” The floodgates opened wide after that!

  420. Just the idea of winning/owning these records give me a boner.

  421. Power, Corruption & Lies – Everything about it is iconic. Set the mood for the decade ahead.

  422. Movement, You can really hear a band struggling to find a path forward while paying respects to their past. A difficult time for them surely, but it resulted in a stunning album.

  423. Power, Corruption & Lies , It was great summertime album in my convertable.

  424. Brennan Pettie

    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!
    What’s not to love about this??!!!

  425. Low-Life. One of the soundtracks to my junior year abroad in England in ’85-’86.

  426. Sterling cote

    Simply Low-life. Simply Elegia.

  427. Power Corruption and Lies helped shape me as a musician…and that shaping has lasted to this day. Simply brilliant layering, movement, lyrics…. It still get’s played frequently in my house!

  428. Get Ready – for EPIC song “Crystal”.

  429. Jesse Bartmess

    Power, Corruption and Lies…It’s when New Order found they’re sound, its perfect!

  430. There is something to love about all of New Order’s albums. I keep returning to Technique the most. Round and Round is great. Fine Time is mysterious and dark, yet oddly accessible. The goat sounds at the end are haunting. The song’s video perfectly matches the song. Every song is a winner and the driving beats never stop. Vanishing Point is magnificent. The whole band were at the top of their game, and Bernard finally sounds comfortable with his singing voice. Grade = A.

  431. Lanark McVie

    Their best album has to be “Power, Corruption and Lies”. It took me months to de-code the colour blocks on the sleeve and match it with the Blue Monday sleeve coding. Plus in the song “Your Silent Face” Barney sings “You caught me at a bad time… so why don’t you piss off.” Priceless.

  432. Michael Ellis

    I love everything by New Order, but Low Life is definitely my favorite album. The whole album is just perfect from start to finish. To me, Low Life was the album that really brought everything together; it’s flawless. The album has a certain level of diversity, with very unique tracks (Love Vigilantes, Perfect Kiss, & Elegia) that are still very cohesive within the album as a whole. I LOVE it. :-)

  433. Movement: the end of JD and the beginning of NO

  434. Power, Corruption, and Lies is not only my favorite New Order album, but one of my top 5 favorite EVER. Dance songs, gloomy melodies, and the ghost of Ian all reside on this album.

  435. Movement. The perfect mix of New Order with fleeting traces of Joy Division as they slowly evolved into a more pop sounding group. Everything afterward was excellent but not as dark as their merging years.

  436. Kevin Barton

    Technique: It’s an underdog, sure, but the band moved in a more electronic direction, if only for a while. I was just getting into the electronic sound at the time, and this album was a perfect fit.

  437. Movement, it’s a great mix of the post-punk sound of Joy Division and a sneak peak of the synth sound New Order was going to adapt. Not to mention the two tracks written as Joy Division, but appear here as New Order are amazing.

  438. Technique – listening to this reminds me of great memories.
    I was always curious about the song titles having nothing to do with the songs. I’ve got it playing right now ;)

  439. Jennifer Hernandez

    Power, Corruption & Lies is my favorite. I love all New Order albums but this one never fails me. It never gets old or tiresome and encapsulates a signature sound that can be imitated but never duplicated.

  440. low life – a friend of mine bought the cassette and hated it and gave it to me. That tape did not leave my tape player for weeks. Low life reminds me of So Cal and 91X.

  441. Lowlife. Love Vigilantes is one of my favorite songs.

  442. Movement. The first New Order record I ever bought and it’s the perfect bridge between Joy Division and New Order. I never get tired of this record or the ep’s from this time.

  443. Schnellpress

    Power, Corruption and Lies. Cold and human, fragile and mighty all at the same time.

  444. BROTHERHOOD. I’ve always loved bands that mixed guitars/bass/drums with keyboards/synths (e.g. the Cure, NIN, the Faint). On Brotherhood, N.O. actually split the album into a guitar side (side A) and a synth side (side B), showing their talent and versatility with both types of these sounds. It’s like they were saying, “Yeah, we can do both of these sounds. Separately. Really well.” You have to respect that.

  445. Lowlife is my fave, even though for some crazy reason its not on my ipod & all of their other albums are(scratches head). Why is it great? “This Time of Night”, “Elegia” and of course “The Perfect Kiss.” But I’d love to have Movement on vinyl! Did I mention I have 3 working turntables… although only 2 are hooked up.

  446. Perfect Kiss 12″
    The soundtrack for the times. Need I say more.

  447. Low-Life
    I fell hard for a girl who listened to it constantly

  448. Another vote for PCL – it’s always struck me as less of an “album” and more of a “suite”, for whatever reason

  449. Lowlife – Because I’m a real “up” person.

  450. Low-Life: takes me back to college.

  451. Technique : because of the fancy, old-fashioned house-music New Order used to make. Listen to “Mr. Disco”, just incredible….

  452. I love “Republic” simply for the songs “Regret” and “Ruined in a Day”. Those songs were really great when I was a teenager. Can’t wait to buy this new album too!

  453. substance.. covers the bases.

  454. Marc Hemrick

    without a doubt, my favorite is Technique, this was the culmination of thier effort throughtout the 1980’s, and thier high point, from start to finish it is a perfect record,

    would also note that lowlife is amazing, with, this time of night and the Elegia (both short and better long version

  455. Lowlife. Moody, cool, and although it doesn’t have Blue Monday or All Day Long, it is the best album front to back.

  456. Technique. Great dance music!

  457. Every second counts when I am with you…

  458. Brotherhood – the most under rated of the 1980’s releases.

  459. “brotherhood.” as it is when it was.

  460. LOW-LIFE… first experienced on vinyl from my older sister’s record collection.

  461. Brotherhood! Bizarre Love Triangle is brilliant and takes me back to when I used to purchase all albums on vinyl! I’m collecting again and would LOVE to own New Order complete set above on vinyl for my collection!

  462. So hard to choose. I think as an album, Technique has always worked best for me. It was also the only tour I got a chance to see them on, so it’s the one I play the most I’d say.

  463. Low-Life, a great album from front to back. Sub-culture and Face Up are among my favourite NO tracks.

  464. Power, Corruption, & Lies. Why? Three words: Your Silent Face.

  465. Low Life- Perfect Kiss. My first New Order album

  466. power, corruption and lies. it’s stark yet guarded. minimal yet lush. a study of wonderful contradictions.

  467. Technique. It was the high point of the band’s recorded output at that time (and even now). Just look at all the copycats it spawned.

  468. Maybe not the best but Technique holds a special place in my collection. Also a great tour.

  469. Low Life. You never forget your first…

  470. Low Life. From the unconventional sound (for New Order) of Love Vigilantes, to the perfection that is the 12″ of The Perfect Kiss, to the absolute haunting beauty of Elegia, it’s just an amazing album all the way through.

  471. Because I AM a Love Vigilante…

  472. Jeff Papele

    Music that captures an emotion and enters your soul.

  473. Power, Corruption & Lies. Introduced me to New Order’s killer music from the first track “Age Of Consent”. The bonus tracks on the collector’s CD edition have more to love, especially the 12″ single version of Blue Monday!

  474. I see danger danger danger …. Power, Corruption & Lies. Because it’s just about flawless from start to finish. It has a very synthetic sound and yet conveys such emotion, and is filled with brilliant songwriting that doesn’t quite resemble anything that came before and nothing since. And it contains Blue Monday, Age of Consent, and Your Silent Face.

  475. Technique. Dream Attack

  476. Well…it’s like asking, which extremity of my body I prefer…I like them all! ;-) But if my life depended on it and I was stranded on an Island with and LP player…I would choose Technique. Why? Well, I was 18 years of age and beginning life with such optimism and remembering buying that Cassette and immersing myself in listening to those melodies in my 1971 Dodge Colt and in my bedroom Hi-Fi…well, that was life at it’s best! :-)

  477. I’ll never get tired of Brotherhood. Can listen to it every day. Usually do.

  478. Christopher

    My favourite New Order album has to be Brotherhood. Maybe it’s cliche, but I listened to Bizarre Love Triangle & 1963 almost nightly as a kid. The somber lyrics combined with the dancer beats and hooky’s bass did it for me unlike any song before. It really made an impact in my life, probably the biggest, aside from my parents. It is the reason why I am into music as much as I am, it is the reason why I want to make music, it’s the reason why I spend nights and nights trying to contemplate music and for that I am forever indebted to New Order and Ian for shaping me to be who I am today…Even if I am really just another miserable meatbag.

  479. Christopher A Cruz

    For me it’s Brotherhood. It’s a bit cliché but Bizarre Love Triangle & 1963 kept me dancing nightly as a kid. The dancey beats combined with somber lyrics and Hooky’s basslines really did it for me. It really made an impact on my life, probably the biggest (aside from my parents of course). It’s the reason why I’m into music as much as I am. It’s the reason why I want to make music, it’s the reason why I spend nights trying to consume as much music as I can, it’s the reason why Inhave headaches trying to contemplate songmeanings. And for that it’s the reason why I’m forever indebted to New Order and Ian for shaping me to be who I am today…Even if all I am is just another miserable meatbag. Happy Tuesday!

  480. Charlie Dunham

    Power Corruption and Lies – How do you explain something that just moves you from the first note.

  481. Republic- just because at the time when “Regret” came out, it was playing a lot on the radio and ironically it was New Order when I found out who wrote the song. It became an everlasting relationship with the band and the rest is history!

  482. Movement. i’ve always been a big fan of transitional records. plus, Denial is just amazing.

  483. Brotherhood = Soundtrack to my early childhood. Amazing.

  484. Jack Pepper

    Low-Life. My first exposure and just sank in.

  485. Low-Life- Perfect Kiss makes the all-time desert island mix. The whole album showcases the understated range of the band, the incredible guitar crunch of Sunrise folllowed gorgeously by Elegia–plus it got me through some rough times in life

  486. My first reaction is Low Life because it was my introduction and is a brilliant record. But, more than 20 years later I keep coming back to Technique. I was “meh” about it when it came out, but it is a solid beautiful album.

  487. Sergio Gonzalez

    My favorite New Order album is ‘Movement’. It has some of the Joy Division post punk feel but also indicates on what direction the band would be moving in the future.

  488. Power, Corruption and Lies- gets me moving! Though, the aid in the others will help this comparison

  489. Technique – The album hit me at just the right moment. Solid from beginning to end.

  490. Technique, because it’s the first one I purchased with my own money.

  491. Movement is the first album I purchased and absolutely love it. Big fan of their music.

  492. PC&L….shaped my teenage years. Timeless stuff on that record

  493. Brotherhood- All Day Long is the greatest song.

  494. “Power, Corruption & Lies” was the album that separated New Order from the Joy Division past and defined the future path. It’s solid from start to finish. The classic Saville sleeve with the color coding drew you in with the mystery and the digital appearance over the Fantin LaTour painting referenced the digital and analog mix to the band as they began to incorporate sequencing and more broad use of synth. “Leave Me Alone” is great classic, simple songwriting with a great hook and balance. “Ultraviolence…” just thinking about this album now I have to go listen to it again for the millionth time!

  495. Craig Parsons

    “Brotherhood” would have to be my fave. It’s just an amazing sounding record, so soulful and sad at times. It just defines my youth with sound.

  496. Scott Cessac

    Movement is my favorite!

  497. BomberBooey

    Power, Corruption & Lies was the soundtrack to my first year away at college. Playing it always brings me back to that time and puts a big smile on my face.

  498. Lud Guarino

    Movement – The year was 1981 – 80’s rock!

  499. Low Life got me through my parents divorce. This Time of Night was my savior.

  500. Substance – Yeah, it’s a singles collection, but it was the second (and third) CD I ever bought. Holds a lot of sentimental value. I still keep the long box cover of it.

  501. Movement. Such a great record!

  502. Brian Barker

    Technique is my favorite, first actual New Order album purchase. (Despite already owning Substance.) It was just a great listening experience….

  503. Substance – it opened my eyes. To two groups. One to go on and make some of the greatest pop records ever. And one to go down in history.

  504. Power Corruption and Lies
    Still irked some girl in high school never returned it and Brotherhood to me.

  505. Sergio Carnivele

    Low Life is my fortress of solitude!

  506. Power Corruption Lies-As it’s been said, this is the first true NO album that set the stage for years and years of great music.

  507. Jack McFadden

    Technique is my favorite. It’s the one New Order record that sounds truly unique and has the ‘glue’ that makes it sound more like a record than a collection of singles…. Ahead of it’s time and holds up incredibly well.

  508. Movement – the first album I bought myself instead of listening to my sisters cassettes. Will always be my favorite

  509. Tim Anderson

    Not gonna lie: Substance. Yes, I know, it’s a collection of 12 inch cuts. But these are arguably the best 12 inch dance records released from the post punk movement. It’s also how I really got into the band.

  510. SUBSTANCE because it is the best of the best New Order. A close second would be Power, Corruption and Lies! HMU

  511. Harry Manganaro

    Substance…basically was my personal soundtrack for a good year and a half.

  512. Power, Corruption & Lies – groundbreaking…

  513. Power, Corruption & Lies is my personal favorite – such a great collection of amazing songs ad stands up to the passage of time.

  514. Don sheluga

    Pcl is their best. Hits the soul

  515. They are all so good, but if I had to pick just one, it would be Power, Corruption & Lies. Just a great record!

  516. Technique – one of my first
    “real” album purchases. I bought it on cassette & wore that sucker out.

  517. Power, Corruption, & Lies remains the high water mark for New Order. It represents the moment when they fully shook off the ghost of Ian Curtis & Joy Division and did so in a way that simply felt like a natural progression. The repercussions of their music making at that time are still being felt in both the Indie and dance worlds. They’d invented the future without really knowing it.

  518. Power Corruption and Lies. Amazing record with some intense songwriting. If I had a “hypothetical” future ex-wife…this is the record that I would spin in the final divorce hearing.

  519. Warren Quan

    Power, Corruption & Lies – Because it just is.

  520. Such a difficult choice, but it has to be “Low Life”. So lucky to have seen them in New York last year.

  521. My favorite album was always LowLife.

  522. My favorite is definately “Movement”! It is every bit as epic as “Power Corruption and Lies” yet is the more underrated of the two. It has the best intro track “Dreams never end” which is sung by PETER HOOK. Peter Hook does a very good Ian Curtis impersonation. The Album ends with the epic tribal drumming of Stephen Morris on “Denial”. New Order came very close to the sound they made on Joy Division’s closer but add their own touches like Bernards soft voice. Hooks’ singing would not have been out of places in a Joy Division album.

  523. Carol Dahmen

    Low-Life pulled me further into new wave movement and away from hairbands! It is a stunning album. I would wake up in LA every morning hoping Richard Blade would play it! Cheers!

  524. francesdanger

    Substance because it was the soundtrack to my junior high years. /isold

  525. Power, Corruption and Lies, because it was simply groundbreaking!!

  526. Technique! I was so stoked that the band got their inspiration for the LP from visits to Ibiza right when house was exploding in my world. It’s like the band was right on my wavelength.

  527. Low-Life

    I remember a high school girlfriend superglued the smashed pieces of that LP to her wall. The record was accidentally stepped on when her parents arrived home early and I had to hide.

  528. Substance. Having all the B-sides on one disc.

  529. Daniel Fonorow

    Power, Corruption & Lies….I always felt that is was the record that truly found the band finding their true identity. Strong songs and flow really well into each other. It also redefined the way I saw music from then on.

  530. Movement. It’s still the raw edge from losing Ian and a band trying to get back on their game. Not quite the post punk sound of Joy Divison, but not yet the electronic sound that would define New Order. It’s that album where they had the moment to pause and say “WTF now?”

    Plus, it’s Hannett falling apart towards the end of his time as “the producer” at Factory.

  531. Technique. it was the album that introduced me to New Order and quickly allowed them to become an all time favorite band.

  532. So incredibly hard to pick. I would pick Low-Life but admit I played Substance endlessly – a truly great singles collection.

  533. Jason Frost

    My fav record from new order would be hard to quantify… all of them are so good. I will just say technique was the soundtrack of my life immediately after I got out of high school… formative years!

  534. Movement. Now THAT’S bass to test your speakers with. Also one of the moodiest LPs ever cut, bar none

  535. Michelle K.

    Brotherhood – listening to this cassette, on endless repeat, provided the soundtrack for a particular point in my life.

  536. Eric Staton

    Power, Corruption and Lies. Just a great album!

  537. Power, Corruption & Lies. Age of Consent.

  538. Low-life. Because my head exploded the first time I heard “The Perfect Kiss” on the radio. Bought the album. For the first week I had it, I only listened to the first side. It was that awesome.

  539. Low-Life – it just reminds me of so many good times. That record has had many spins in my lifetime.

  540. Power, Corruption & Lies….”Blue Monday”!!! Need I say more????

  541. Low-life. It was such an amazing follow-up to PC&L. Unexpected.

  542. Definitely Movement. A great record from beginning to end.

  543. Power, Corruption & Lies- It’s a beautiful, pure album that combines aching and tenderness to produce a kind of dark innocence. It’s simply magnificent.

  544. Movement. The sound of a band forced to reinvent itself.

  545. Low-Life…..but I really wish Temptation had been on an album other than a compilation. It is my favorite song.

  546. “LOW-LIFE”…perfect transitional album.still has elements of the darker times,but a stride towards the future…and “Sunrise”,come on.

  547. Movement, because it was the perfect blend of what made both bands(Joy Division and New Order) great.

  548. Rima