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The Blue Aeroplanes’ ‘Beatsongs’ gets 2CD reissue with B-sides, unreleased cuts

Cherry Red Records next month will reissue U.K. art rockers The Blue Aeroplanes’ 1991 album Beatsongs — featuring the singles “Yr Own World” and “The Boy in the Bubble,” the latter a Paul Simon cover — in an expanded 2CD edition with 10 bonus tracks, including B-sides, mixes and a pair of previously unreleased tracks.

Due out Feb. 11, the 22-track set features the full album — the band’s second major-label effort — on one disc, plus a second CD with 10 bonus tracks, including B-sides off the record’s two singles, a remix of “Aeroplane Blues,” two tracks off a flexidisc release and a pair of previously unreleased songs (“Buoy,” “Mean Time”), all selected by bandleader Gerard Langley.

In other Aeroplanes news, the band has released its 2011 vinyl-only album Anti-Gravity on CD for the first time, with a bonus disc featuring nine additional songs not found on the original release. A small number of copies of the CD version, dubbed Anti-Gravity Deluxe, are available from the band’s website, but a general release is planned for this spring.

See tracklists for both releases below.


Tracklist: The Blue Aeroplanes, Beatsongs: Expanded Edition

CD 1
1. “Huh”
2. “Yr Own World”
3. “Angelwords”
4. “Fun”
5. “Cardboard Box”
6. “My Hurricane”
7. “Aeroplane Blue”
8. “Jack Leaves And Back Spring”
9. “Colour Me”
10. “Streamers”
11. “The Boy In The Bubble”
12. “Sixth Continent”

CD 2
1. “Pony Boy” (B-side of “Yr Own World”)
2. “Aeroplane Blues” (LA Mix)
3. “Stranger” (Gig Flexi)
4. “Trouble, Tell Me I’m Alive” (Gig Flexi)
5. “Buoy” (Previously unreleased)
6. “Mis-Firing” (B-side of “Yr Own World”)
7. “Mean Time” (Previously unreleased)
8. “Autumn Journal XV”
9. “Talkin’ On The Otherphone” (B-side to “The Boy in the Bubble”)
10. “Dsney Head” (B-side to “The Boy in the Bubble”)


Tracklist: The Blue Aeroplanes, Anti-Gravity Deluxe

CD 1
1. “Sulphur”
2. “Angela Carter”
3. “25 Kinds Of Love”
4. “Oak Apple Day”
5. “My Old Haunts (Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood)”
6. “Nothing”
7. “Go Along With Me On This One”
8. “Great Movie Clichés”
9. “Pretty Head (Raising Cain & Pulses)”
10. “One World Passport”
11. “Born Again, Again”
12. “Cancer Song”

CD 2
1. “China Brilliance Automotive”
2. “Unsay”
3. “Same Kooks”
4. “Leisure”
5. “Scratch”
6. “Broken Biscuits”
7. “Birthday Suit ’n’ Badge”
8. “The Bagman Cries”
9. “My Good Self”




  1. Mike Carroll

    This is a fantastic album. Saw them on the second stage at the Reading Festival in about 1991. They were great live as well.

  2. Stumbled upon their show at First Avenue in Minneapolis in November of 1990. Excellent Gig…had never seen a band with their own dancer onstage in my 100’s of shows!

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