Video — January 31, 2013 at 5:08 pm

Video: Depeche Mode, ‘Heaven’ — first single off forthcoming ‘Delta Machine’

A day after  Depeche Mode’s new single “Heaven” leaked all over the web, the band has now premiered the music video for the lead-off track from the upcoming Delta Machine. The single, B-side  “All That’s Mine” and a number of remixes go on sale digitally via retailers such as on Friday, with CD singles out Tuesday.






  1. I didn’t like the song at first but now it’s growing on me. The video helped too.

  2. After a couple of listens it sort takes on that HOME feeling, it grows on you. This is really Dave Home moment. I loved the b side alot, Dave voice was great and the musically the sort of thing I expect and love from the great DM.

  3. I like it, more then the b-side. Dave sounds great. Looking forward to the album.

  4. Great song. Gonna like this one for a long time.

  5. The single is already up for sale on iTunes. Slow burner of a song, but both this and the b-side are a nice contrast for what to expect from the album.

  6. I love the song so much, and it is reminiscent of “Home”, which I also love. This is soooo much better than the awful “Wrong” !!!!

  7. I think it is an interesting song to pick as a first single. The last 2 albums the first singles released were not nearly as slow (Precious and Wrong).

    I am going to be curious to hear the album as a whole. It always makes me nervous when a band says that the new album sounds like or is similar to ‘X’. (X= insert bands most popular past release here). Heaven is pretty good, the B-side is better and the first track Angel was amazing. I have pretty high hopes for this release, I hope that I am not let down.

  8. it seems more like warm-up song..sounds almost like a demo

  9. Ronnie B: I totally agree when *the band* themselves compare a new release to the past glories (I sort of rolled my eyes a bit when Martin compared ‘Delta Machine’ to ‘Violator’ and ‘SOFAND’, so cliche, really). However, concerning their two recent records, it is a good indictor for me that I like “Heaven” since I loved “Precious” thus ‘Playing the Angel’ went on to become one of my favorites, while I disliked “Wrong” so ‘Sounds of the Universe’ never struck a chord with me. I am hoping to love ‘Delta Machine’ since I have been repeating ‘Heaven’ more than a few times since Wednesday.
    Now I am hoping the upcoming American tour bring a couple nights to Chicago.

    • I hear ya! I loved Playing the Angle and Sounds of the Universe both. I have super high hopes for this release. Heaven is not that bad, just kind of strange to me that it’s the first single. My fingers crossed for couple of nights in Chicago too! I wonder if maybe they will do Lolla again?

  10. It’s a worthy try at least, but it doesn’t do much for me. Very risky to release a slow one as the first single. B-side is okay, certainly not up to the caliber of b-sides like ‘Free’, ‘Sea of Sin’, etc…

    I don’t know, so far these two and ‘Angel’ don’t blow me away. Yawn.

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