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My Bloody Valentine releases ‘mbv’ — stream long-awaited ‘Loveless’ follow-up in full

So it appears “maybe two or three days” meant closer to a week, but Kevin Shields has kept good to his word as My Bloody Valentine tonight released the band’s 22-years-in-the-making follow-up to Loveless, a 9-track album called mbv that, upon news of its release, promptly crashed the MBV site preventing anyone from hearing it for hours.

The album is being released in three formats:

  • Download only (16bit 44.1 K WAV file, 320 kbps MP3 or 24 96k WAV file)
  • CD/download combo
  • 180-gram vinyl/CD/download package.

The digital versions were to be made available immediately (before the site crashed), with vinyl and CD copies to be shipped within three weeks of purchase. The full tracklist is posted below (“Pls note, all track titles to be written in lower case,” the press release notes).

According to the MBV website, the vinyl was recorded, mixed and mastered in analog and is manufactured on 180-gram vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve with the CD in a card wallet. The vinyl will be limited due to manufacturing restrictions. The CD comes in a gatefold card sleeve.

The band’s site also notes that the vinyl and CD artwork is currently being finished and each format will have slightly different but similar artwork to the download artwork pictured above.

UPDATE: The band has now posted streams of every track off the album, which you can hear below as a full-album stream, or just check out the individual tracks. The songs were “uploaded with fade ins/outs and at a reduced quality of 192 kbps.”

LINK: My Bloody Valentine’s mbv now on sale at


My Bloody Valentine, mbv — Official Full-Album Stream

Tracklist: My Bloody Valentine, mbv

1. “she found now”
2. “only tomorrow”
3. “who sees you”
4. “is this and yes”
5. “if i am”
6. “new you”
7. “in another way”
8. “nothing is”
9. “wonder 2”



Stream: My Bloody Valentine, ‘she found now’


Stream: My Bloody Valentine, ‘only tomorrow’


Stream: My Bloody Valentine, ‘who sees you’


Stream: My Bloody Valentine, ‘is this and yes’


Stream: My Bloody Valentine, ‘if i am’


Stream: My Bloody Valentine, ‘new you’


Stream: My Bloody Valentine, ‘in another way’


Stream: My Bloody Valentine, ‘nothing is’


Stream: My Bloody Valentine, ‘wonder 2’






  1. Is it time yet? What about now?

  2. And now it’s down.

  3. I’m calling hoax on the whole thing.

  4. Site is up. Just downloaded the album.

  5. Cool to see a pure anlalog offering. I wish more bands took the care and money to do this.

  6. They spent so much money on analogue that they didn’t have any left for a decent graphic designer.

  7. tsk ;) loved “loveless” so much that i am too scared to listen to the tracks until i sit myself down, get good quality downloads and turn off the outside world for a day or two. but the artwork evokes the same kind of blurry magic as the artwork for “loveless” did for those songs. like it.

    • my exact sentiments. glad to see someone else gets that. im avoiding the streams until i can hear this in a proper setting.

  8. Are the recording dates known on this? How much was recorded back then or was this recorded recently, over the years? Or bits and pieces then and now? Curious.

  9. Excellent. Don’t know why it took so long to make but I’m happy regardless.

  10. Magic! When I play them all at once all you get is track 3 ;-)

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