Auto Reverse, Mixtape — February 5, 2013 at 8:48 am

Download: Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (February 2013)

Oops, a little behind this month, but better late than never with the latest installment in our ongoing series of Auto Reverse mixtapes — two 45-minute hunks of music to help get you where you gotta go. Below, you can stream or download the two sides, overflowing with new music and some great vintage tracks.

This month, we’ve got brand-new music from Depeche Mode, New Order, Johnny Marr, Wire and Pet Shop Boys, plus classic from the likes of Soft Cell, The Mighty Lemon Drops, Pop Will Eat Itself, The Jam, Orange Juice, Lords of the New Church and much, much more.

Check it about below — and enjoy.



Tracklist: Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (February 2013)

1. Soft Cell, “Sex Dwarf”
2. Ian McCulloch, “Faith and Healing”
3. Wire, “Doubles & Trebles”
4. The Mission, “Love” (John Lennon)
5. New Order, “I’ll Stay With You”
6. The Stone Roses, “Standing There”
7. The Damned, “Alone Again Or (Mixed Again)” (Love)
8. The Clash, “Julie’s Been Working on the Drug Squad”
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, “Let the Day Begin” (The Call)
10. Pop Will Eat Itself, “Def Con One”
11. Orange Juice, “Falling and Laughing”

1. The Mighty Lemon Drops, “My Biggest Thrill”
2. Johnny Marr, “Upstarts”
3. Pete Shelley, “Telephone Operator”
4. Pigface, “Suck”
5. Lords of the New Church, “Open Your Eyes”
6. The Sundays, “Here’s Where the Story Ends”
7. The Blue Aeroplanes, “The Boy in the Bubble” (Paul Simon)
8. Fred Schneider, “Monster”
9. Pet Shop Boys, “One Day”
10. Depeche Mode, “All That’s Mine”
11. John Foxx, “Miles Away”
12. The Cure, “Do the Hansa”
13. The Jam, “That’s Entertainment”






  1. The perfect birthday present! Thanks so much!

  2. My Friend, always worth the wait! Thanks for another fine mixtape. Much appreciated.

  3. Any mix that has the Stone Roses AND the Clash is perfect.

    Also, Def Con One brings back so many lost memories. Silly, but just great!!!

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