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Simple Minds reveal tracklists for ‘Celebrate — Greatest Hits+’ double-, triple-disc best-ofs

Simple Minds today revealed the tracklist for the new best-of collection it first announced last fall, confirming that the band’s career-spanning Celebrate — The Greatest Hits+ will be released this spring in a 2CD, 36-song format as well as a 3CD, 50-song edition with each version featuring a pair of new songs.

Both editions are set to be released March 25 in the U.K. and Europe, with a North American release set for May, according to the band’s website.

The 2CD version spans 12 albums over 34 years, while the 3CD set covers 13 albums over 36 years, with the latter including the band’s cover of the Patti Smith classic “Dancing Barefoot” from the Neon Lights cover album as well as “Stagefright,” the band’s one-off 2011 single.

Simple Minds are promoting the new best-of with a previously announced 28-date U.K. tour.


Tracklist: Simple Minds, Celebrate — The Greatest Hits+ (2CD version)

CD 1
1. “Life In A Day”
2. “Chelsea Girl”
3. “Changeling”
4. “I Travel”
5. “Celebrate”
6. “The American”
7. “Love Song”
8. “Promised You A Miracle”
9. “Glittering Prize”
10. “Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)”
11. “Waterfront”
12. “Speed Your Love To Me”
13. “Up On The Catwalk”
14. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”
15. “Alive And Kicking”
16. “Sanctify Yourself”
17. “All The Things She Said”
18. “Ghost Dancing”

CD 2
1. “Belfast Child”
2. “This Is Your Land”
3. “Kick It In”
4. “Let There Be Love”
5. “See The Lights”
6. “Stand By Love”
7. “She’s A River”
8. “Hypnotised”
9. “Glitterball”
10. “War Babies”
11. “Space”
12. “Cry”
13. “Spaceface”
14. “Home”
15. “Rockets”
16. “Stars Will Lead The Way”
17. “Blood Diamonds” *
18. “Broken Glass Park” *

* New 2013 track


Tracklist: Simple Minds, Celebrate — The Greatest Hits+ (3CD version)

CD 1
1. “Life In A Day”
2. “Chelsea Girl”
3. “Changeling”
4. “I Travel”
5. “Celebrate”
6. “The American”
7. “Love Song”
8. “Sweat In Bullet”
9. “Theme From Great Cities”
10. “Promised You A Miracle”
11. “Glittering Prize”
12. “Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)”
13. “New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)”
14. “Waterfront”
15. “Speed Your Love To Me”
16. “Up On The Catwalk”

CD 2
1. “Don’t You Forget About Me”
2. “Alive And Kicking”
3. “Sanctify Yourself”
4. “All The Things She Said”
5. “Ghost Dancing”
6. “Promised You A Miracle” (Live)
7. “Belfast Child”
8. “Mandela Day”
9. “Biko”
10. “This Is Your Land”
11. “Kick It In”
12. “Let It All Come Down”
13. “Let There Be Love”
14. “See The Lights”
15. “Stand By Love”
16. “Real Life”

CD 3
1. “She’s A River”
2. “Hypnotised”
3. “Glitterball”
4. “War Babies”
5. “Space”
6. “Jeweller To The Stars”
7. “Dancing Barefoot”
8. “Cry”
9. “Spaceface”
10. “One Step Closer”
11. “Home”
12. “Stranger”
13. “Stay Visible”
14. “Rockets”
15. “Stars Will Lead The Way”
16. “Stagefright”
17. “Blood Diamonds” *
18. “Broken Glass Park” *

* New 2013 track






  1. Best of again? Nah!

  2. Are these all actual single versions? If not I won’t bother .

  3. Love the band and will be purchasing the 3-CD set…this alongside the Killing Joke 3-CD equals some fantastic listening!

    There are other carrots other than the 2 new songs…Jewler To The Stars and Space were only available on the long out-of print Silver Box, which featured the never released LP, Our Secrets Are The Same as Disc 4.

    The only missing singles seem to be Jungleland (double A-side w/Ghostdancing) and Night Music (from Good News From The Next World, released as promo in Italy).

    All-in-all, a flawless set and tidy place to have all the singles (and would be singles) in one place!

  4. Kevin DeLue

    I love you Jim Kerr and friends…….. but I think this cow has been milked before.
    I loved Graffiti and Lostboy! There is still gas in that tank!

  5. The Minds have survived a lot of highs and lows, you have to respect their perseverance plus there’s quite a few great songs in there too.

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