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Fine Young Cannibals’ two albums to receive 2CD reissues with B-sides, remixes

The two albums from short-lived chart toppers Fine Young Cannibals — comprised of singer Roland Gift and former English Beat members Andy Cox and David Steele — will be reissued later this month by Demon Music Group’s Edsel imprint as expanded 2CD sets featuring bonus B-sides, remixes and non-album tracks.

The reissues of 1985’s Fine Young Cannibals and 1988’s The Raw & The Cooked are due out Feb. 18 in the U.K. after originally being scheduled for release last fall.

According to Super Deluxe Edition, FYC’s first album features three bonus tracks on the first disc and a second disc featuring nine remixes of “Johnny Come Home” and “Suspicious Minds.” The band’s smash second album features 20 bonus tracks, including remixes of hits “She Drives Me Crazy” and “Good Thing,” as well as the extra songs recorded for 1996 best-of The Finest.


Tracklist: Fine Young Cannibals, Fine Young Cannibals: Collectors Edition

CD 1
1. “Johnny Come Home”
2. “Couldn’t Care More”
3. “Don’t Ask Me To Choose”
4. “Funny How Love Is”
5. “Suspicious Minds”
6. “Blue”
7. “Move To Work”
8. “On A Promise”
9. “Time Isn’t Kind”
10. “Like A Stranger”
Bonus Tracks:
11. “Wade In The Water”
12. “Love For Sale”
13. “Motherless Child”

CD 2
1. “Johnny Come Home” (Mark Moore 12” Remix)
2. “Johnny Come Home”
3. “Johnny Come Home” (That Other Mix)
4. “Johnny Takes A Trip”
5. “Suspicious Minds” (Extended Mix)
6. “Suspicious Minds” (Suspicious Mix)
7. “Suspicious Minds” (US remix)
8. “Suspicious Minds” (Caught In A Dub)
9. “Suspicious Minds” (Shakedown Mix)


Tracklist: Fine Young Cannibals, The Raw & The Cooked: Collectors Edition

CD 1
1. “She Drives Me Crazy”
2. “Good Thing”
3. “I’m Not The Man I Used To Be”
4. “I’m Not Satisfied”
5. “Tell Me What”
6. “Don’t Look Back”
7. “It’s OK (It’s Alright)”
8. “Don’t Let It Get You Down”
9. “As Hard As It Gets”
10. “Ever Fallen In Love?”
Bonus Tracks:
11. “You Never Know”
12. “Social Security”
13. “Ever Fallen In Love” (John Potoker extended mix)
14. “It’s OK (It’s Alright)” (Ploeg Club mix)
15. “Ever Fallen In Love” (Club Senseless Arthur Baker remix)

CD 2
1. “She Drives Me Crazy” (The Monie Love Remix)
2. “Good Thing” (Nothing Like The Single Mix)
3. “I’m Not The Man I Used To Be” (Jazzie B and Nellee Hooper Remix)
4. “I’m Not Satisfied” (Matt Dike 12” Remix)
5. “The Flame”
6. “Since You’ve Been Gone”
7. “Trust”
8. “Take What I Can Get”
9. “I’m Not The Man I Used To Be” (Jazzie B and Norman Cook Remix)
10. “She Drives Me Crazy” (David Z 12” version)
11. “Don’t Look Back” (12” version)
12. “I’m Not The Man I Used To Be” (Monster Mix)
13. “Good Thing” (Prince Paul Remix)
14. “The Flame” (Beatmasters Full Fat Mix)
15. “I’m Not The Man I Used To Be” (12” Mellow Mix)




  1. Nice!!! Those fantastic Beat reissues last year and now these! Let’s give General Public the deluxe treatment next!

  2. God, how I wish there was more material out there (like another album or so) by these guys. Dug both albums out a few days ago, and they really, really hold up. Has me yearning for ANYTHING that sounds similar (and I’m coming up empty).

  3. oh yes so when on for General Public reissued ?

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