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Video: Depeche Mode, ‘Heaven’ — second clip for ‘Delta Machine’ lead single

Depeche Mode today premiered a second music video for its new single “Heaven,” a stripped-down, black-and-white, in-the-studio clip that debuted on NPR Music. Check it out above (and watch the original video again, too). The track is the first single released from the upcoming Delta Machine, which is due out March 26.





  1. Fletch really shines at doing nothing again in this video.

  2. Where’s Jheri curl?

  3. Martin never was much of a guitarist.

  4. Good point Mike C, his voice does seem to alter a bit on the last few tours, particularly on the last. Maybe he does sound good during the opening few shows and then due to strain and his age (or maybe stress) it deteriorates..? Anyway, love this video, the old school new york vibe in black and white and the song sounds even better live.
    As for Fletch, i think its about time they leave him out of even the photo shoots, he’s fucking useless, always was.

  5. Batshiz Crazay

    Nice song but it’s putting me to sleep. Did they say that this album was going to have bits of Violator in it? You’re supposed to put your strongest song as the single, not the weakest. Both so far sound like B sides more than anything else.

  6. I think the point is to catch us off guard, the rest of the album is apparantly, completely different, more upbeat etc. We will see.

  7. I liked that they had a bass player…wonder if they will during the tour as well. I’ve also heard that the album will be more upbeat and more electronic ala Violator with some touches of Speak & Spell. We shall see. And for the record, Fletch has always and will always be the glue that keeps the band together…They need him!!!!

  8. David Bowie just released a single after about 963 years away. The single is probably the slowest, most downbeat first single in history for an artist away from 963 years. Why does every “first single” have to be a “Vertigo” or a “I Feel You” ? “Precious” was slow but I think it made for a beautiful first single. I like “Heaven’ way more than the awful “Wrong”.

  9. I have to agree about Heaven sounding a bit slow, especially for a first single. It seems to be a bit plodding, and not really breaking any new ground. I did like Wrong however, it was a nice change of pace at the time.

    I agree with Paul and Jim too. It’s kind of an insult to fans and the rest of the band to have Fletch up there doing a whole lot of nothing. I can see why Alan was exasperated by him, especially in the concert footage during the 83-87 years.

  10. Brilliant song the best theyve done in years, totally different and original, way ahead of any band around,

  11. Why have a session musician playing the keys when Fletch does nothing. He can play keyboard, so why can’t he do that?

  12. @Mike C: I really do think its a case of Fletch not being able to play any instrument, period. Dave Gahan once said in a Q interview that he does tend to walk over to Fletch’s keyboard on stage and that there is hardly ever anything going on there at all. I saw Depeche Mode in Dublin in 2006 and could clearly see Fletch doing absolutely nothing during certain songs, at one point he was just having a smoke! He is there because Gore needs him to be there, its just a social thing, but the guy is not a musician, never was.
    @MSP909 Martin Gore is actually a brilliant guitarist, totally underrated in that area.

  13. Hmmm. Thus far this song isn’t grabbing me, but optimistic about the full release.

    @Paul; so true on Gore’s guitar skills. I actually blogged awhile back on how underrated he is as a player. One of many things that always helped distinguish Depeche from all the other electronic based bands.

  14. Depeche Mode kills it! These guys are legends!

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