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Free MP3: Alison Moyet, ‘Changeling’ — first track off upcoming album ‘the minutes’

Alison Moyet, 'Changeling'

Former Yazoo frontwoman Alison Moyet today announced that her upcoming eighth solo album will be called the minutes, and then proceeded to debut the first track off the largely electronic collection — a song called “Changeling,” which can be streamed and  downloaded for free via the widget below in exchange for an e-mail address.

Full release details are not yet nown, but U.K. imprint Cooking Vinyl previously had announced that Moyet’s new Guy Sigsworth-produced “prog-pop” album will be out in May.

On her website, Moyet writes:

“I avoided listening to anything during the process of writing and recording this album, choosing instead to be lead by my own melodic voice, the one I now find myself with 30-years-in. Guy Sigsworth returns me to a programmer’s world and marries it with perfect musicality. I have been waiting for him. We have made an album mindless of industry mores that apply to middle-aged women and have shunned all talk of audiences, demographics and advert jazz covers. This has easily been my happiest studio experience.”

The new album will be Moyet’s first since releasing The Turn in 2007, and her first since re-teaming with Erasure’s Vince Clarke for a rapturously received 2008 Yazoo  reunion tour and subsequent live album.








  1. Holy great track! Guy Sigsworth is the next best thing to Vince Clarke. I could easily see Imogen Heap singing this one too. Very excited for the new album ‘the minutes’!

  2. Sounds AMAZING!

  3. wow, this is terrible. Just trying to sounds like all the young kids

    • Dram, you idiot, Alison Moyet (with Vince Clarke) STARTED this sound. The “young kids” try to sound like HER. And not once in these lyrics does she use words like “baby,” or whine about having been dumped.. her maturity shines right through. This song is quite good.

      • Well said Mr Dorkel – perhaps Dram would rather 80s pastiches and more ‘Weak In The Presence of Beauty’s’? Thank God we have an artist here who is willing to always take risks, whose output always sounds different, and who, til now, has been criminally underrated as a superb songwriter. This is fantastic – almost dubstep, almost retro electro. VERY European. Love love love.

  4. Mmmm….tasty! That Alison sounds so awesome is no surprise, but how far she has departed from her last few albums IS! Great song and has me more excited than ever for the new record!

  5. It reeks of Yaz and I LIKE it!! So glad she’s taking this direction.

  6. this is ACE!

  7. Can this album be pre-ordered?

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