Video — February 20, 2013 at 9:00 am

Video: Bernard Sumner joins The Killers to play New Order’s ‘Crystal’ in Manchester

The Killers famously took their name from the faux band performing in New Order’s video for the 2001 single “Crystal,” so it was fitting that Bernard Sumner joined the American band onstage Monday night in his hometown of Manchester to perform the track. Check out the performance above (via NME) and re-acquaint yourself with the original video below.







  1. Who knew Barney spoke spanish?

  2. Great stuff.

  3. Brilliant fun. Now, when are Radiohead gonna do likewise and invite Dave Gilmour onstage to do “Wish You Were Here”?…

    • Given that Radiohead took their name from a Talking Heads song, it makes more sense for them to invite David Byrne onstage.

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