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Vintage Video: The Go-Betweens on Australian TV show ‘Rock Arena’ — full 30-minute set

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we head Down Under for this 30-minute performance by The Go-Betweens on Australian television show “Rock Arena” that aired in December 1987, about six months after the release of the band’s fifth album, Tallulah. The video posted above features the full 9-song set courtesy of blueheadflame, but, below, we’ve broken out one of the standout performances in better-quality video to spotlight the late, and much-missed, Grant McLennan, singing one of the band’s signature tunes, “Cattle and Cane.”


Setlist: The Go-Betweens, “Rock Arena,” ABC TV, Australia, December 1987

1. “Right Here”
2. “Spirit Of A Vampyre”
3. “Cut It Out”
4. “Bow Down”
5. “Cattle And Cane”
6. “The Clarke Sisters”
7. “The House Jack Kerouac Built”
8. “Spring Rain”
9. “Bye Bye Pride”





  1. I like them. Didn’t the singer pass away recently?

  2. They were brilliant, the only guitar band to match the tunes of the Smiths.

  3. Ken, Grant died seven years ago.

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