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Stream: New Order, ‘Blue Monday’ — John Digweed & Nick Muir 30th anniversary remix

New Order Blue Monday Remix

As we’ve noted already today, it’s the 30th anniversary of the release of New Order’s iconic 12-inch single “Blue Monday” — and to mark the occasion, John Digweed and Nick Muir have produced a new mix of the classic track, dubbed “FAC 73 – 13 Mix.” You can stream the downbeat new mix below or over at Peter Hook’s Hacienda website.







  1. vomit on a stick. I’m so tired of this kind of remix. what ever happened to actually REMIXING the ORIGINAL TRACKS instead of making some boring whatever beat and noise then layering as little of the original over the mastubatory effort as possible?

  2. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. What??? I thought there was a 30th anniversary mix here. You can’t do that to the most important dance track besides “I Feel Love.” Waste of time.

  3. Just because it’s 30 years later, doesn’t mean I still don’t like to dance. This just makes me want to sleep. I had higher expectations when I saw Didgweed’s name.

  4. hardly a remix at all. a majority of the tracks were stripped away. it sounded like only the vocal and lead synth were used for this mix. more like a cover version imo.

  5. This is a right old load of toss. Why do these egotistical “superstar” djs think they can improve on the original?

  6. I didn’t think you could have worse remixes of Blue Monday than those awful ones in 1995. I thought wrong.

  7. Boo boo.

  8. Scott, Sorry. I didn’t realize that the masters were ever just handed out to do actual remixes as you describe. Also, Digweed is a performer not an engineer. So, it seems you might be thinking of the term “remix” in too literal a sense. How about a “re-imagining” or a “rendition” or even just a “tribute?” Anyway, it sounds like a more fleshed out version of the amazing acoustic rendition on 24 Hour Party People (no beat, noise, or even original tracks on that one either).

  9. Dave ~ @ ~

    A complete travesty – what is this? the Blue Monday Methodone Dream sequence???

    Please do not waste our time with this kind of crap – the most important crossover record in history, and these ‘djs’ do this, fuck off please…..

    NO evolved from the icons of JD into a cross decade band, crossing lines on all musical boundaries, Hurt, Mesh became Bizarre Love Triangle, True Faith all down to this song.

    Lets celebrate NO 30 BM without this kind of crap – WE know what BM means, clearly the avante garde Dj has no idea.

    Go away, you are NOT welcome.

  10. What ever it is, a tribute or a remix…it’s extremely lackluster.

  11. the other keith

    more like black friday. most disturbing / disappointing.

  12. Hopeton Brown

    This remix sucks.

  13. What a lifeless & lazy remix.

  14. If this had been the original version, we sure wouldn’t be talking about it 30 years later — which should tell us something about the DJ’s “art.”

  15. Loved the original, but this is awful. I think the person who did this should find a job at McDonalds and stay away from screwing up classics.

  16. Hang the DJ! This mix is slow, boring, and goes nowhere.

  17. You guys are mental. I feel like I’m in the presence of a room full of dubstep fans. This is most likely the version you’re looking for:

  18. No sir…I don’t like it.

  19. I lament the day bands started handing remixes over to DJ’s. Recent DM remix album? Total waste, same here.

  20. The Orgy version is interesting until the singer starts whining like a little bitch

  21. Brilliant remix! Mix this in as an into to the Hardfloor Vocal remix and I think you have perfection.

  22. Thanks to the first 20 comments for saving me the trouble of listening!

  23. It’s Tech House. It’s not supposed to be New Wave. Please learn genres of music…

  24. Okay I’m a few months late on this one here but who cares…..


    Surely the original 7.29 minute FAC 73 12″ version is the one by which we should be talking about – and revering…. the rest is completely unnecessary. I mean, WHY THE FUCK tamper with perfection? We already saw for ourseves what the big bucks 1988 remix did – not much, actually. So the 2,000 + other risible remixes we have had over the years are just masturbatory exercises in how much each respective DJ or remixer can ejaculate all over his mixing desk.


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