Tour Dates — March 30, 2013 at 9:53 pm

Morrissey to resume touring this summer with concerts set for Mexico, South America


Just two weeks after canceling the remainder of his troubled U.S. tour over his ongoing “medical mishaps,” Morrissey tonight announced plans to resume touring in June and July, with seven concerts planned in Mexico — including a show at the 10,000-seat National Auditorium in Mexico City — followed by performances in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile.

The former Smiths singer broke the news through his usual venue — fan site True To You — with a short announcement that makes no reference to the health problems that derailed his North American tour. No dates have yet been announced, and the only specific show mentioned is the Mexico City concert, which will conclude the seven-date Mexican run.

Morrissey last toured South America in February 2012.

The full statement:

June and July

Morrissey is scheduled to play shows in seven cities in Mexico in June, rounding-off at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. Morrissey will also appear on two national television shows. The dates in Mexico will be followed by concerts in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile. Details will be announced shortly. Morrissey has declined to take part in two upcoming British television documentaries on the Smiths.

On March 15, after multiple postponements, Morrissey canceled the remainder of his U.S. dates, a trek that was scheduled to have stopped in Atlanta tonight and continued through May 1. The singer’s publicists blamed the cancellations on “a series of medical mishaps over the past few months including a bleeding ulcer, Barrett’s esophagus and double pneumonia.”

Morrissey himself issued a statement, saying, “I hope this isn’t the end, and I hope there will be other chances, minus the heavy burden of illness.”

A week ago, in a radio interview in Mexico, Morrissey said his doctors had “cautioned” him to stop touring: “But it’s difficult for me because, it’s very engrained within me. I know it’s the best of life … when you tour and when you make music and when you sing … There is nothing better. Can you think of anything?”






  1. And the cancellations begin in 3, 2, 1…

  2. Let’s dust off the old crystal ball:

    Mexico Tour CANCELED – Discovers opener “Cockfight” is not what he was expecting.

    Chile CANCELED – angered after mistaking Easter Island Moai t-shirts for concert bootlegs

    Peru SHOW CUT SHORT-NO REFUNDS GIVEN – altitude causes over-sized head to nearly explode during concert

    Argentina – CANCELED – tantrum over entire country smelling of delicious beef BBQ

    Brazil CANCELED – mistakes mild bladder infection for Candiru attack

  3. Morrissey is a man of his convictions – there are few and far between of those.
    Please please come to the southeast U.S. We love you and need you. Veg4life!

  4. “Mexico, South America” means that you think Mexico is in South America? Please…

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