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Video: Ian McCulloch on writing ‘The Killing Moon,’ aka ‘the greatest song ever written’

Echo & The Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch has made no secret over the years of the fact that he considers “The Killing Moon” to be “the greatest song ever written,” and, in this new video for the NME, he explains how the song was born, via a backwards David Bowie chord sequence and some divine lyrical intervention. That’s right, God co-wrote the song.

McCulloch next week will release a new live/studio 2CD set called Holy Ghosts, which combines the fan-funded studio album Pro Patria Mori released in limited quantities last year with an unreleased 15-track live set of “orchestral reworkings” of solo tracks and Bunnymen classics recorded last May,

If you haven’t yet heard 2012’s Pro Patria Mori, it’s now streaming over at The Quietus.






  1. Peter Burns


  2. Sir Mark Thatcher

    That drummer was right….look where that multimillionaire is & look where you are…scratching about cap in hand to fans to pay for your home recordings & “DJ’ing” like all the other washed up also ran’s do… some shit box club somewhere you sell out….. Killing Moon’s not worth a bucket of cold piss.

  3. Great song, but it’s not the greatest song ever written. Still, I love the ego and bravado of the statement in some strange way.

  4. Need to order my Richards/McCulloch translator ring pronto!

  5. Love his music but he is insufferable. The Killing Moon is a great song, not the greatest, though it would have been even better if it weren’t for the tinny original production.

  6. Jason Bentley

    I dunno about the best song ever written, but Echo and the Bunnymen were one of the best live bands of all time. Check this show.

  7. Is this your first Mac interview? Do any of you know what a sense of humor is? He’s not insufferable, he’s hilarious & charming. You should avoid Liverpool, Scott & Charles, EVERYONE is insufferable and most are not American.

  8. The Killing Moon is an ok song, nowhere near a great song and certainly nowhere near the geatest song ever written. The Bunnymen were an average band imo.

  9. These English songwriters always know how to write a sad-sounding tune. From Adele’s “Someone Like You” to McCulloch’s “Killing The Moon” to Tom Odell’s (newer artist I just discovered) “Another Love” – all of these British musicians really strike heartstrings. <– Tom Odell song if you haven't yet heard.

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