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Skinny Puppy tackles glorification, horror of guns on new concept album ‘Weapon’

Skinny Puppy, 'Weapon'

Electro-industrial legends Skinny Puppy return late next month with their 12th studio album in 30 years, a timely 10-song collection called Weapon that the band’s publicists say stands as a philosophical commentary on “the concurrent glorification of the gun culture and simultaneous horror at the devastation guns can cause.”

Due out May 28 on Metropolis Records, the album finds Skinny Puppy — niVek ohGr,  cEvin Key and Mark Walk — melding electro, industrial, New Wave and rock sounds via what the band refers to as “simple and direct songwriting with strong abstract themes that correlate to the deeper concepts within the recording.”

Of the band’s decision to address gun violence as the album’s central theme, Ogre says:

“Weapons and pharmaceuticals become the last bastion of investment wealth, the last stop for manufacturing in a crumbling power system still promoting mutual assured destruction. To maim, sicken and control, by genetically radiating and bombing populations back to the Stone Age; then manage the mutations through new medicines while claiming the race for a cure of this self-inflicted environmental disease is right around the corner… Weapons then procure the evolutionary next step. We are weapons.”

The album will be released on CD as well as limited-edition, 180-gram audiophile vinyl.


Tracklist: Skinny Puppy, Weapon

1. “Wornin'”
2. “IllisiT”
3. “SaLvo”
4. “GLowbeL”
5. “Solvent”
6. “ParagUn”
7. “Survivalisto”
8. “Tsudanama”
9. “PlastiCage”
10. “Terminal”






  1. Skinny Puppy are one of my favorite bands, and one of the few industrial bands that I still think are worth paying attention to any more. Even on some of their weaker albums, I can always find one or two songs that stand with their classics. I’ve pre-ordered both the vinyl and CD. I just hope they tour this time.

  2. TOUR!

  3. Handover was cah cah…hope this one is better.

  4. Cannot wait, Dwayne is still sorely missed but glad they are keeping the ship afloat.

  5. Old-school SP fans should rejoice. This will also be a return to an earlier form, as much of this album was supposedly done on vintage Remission/Bites- era synths. It is also rumored that the 1985 Hell-o-Deathday song “Overdose” will be included as a hidden bonus track.

  6. Looking forward to the new album, but a band of drug addicts that employ violence in their stage act are against the pharmaceutical and weapons industries? How IRONIC.

  7. @Tino: I’m sure you know that concerning depictions of violence, fascism, and other nasty subjects, most Industrial musicians attempt to horrify you through its shocking imagery, not glorify said subjects.

  8. Let’s hope its better than ‘Handover’, which was a mess of an album and more ‘Ohgr’ than Puppy.

  9. Why is Mark Walk helping Skinny Puppy? He did not do Ogre any favors on his Oghr albums

  10. Dear Trent – I’ll try to track down a cd to use for a target for spring range training with my AR. You dork, stay out of politics!

  11. Douglas Alford

    @Bigmouth Dear Trent? Yup you must be a retard because there is no Trent in this band. I believe the band you a thinking of is Nine Inch Nails. So take your stay out of politics BS and go post somewhere where an equally stupid person will actually agree with your ego.

  12. So Ogre doesn’t like it when women and minorites defend themselves with firearms as well as he wants only cops to have guns? What a statist bootlicker.

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