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Video: The Stone Roses headline Coachella — watch full 23-minute ‘highlights’ webcast

The choice of The Stone Roses as a Coachella headliner this year has been one of the festival’s more controversial moves, from the initial “Who are The Stone Roses?” barrage to instant postmortems of Friday night’s less-than-packed closing set from Ian Brown and Co. It doesn’t help the band’s profile that it’s been shunning festival webcasts for the last year — and only allowed Coachella to stream a three-song “highlights” set.

That webcast opened with a 13-minute jam through “Fools Gold” that briefly incorporated The Beatles’ “Day Tripper” and the band’s own “Driving South.” You can watch that performance, ripped from the official stream, above, while some lesser-quality audience-shot footage is included below, along with the setlist.

UPDATE: We’ve now added the full 23-minute “highlights” set show on the official webcast, which featured “Fools Gold,” “Made of Stone” and “This Is The One.”


Setlist: The Stone Roses, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Indio, Calif., 4/12/13

1. “I Wanna Be Adored”
2. “Sally Cinnamon”
3. “Ten Storey Love Song”
4. “Waterfall”
5. “Don’t Stop”
6. “Fools Gold”
7. “Made Of Stone”
8. “This Is the One”
9. “Love Spreads”
10. “She Bangs The Drums”
11. “I Am The Resurrection”


The Stone Roses, “I Wanna Be Adored”


The Stone Roses, “I Am the Resurrection”






  1. Ray Shackleford

    Sorry that I had to miss this one. Mani and Reni are one of the best rhythm sections in the whole of Britain. Glad to see them back in style. How in the world did that drummer go nearly 20 yrs without playing live and come back that strong?

  2. It’s truly disgusting to see a f’ing Billboard article(I expect stupidity on Tumblr & FB) criticizing a band who invented a whole scene and influenced a generation of music that these idiots love. Anyone with any kind of music IQ can tell you Blur(Oasis & The Verve also) would not have existed without the Roses. I love MBV, but are they more worthy to headline Coachella than the Stone Roses?
    Why is no one saying anything about Phoenix? They’re pretty good but how many albums have they actually sold? Also the Chili Peppers last album was a huge flop.

  3. Did you read the article? He wasn’t criticizing the band (“The Stone Roses are a special band with a tremendous album…”) He was criticizing the choice of them as a headliner (“…and simply do not possess the U.S. following to merit a headlining position at Coachella”)

    As for Phoenix, well their last album went gold in the US, and the single “1901” went platinum.

  4. They are a great band. But, okay, let me say it: the singing in this video is just awful. I’m waiting for any note to be on-key.

  5. The LA Times review was the really horrible one. Thank goodness Rolling Stone got it right.

    And what musicianship these guys have! John Squire just killed it on Fool’s Gold and Reni is ace as always. Mani raises the bar whether it be with the Roses or Primal Scream. A true class act they are.

  6. I was there. I felt embarrassed for them. Barely anyone was there and after the performance Ian put on, I’m afraid even less will be there for weekend 2. Such a disappointment.

  7. Gary Thrasher

    It’s not as if Ian has EVER been able to sing well outside of the studio…

  8. Thanks for putting this up…..I have the audience recording from second weekend, and it’s awesome..

  9. Damn 7:47 that is awesome…sounds like the amps are turned up to 11. Love this band!

  10. The “Driving South” lick starting at 10:45 is a such a not-so-distant cousin to the “Life in the Fast Lane” riff! An (un)intentional nod to SoCal’s music history? Wonder if some of the uninitiated started hollering, “Yeah, Eagles, baby!!!”

  11. Wow. Vocally as bad as Reading 96.

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