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Video: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at Coachella — watch full 45-minute set

Nick Cave is pulling double-duty at this year’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, performing both with this on-hiatus band Grinderman and his long-running crew The Bad Seeds. While the full Grinderman webcast from Friday night has yet to surface, Sunday night’s thrilling Bad Seeds performance has. We’ve posted the full 45-minute set, complete with children’s choir, above for your viewing pleasure.


Setlist: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, 4/14/13

1. “Jubilee Street”
2. “From Her to Eternity”
3. “Red Right Hand”
4. “Deanna”
5. “Jack the Ripper”
6. “Stagger Lee”
7. “The Mercy Seat”
8. “Push the Sky Away”






  1. saw the Seeds live once cause a friend dragged me along and they weren’t bad, Blixa was on guitar which is why I went…
    this set is pretty yawn though and I never understood the big attraction to Cave (his lyrics don’t do much for me and his madman crooner image of Cash/Cohen completely lacks authenticity IMHO)

    …was everyone at Coachella crap this year? :)

    • @Devotee – Perhaps you need an auditory enema.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate Cave and the Seeds but only to a degree (I think “Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus” is their best yet) and the night I saw them live, they were really on. This performance is lacking.
        I agree that the line-up this year was great, it just seems the performances were pretty bad. Outdoor festivals really aren’t the best for sound or performances (weather, technicalities, etc) though I’ve heard some amazing soundboard recordings of sets from Reading, Glastonbury, Roskilde, and Torhout festivals… the video from this year’s Coachella blows!

    • One of the top 5 concerts I ever saw out of many hundreds was Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on the Good Son tour.

      Cash was never like Nick on stage and Cohen certainly was even farther away than that.

      Cave doesn’t sound like them at all.

      How off can you be?

      • Just an opinion, and here’s another; Cave fans are very much like Waits fans – they seem to believe everything these men do is gold. Also, I prefer the Birthday Party over the Seeds.

        • Uh, thanks for generalizing about fans of a certain artist. I don’t think everything anyone does is gold including Nick Cave.

          Of course everyone can have an opinion but your observation of Cave on stage is not well informed as anyone who can go online and see what both Cash/Cohen were/are like in concert will notice right away.

  2. I completely disagree with you, Nick Cave is great. For someone who has been around as long as he has, and is still putting out great music, is kind of rare.
    Also the lineup this year was great. New Order, Dinosaur Jr, Dead Can Dance, Violent Femmes, Johnny Marr, etc.

  3. Ms. eLLE©

    Nick Cave brought me and my husband together and we share the devotion of him and the Bad Seeds. Can’t wait to see him in London this year and relive some brutal but tender memories. Love you Nick! Hope you remember asking for a smoke off of him years ago… Legend. xx

  4. The intensity of the performance does not come across in this video. Nick was great as usual. He made believers out of many who were there just for a good spot for the Chili Peppers.

  5. Nick & the gang always put on a great show. I’ve seen them live many times (including Grinderman) and they never disappoint.

    I have mixed feelings about their latest album though.
    (if anyone wants to read the review, it’s here … http://my-horror.com/2013/03/05/push-the-sky-away/ )

  6. Steve Parker

    i saw nick cave in the birthday party back in the day (mutiny tour) then saw bad seeds about 6 times and hes a great perfomer and bless him

  7. I LOVE me some Nick Cave but I have to agree that this set is lame.I’m glad to watch parts of it for free from home,but I’d be disappointed with this live.It just seems like a walk through.

  8. Do you know where I can find the official video of this performance? I really want the version of Jubilee Street they performed here but can’t find it other than bad quality ones.

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