Video — April 23, 2013 at 8:10 am

Video: Carbon/Silicon, ‘Big Surprise’ — new single from The Clash’s Mick Jones

Despite suggestions he might make new music with Big Audio Dynamite, it appears Mick Jones has moved on to other projects — namely re-teaming with Tony James of Generation X in their band Carbon/Silicon, which has just released a mellow, uplifting new single called “Big Surprise.” Check out the video, directed by Sebastian Pacher and Peter Bennett, above.






  1. clashman64

    The heart’s of Mick and Joe… I miss Joe but it is so nice to know Mick is out there, dropping these nuggets on us from time to time. I have really dug the whole Carbon/Silicon stuff and I am glad to see he might be revisiting it.

    • Tim Barlow

      I often wonder, if Joe were still alive, whether he’d’ve tried reforming The Clash, seeing as the times sorely need a band like them and the younger generation has conspicuously failed to produce one. Cometh the hour,(whence)cometh the band??? We sure need “a hero in an age of none”. Nice little tune, though. More please, with a little contemporary anger if you can summon any…

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