Contests — April 30, 2013 at 6:30 am

Contest: Win Simple Minds’ ‘Celebrate: The Greatest Hits+’ double-, triple-disc best-ofs

Simple Minds, Celebrate

To celebrate this month’s American release of Simple Minds’ impressive and expansive new best-of set Celebrate: The Greatest Hits+, the band’s label has hooked us up with two copies of the deluxe 3CD, 50-song edition as well as two more copies of the 2CD, 36-song edition to give away to four lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

TO ENTER: Simply drop a comment at the bottom of this post naming your favorite Simple Minds song or songs — and offer a few words as to why you think they’re so great.

RULES: Contest is only open to residents of the U.S. (sorry — their rules). We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EDT Friday, May 10. After that point, we’ll select four winners at random and contact them via e-mail — so please remember to use legit addresses when you enter. One entry per person.

MORE: Check out the full tracklists for the two versions of Celebrate: The Greatest Hits+.




  1. Ghost dancing and New Gold Dream. Incredible live band.

  2. Pam Zielinski

    Alive And Kicking!

    They are a band whose songs sound as great & relevant today as they did back in the 80’s! I need them to come to the USA on tour!

  3. Steve Rich

    Alive and kicking. It’s timeless, and takes me back to my youth.

  4. Much overlooked band. Great songs – Glittering Prize, Up On The Catwalk, Speed Your Love To Me – to name a few. It’s a shame they are best known for a song written for Billy Idol.

  5. I know it’s not from their “classic” period, but “See the Lights” is pure ear candy. Actually the whole “Real Life” album is better than I had remembered.

  6. I absolutely LOVE I Travel. Very underrated track and band in the US. So excited to finally see a comprehensive GH collection.

  7. My favorite Simple Minds’ track is ” i Travel”. They are great because they’ve been around since ’77 and they are still ” Alive and Kicking”. ;-)

  8. Eduardo Pugnali

    Glittering Prize. I wake up every day listening this song

  9. Chris Cranford

    “Don’t You Forget About Me” the quintessential song of adolescence.

  10. I Travel. And I Travel would be the reason I love them so, as well. Political commentary you can dance to. ;)

  11. Very hard to choose favorites but here goes: “The American,” “Boys From Brazil,” “New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84),” “Waterfront,” “Once Upon a Time,” “Sanctify Yourself.” One of my favorite bands ever.

  12. Also love “See the Lights.” It is in my range for my (poor) singing and it makes me bust out my Jim Kerr moves!

    That’s what I love about them. They make me sing and they make me move . . .

  13. I don’t care if I win (although I really want to!), and I don’t care how unhip I look for saying it because I’m being honest: “Don’t You Forget About Me” because it’s a brilliant moving song that takes me to great place. Also it has KILLER drums.
    Empires and Dance is a masterpiece though, so pretty much anything off that too.

  14. I’m going to go with “New Gold Dream (81/82/83/84)” as my favorite Simple Minds song. I love the way that this song soars into the stratosphere, and I love the cadence of the numbers in the title. This album is one of my All Time Top Ten Albums, in fact, because every track is a masterpiece.

  15. “Up on the Catwalk” – TOM TOMS
    “All the Things She Said” – This song is cool beans and Jim Kerr is bitchin’ in the video.

  16. “Book of Brilliant Things” (City of Light live version)…there never was a more romantic song.

  17. New Gold Dream. I have a DVD of them playing it on The Tube and the keyboard flutter of flying fingers is amazing. What an epic band. The big music.

  18. Don’t you forget about me, the first song from them that introduced their awesomeness to me

  19. Jon A. Leslie

    “Promised You A Miracle” is still my favorite.

    I love how strong and in your face the song is. From the opening beat, it hits you. Love it.

    And, I hate to be hack, but DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME will always have a spot in my heart, because it was the theme song of my junior prom.

  21. Waterfront. Still majestic in every way!

  22. My favorite is “Promised You A Miracle” because it was the first Simple Minds video I saw on MTV. That hook on the marimba is so unique!

  23. Glennis LeBlanc

    Alive and Kicking. Just a great song to sing along with.

  24. I saw Simple Minds with The Call back in the mid – 80’s. It was my first concert!! I can remember just loving their album Once Upon a Time…to see them live at that time was especially awesome b/c I was at a concert alone after having been dropped off by my parents!! I have listened to them ever since!! I would say “Sanctify Yourself” was a highlight for me!

  25. Bleddyn Williams

    I Travel – I discovered so much electronic music because of that track!

  26. Obvious choice “Don’t you forget about me”…great song, great movie! But “Alive & Kicking” is my go to when I’m down & I play it for friends when they’re having a rough moment!
    Great band! Glad to see a GH album of this size being released!

  27. Well, this is tough because I have all of their albums and love each one for different reasons. f their early period, I’d go with Changeling and I Travel. Of the middle period, I’ll go with New Gold Dream (specifically a live version they made available for free on their website a couple years ago recorded in Italy I believe), Don’t Your Forget About Me, and Real Life. Of the later stuff, I’m big on Moscow Underground, and Lazy Lately. Oh, and the live version of Book of Brilliant Things off City of Light. Man, this is tough! I love them because everything they produce is worth your attention. It all has merit, whether that’s because it’s experimental, or it’s big and epic, or it’s insightful commentary, etc. They’ve traveled a fascinating path that’s worth exploring.

  28. My favorite would probably be ‘Love Song’, with ‘Big Sleep’ a close second. I also love their instrumental tunes, especially ‘Theme from Great Cities’, ‘Someone up there likes you’, and ‘Shake off the Ghosts’. They are a fantastic live band, and have been the soundtrack of many parts of my life for going on 35 years now.

  29. Neal Damiano

    I have always liked Simple Minds they’re one of my favorite bands my favorite songs by them are All The Things She Said, New Gold Dream, Someone, Somewhere, in Summertime, Alive and Kicking. They’re the most underated band and should been as big as U2, much better in my opinion. I saw them live and it’s amazing Kerr is one of the best front men, has such a stage presence!

  30. Don’t You Forget About Me . . .

  31. Jeff Durbin

    New Gold Dream

  32. I Wish You Were Here.

    Once Upon a Time is my favorite album to listen to during summer. It makes me feel great and so alive!

  33. “Someone Somewhere In Summertime” , “Love Song” and probably “Sweat in Bullet”.

    Among his early albums are many of the reasons why I love synthpop.

  34. Mark Gravel

    Dont you-forget about me was our high school graduation song for 1986. Will always remember-great band!

  35. Somebody Up There Likes You

  36. Chris Juul

    “Promised You A Miracle”, “Love Song” and “Sweat In Bullet” – introduced to me to the band via some electronic new wave compilation LP from the UK I found used in the U.S. years and years ago.

    Hearing almost everything from “Once Upon A Time” was inescapable for many years in the U.S.

    “Let It All Come Down” “Kick It In” “This Is Your Land” all remind me of growing up and living on my own in Chicago back in late 1980’s…

    “See The Lights” and “She’s A River” remind of me of my days working at a record store and championing Simple Minds, playing them whenever I could.

    And most recently “Rockets”, “Stars Will Lead The Way” and “Kiss And Fly” helped me see through a very painful divorce.

    It seems like I’ve loved the band and their music for many reasons over the past 30+ years. They drift in and out of my life as needed. Tremendous catalogue and music.

  37. Mark Wilson

    So many great songs from their early years, but the songs that have stuck with me the most are from Sparkle In the Rain, especially Kick Inside Me, Speed Your Love to Me, Book of Brilliant Things and Waterfront. That was the first Simple Minds record (this was 1984 in the Midwest) I heard and what an introduction. I remember asking the record store owner what they were like and he dismissed them as a synth pop band. But when I got home and put the album on, I was blown away! It was huge! I couldn’t believe the power in those grooves. I can see how Derek Forbes can fit into the new Big Country lineup. His bass playing was phenomenal on that record. Kerr’s singing and lyrics were out of this world, full of emotion and big romance. I think their choice of covering Street Hassle, while not the best song on the album, nicely sums up what they were about at that moment in time. For me, those songs were far better than what U2 were doing at the time. I’ve heard Simple Minds criticized for aping U2 and I can’t understand it. It seems the other way around to me. New Gold Dream, Once Upon a Time and Street Fighting Years are all great albums too but the songs on Sparkle In the Rain will always be their high water mark for me.

  38. I’ll pick “All the Things She Said” because it’s one of my daughter’s favorite songs at the moment.

  39. My favorite is “Waterfront”! That song really gets me going.

  40. “Glittering Prize” is just a beautiful song with a great bassline … pretty much anything from New Gold Dream is great – I love the depth of production on that album.

  41. “Hunter and the Hunted” – Great start, with the synths slowly building. Every instrument in the song works so well. And “When you hear me screaming, I’ll be seeing through the eyes of love” was such a perfect lyric for me, as a teen.
    Dramatic angst in a single line.

    I also love turning the stereo up as loud as it’ll go and putting “Up On The Catwalk” Such a great way to get the heart going.

  42. Wow, too many to name! I’ll go with “Waterfront,” just because it is so propulsive.

  43. I have a place in my heart for Mandela Day. When he was released, I convinced my English teacher to let me play it for the class. I think I got extra credit for it, too. It was also the B-side to Belfast Child on the Ballad of the Streets EP, which was equally powerful. Great music with heart and humanity.

  44. Michael Lane

    Wow, where to start? Chelsea Girls, Up on the Catwalk, New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84), Waterfront, Life in a day, The American?
    I can go on and on. Brilliant band, brilliant songs.

  45. Waterfront. That bass line!

  46. “Promised You A Miracle” slapped me in the face the first time I heard it on the radio. It was so powerful and symphonic. I went out and bought New Gold Dream and it is still one of my “Desert Island” Discs.

  47. conor connollly

    War babies,I love simple minds as they have a Celtic soul

  48. Larry Zweigbaum

    Glittering Prize. That album had an immense impact on me. As a teen it was an amazing aural experience to listen to it in my room with the lights off. So good.

  49. “This Is Your Land” and “Belfast Child” from Street Fighting Years – one of my favorite album ever.

  50. “Someone Somewhere (in Summertime)”
    Will always be the quintessential SM song for me. A great opener to arguably their best album.

  51. Promised You A Miracle.

    Legend band, and still underappreciated.

  52. Derek Warren

    Favorite song: Theme For Great Cities

    Great band, very much an experimental missing link between Roxy Music, Kraftwerk, and punk. Brilliant sounds and huge vision.

  53. Belfast child (street fighting years)

  54. Alive and Kicking! A fantastic rock anthem!

  55. For me its the classics, Alive and Kicking and Don’t You Forget About Me. Although both represent the bands best known songs they both also speak to the generation they were introduced to in terms of teen angst and hopes for the future and a time of the unknown. Both are part of the soundtrack of most young adults of the 80’s and still resonate for them today.

  56. It’s an uncool choice, but (Don’t You) Forget about Me is such a massive part of my teen years, and so closely tied to one of my all time favorite movies, I have to pick it.

  57. “Changeling” and “Theme for Great Cities” – awesome, still-fresh postpunk dance tracks.

  58. “Premonition” Amazing under-rated early track.

    Protection protection. The sound of machines.

  59. While I like “Alive and Kicking” over “Don’t You Forget About Me,” the latter could arguably be called the song of the 80s. Few bands can make such a claim.

  60. “Alive and Kicking.” Still holds up today, even more so live. I just can’t shake the image of that fly buzzing around Mel Gaynor in the video!

  61. Sandy Alonso

    Promised You A Miracle and New Gold Dream. Just brilliant all around.

  62. Somebody Up There Likes You. New Gold Dream introduced me to more than just this outstanding band, it showed me that music could bask in texture, subtlety, and ambient soundscapes. And it started with this one instrumental track.

  63. Kevin Piper

    Someone Somewhere (in Summertime). That song always takes me back to my youth, sitting on a beach in San Diego, with no worries in the world or thoughts of what the future would have in store for me. SM music transcends time… As someone posted above, why aren’t they as big as U2? They are just as talented! Please come to Los Angeles!!

    • In 1985-1986 they were bigger than U2. The problem was the follow up to Once Upon A Time. It took too long to come out (Street Fighting Years) and it was in some ways over produced. Now I really like the album but they lost momentum here in the U.S. while they were still big over in Europe with Belfast Child being a hit single. I don’t think it did very well here at all.

  64. The Kick Inside of Me – a wide scream religious experience.

  65. Chelsea Girl and Up On The Catwalk still gravitate towards the top of my list.


  67. Brian Barker

    Alive and Kicking…I think it edges out Don’t You as one of favorites. Growing up around that time, radio was getting pretty dull, and it didn’t sound like anything else at the time…

  68. I Travel

  69. I Travel. I always have one of their songs in my top 10.

  70. SEE THE LIGHTS has always been a favorite song of mine. Simple Minds has always been an underrated band in my eyes. I dont think that people realize just how amazingly talented and meaningful their music is. And listening to them now, how many years later? It really is timeless music.

  71. Nate Taylor

    Many great tunes….but “Belfast Child” has always seemed to be a level above everything else to me. Its just so beautiful to listen to…

  72. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)

  73. Edwin Combes

    “Promised You A Miracle” since it’s the first song I heard from them. It totally brings me back to the early years of MTV.

  74. Depends on what period.

    I Travel is a great track and a great album opener

    I like Theme For Great Cities. It is a great instrumental and another great album opener, although I don’t think it is that well recorded.

    Big Sleep is another favorite, but then the whole album of New Gold Dream is a favorite.

    Street Fighting Years and Belfast Child.

    See The Lights and Stand By Love off Real Life are really good songs and still stand up well.

  75. Don’t you forget about me
    Best song from the John Hughes movies

  76. If forced to pick it would be “Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)” but all the tracks from New Gold Dream are excellent but that one song always takes me back to my youth and good times with friends.

  77. Their largely instrumental cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart sounds great and is one of the most respectable covers of the song I can think of. The song I like best of their originals right now is Cry.

  78. Sanctify Yourself

  79. jazzmaster

    The American

  80. Rhett Lawrence

    I’ll say “Sweat in Bullet” and “C Moon Cry Like a Baby.” Just great musicianship all around on those mid-period albums!

  81. Mark Jerome

    “This Earth That You Walk Upon” from the brilliant “Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call” double album which I purchased in 1981, the same year I saw them open for New Order. That record still sounds a fresh and as ahead of its time as it ever did.

  82. I Travel is the ultimate single; New Gold Dream the ultimate album and This Fear Of Gods the ultimate non-single.


  83. Abner Devereaux

    Songs = “East @ Easter” & “Hunter & The Hunted”

    BUT, have always loved the entireness of “Sparkle In The Rain”, “Real Life” & “Street Fighting Years” LP’s.

    Can’t say enough about The Minds. Go way back to the early days of Jim as Spiderman !! :)

  84. So many great tracks…great band.
    C Moon Cry Like A Baby
    Someone Somewhere in Summertime
    Book of Brilliant Things
    All For You
    All The Things She Said
    I Travel
    Chelsea Girl

  85. “New Gold Dream”, “Promised You a Miracle”, “Up on the Catwalk”, “See the Lights”, and “Don’t You Forget About Me” are not only my favorite Simple Minds songs, but simply, (pun intended) my favorite songs ever. Jim was interviewed on a recent podcast and I was so impressed with how humble and down to earth he was. Best of Simple Minds would definitely make my desert island list!

  86. New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)is my favorite song of all time, from my favorite album of all time, which is performed by my favorite band of all time.

    Simple Minds’ music has struck a chord with me for decades, with Jim’s resonating voice and the band’s rhythmic and sensational instrumentation.

    I am so appreciative that they are still performing and releasing albums with new material; crossing my fingers that they will tour the U.S. in the near future.

  87. “The American” & “New Gold Dream” – can’t pick just one – both bring back memories & are special songs!

  88. Alive and Kicking! I remember seeing the video on alternative video station U68 in NY when I was in jr. high school . . .

  89. BonGogh Dave

    Someone Somewhere [In Summertime]
    Brings back awesome memories of dancing
    into the late nite at the clubs during spring break
    in Daytona Beach (where I lived back in the mid-80’s!)

  90. Don’t You Forget About Me, I attended the high school near Chicago where Breakfast Club was shot at (even though the library was fake).

  91. Van Edwards

    Promised You a Miracle.

    • Van Edwards

      Why are they great? Jim Kerr’s voice for one. Love the ‘feel’ of their music. Always seems to be soaring just out of reach.

  92. Speed Your Love to Me – just kept thinking why isn’t this a bigger hit…awesome track

  93. “Speed Your Love to Me” is my #1. A song with great momentum. “Sparkle in the Rain” is their best album IMO. Had the good fortune to see them at their zenith at Wembley in 1989 and in ’02 in Hollywood. Time to come stateside again!

  94. Andy McNelly

    Definitely “Alive and Kicking,” which gives me a good lift when I need it. I have to go with “Don’t You Forget About Me” because that’s the song that hooked my then 10 year old self

  95. Ghost Dancing and Oh Jungleland. Used to listen to them on my Walkman on my paper route.

  96. santify yourself. I think this song exemplifies the purity that can come out of sadness.

  97. the american, belfast child,

  98. “Don’t You (Forget About Me),” if I had to pick just one. But most certainly “Alive & Kicking” and “Sanctify Yourself.” And my college years wouldn’t be the same without “She’s A River.” A seriously underrated band that has been at it for years.

  99. Todd Ramirez

    Up on the Catwalk is a great underrated song from the Simple Minds catalog. Wish they would tour in the USA again.

  100. Dont you forget about me. Without fail every time I hear this song I become the worlds greatest Air Drummer! This song has the coolest drum track ever! Oh yea, Do I even have to mention The Breakfast Club?

  101. Gianni Zhivago

    The American

  102. John Phifer

    I have to say the song I seem to play the most is “Sanctify Yourself”. Although there are so many, “Belfast Child”, “Up On The Catwalk”, “All The Things She Said”, etc… It’s a shame they are only known for one song(that they didn’t write) in the U.S.

  103. 81,82,83,84…New Gold Dream is still on every compilation cd I make..Love that one.

  104. Promised You a Miracle. Brings back great memories of being a teenager in the 80’s.

  105. Hunter and the Hunted:
    So achingly beautiful with Herbie Hancock’s jazzy solo nearly stealing the spotlight. Also features one of my favorite vocals by Jim. Easily Simple Minds’ best for me.

    Other faves…
    Seeing Out the Angel
    Life in a Day
    All the Things She Said
    This Fear of Gods
    This Is Your Land
    Up on the Catwalk
    … so many more!

  106. Glittering Prize, Promised You a Miracle…love their cover of Street Hassle.

  107. Bob Dalrymple

    Alive & Kicking and Sanctify Yourself are my favorites.

  108. She’s a River & All the Things She Said. Both songs had great videos and time stamp special moments in my life

  109. Christian

    She’s A River – villified as part of Simple Minds’ “not so good” 90’s output, I still believe it’s a powerful track and as good as anything recorded by them. It may not have been a hit in the US, but I definitely remember it was pretty BIG in Europe. I’m glad it still features in their setlist. A surefire highlight every time they perform it live, no doubt!

  110. ‘Someone Somewhere in Summertime’ holds a special place in my heart. The moody vocals and moodier music opened up a door into a world of amazing music for me.

  111. Larry Mac

    I’ll pick two instrumentals – Somebody Up There Likes You, and A Brass Band in Africa Chimes. Not that I have any problem with Jim Kerr’s vocals, I’ve just always liked both those songs.


    All The Things She Said, because of the things they said…

  113. I was a little late to the party here, but I always loved both Up on the Catwalk and Alive and Kicking.

  114. All the Things She Said always stood out to me. It is haunting and moving. I remember hearing the line ‘When I look into your eyes, I see a new day rising’ and thinking ‘I want a girl like that’.

  115. Can I cop out and say the entire side one of “Sparkle In The Rain”? I had that on cassette and would listen to those five songs constantly. IF I had to pick a single favorite song, it would probably be “Speed Your Love To Me”, but “Promised You A Miracle”, “She’s A River” and “Cry” are all right up there.

  116. Hunter And The Hunted is probably best song of all time. Also, New Gold Dream is best album of all time. My favourite band.

  117. Chelsea Girl from Life in a Day.

  118. Alive and Kicking. I think Kerr has a great voice.

  119. Jason Robinson

    I Wish You Were Here. My dad and I didn’t get along very good at all. We were always clashing on the way I dressed and the way my hair was colored, etc. etc. but the one thing we both agreed on was “Once Upon a Time”. We both loved that album. He died a few years ago and the album always reminds me of him. It’s a really good memory of something beautiful that helped us see eye to eye if only for a moment.

  120. DiscoDave

    A great album that (at least briefly) got Simple Minds out from the ever present shadow of U2. Alive and Kicking is my favorite track for a few reasons —
    1. the music video for the song was filmed not far from where I grew up (and camped once in Jr HS), the Catskill Mountains in upstate NY
    2. from 3:20 in the song with the keyboard interlude, to the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon-esque back ground vocals to 4:14 when Mel Gaynor lays into his set with a furious drum roll that relaunches the chorus to fade. Oh good stuff…

  121. “Someone Somewhere In Summertime”. The song brings me back to another time and another place. It reminds me of an unrequited love.

  122. The Sci-Fi Fanatic

    Gosh. So many.
    New Gold Dream. Positively Perfect execution and still magnificent dance track.
    I Wish You Were Here. Just one example of the perfection that is Once Upon A Time.
    Street Fighting Years. Epic just like the bold ambitious concept work that is the entire work.
    See The Lights. Inspirational.
    Hypnotized. What a guitar riff. Killer Charlie B.

  123. I love the new songs, because they sound as good as the “old stuff”. Great symbolism on the cover to – and old part of iconography advanced with graffiti (ala “Graffiti Soul”) nice.

  124. john barba

    my personal favorite is “let it all come down”. it’s very emotive and special. it’s a perfect blend of jim kerr’s voice, charlie burchill’s guitar and michael mcneil’s keyboards. it hasn’t lost any appeal over time…

  125. john barba

    my personal favorite is “let it all come down”. it’s very emotive and special. it’s a perfect blend of jim kerr’s voice, charlie burchill’s guitar and michael mcneil’s keyboards. it hasn’t lost any appeal over time…

  126. My favourites are “I Travel”, “Love Song” and “New Gold Dream”. The sound of a band looking for something fresh and new.

  127. SimplEE ThE Best !!!

  128. SimplEE ThE Best !!!, I think The American is the best!

  129. New Gold Dream is pretty much the perfect album from start to finish. I love the way the instruments and vocals are layered together. The band was absolutely at the top of its game.

  130. Nobby Stiles

    Where the Streets Have No Name
    In a Big Country – Awesome!
    Let the Children Speak (Real Life)
    Take a Step Back (Street Fighting Years)
    Wall of Love (Street Fighting Years)

  131. Steve Nichols

    Up on the Catwalk. Simple Minds provided the soundtrack for my formative years!

  132. Catherine

    Promised You A Miracle, because it’s the only one I remember.

  133. Ben Vendetta

    Up On The Catwalk. Reminds me of a week a friend and I spent in Rome in ’86. We met these Italian girls who had a Simple Minds cassette in their car playing on loop.

  134. Sean Koepenick

    “Ghostdancing” and “Take a Step Back.” Need them to come to the US. It’s been a long time since the last tour!

  135. It’s about time they did an expansive greatest hits CD set. Anytime a Simple Minds song comes on Sirius I have to turn it up and sing along loudly.

  136. Paula Meza

    “Someone Somewhere In Summertime” because the name is so long that I always forget it. :P

  137. Harold Grey

    Thirty Frames A Second. Two words: Derek Forbes. Best bass player to come out of the post-punk era. Not sure about this Big Country gig tho…:)

  138. Nathalie

    Someone somewhere (in summertime), they are such a great band, especially live. They have that unique sound, no band sounds like the simple minds!

  139. “All the Things She Said”- First concert I ever saw, 1985 or 6, The Call opened, and I loved it. This song has great elements of R&B, and it highlights a much underrated band.

  140. Jason Bellenger

    Although I hate picking just one, “Alive & Kicking” is my favorite Simple Minds song. It’s epic. Pure brilliance. I could list so many more favorites, but the list would become too long. My favorite b-side, however, is “Special View”. The band has put out so much incredible music over the years, including their latest single, “Broken Glass Park”, which sounds like classic Simple Minds. It’s so admirable seeing the band still churning out great music after so many years in the music business.

  141. “All The Things She Said” – A classic that I will never tire of hearing. I hope that a USA tour brings them more new fans.

  142. Gloria Bradley

    Don’t You Forget About Me — brings back some memories from the past . . . if we only knew then what we know now knowledge wise. Great band — great music.

  143. See the lights great band one of the best bands to see live

  144. Kevin DeLue

    I am gonna go with PROMISED YOU A MIRACLE …..but that was tough. It’s simply massive.
    I almost bucked the trend and picked one from the last album…which I think was possibly their best effort in 17-18 years! Love for the Lostboy! album as well.

  145. “Someone Somewhere (in Summertime)”
    Great memories of these guys from my youth, but sadly never had the chance to see them live.

  146. Richard Flower

    “The Kick Inside Of Me” always gets me moving

  147. Giedrius Stankevicius

    “Let There Be Love”. Reminds me of good old days in early 90’s, when MTV Europe was still showing music videos and this song was in heavy rotation. It was a great era!

  148. Waterfront. Its a banigin’ tune.

    Please come to Denver, missed you last time around!

  149. Alive and Kicking – this year I celebrate 10 years cancer-free and this song has always been my anthem.

  150. “theme for great cities” always led off my mix tapes and “shake off the ghosts” ended them. “big sleep”, “i travel”, “love song”, “seeing out the angel”, “speed your love to me”, “waterfront”, “kick it in”, “let it all come down”, “killing andy warhol”, & “rockets” just to name a few in between. its all great music from them, i cannot wait to see them again.

  151. Chuck McPherson

    So, so many….
    “Sanctify Yourself”, “She’s A River”, “Ghost Dancing” have all been mentioned a lot…great memories of each. However, I like “Broken Glass Park” a lot, too.

    Why are they so great? They’re good enough that Bono emulates Jim Kerr on stage, and Mel Gaynor is possibly one of the coolest drummers around.

  152. Promised You A Miracle… live versions just sound so good…

  153. My favorite track by Simple Minds is probably their biggest commercial hit. Typically I don’t like a band’s biggest commercial hit as a favorite song but “Don’t You Forget About Me” was like an anthem to us 80’s teens. I hope to win this box set to familiarize myself with more of their lesser known tracks. I’ve never seen them
    In concert but want to see them on their upcoming US tour.

  154. Kevin Zidlick

    On the Alive & Kicking Tour in the early 80’s, I scored front row seats at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. I remember telling my future ex-wife to walk slow because we’re passing everyone on the way to the front to see the amazing Simple Mind’s show. That night the band was so tight and Jim strutted the stage in full command of the entire sold out crowd. Being so close, you could see the band loving every minute of it and during the chorus of Alive & Kicking, Jim grabbed my stretched out hand and swung me around to see the sold out crowd, swinging and swaying. The moment lasted 5 seconds at best, but time slowed down and it felt closer to a minute or longer. I’ve seen 100’s of live shows close to the stage. The closer, the better. I love when a band gives its all… to give the crowd what they came for. I support live music and honored when bands put together tours for their fans that crave, remember and love to relive the times in their minds when they first heard that any great song . The Simple Minds collection of work is iconic and brilliant . I and many others thank you and look forward to seeing you in their cities. Simple Minds has already given me a lifetime memory and that 5 seconds has lasted over 25 years. Thank you.

  155. Alive and Kicking.

    Pure greatness!

  156. James Parker

    Promised you a miracle, Alive & kickin’, All the
    things she said, Don’t you forget about me. A fantastic band all
    around, wide appeal.

  157. Promised you a miracle. Simply beautiful.

  158. Jeff Fields

    Promised you a miracle
    This band has continued to grow artistically without compromising their integrity.

  159. The American – loved this track as a young lad living in England, triggered a fascination with the USA that has never left. I’ve now lived Stateside for over 20 years.

  160. Contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their memories.

    Winners will be notified via e-mail in the next few days.

  161. New Gold Dream because this was my wedding song..

  162. New gold dream because this was my wedding song

  163. Todd Ramirez

    Up on a catwalk is a classic 80’s song. It has a great vibe and energy and rings with hope. I also like Alive and Kicking which was from their classic once upon a time. The song’s has excellent lyrics and a great chorus. Hoping Simple Minds makes it to Denver or Boulder, CO.

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