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Stream: Skinny Puppy, ‘paragUn’ — first single off upcoming album ‘Weapon’

Metropolis Records is offering up the first taste of Weapon, the upcoming 12th studio album from electro-industrial legends Skinny Puppy, in the form of lead-off single “paragUn” — which you can now stream in full right here (via Litany). The band’s publicists have said the new album from niVek ohGr,  cEvin Key and Mark Walk stands as a commentary on “the concurrent glorification of the gun culture and simultaneous horror at the devastation guns can cause.”

Weapon is due out May 24 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, May 27 in the “rest of the world” and May 28 in North America via Metropolis.






  1. Pretty damn decent song, much better than any of the crap on ‘Handover’. I was concerned at first, because the music starts out with a very ‘Ohgr’ sound, but then kicks in that classic Puppy style.

    It’s a good song, certainly one of the better ones they’ve put out since reforming in 2004.

  2. I like it!

  3. I can truthfully say that I look forward to each new SP release, even though it may not necessarily strike a chord with me (apart from a track or two, HanDover didn’t do anything for me and is my least fav SP release since Dwayne’s passing).
    One of the few bands left that continue to take chances with every new release and I’m glad they’ve continued!
    I have a very good feeling that I will really enjoy Weapon, perhaps more than their previous three albums. Long live Skinny Puppy!

  4. Way better than HanDover! I will have to hear more tracks before I can decide if I like the album, but this is a bit more back to the SP I know and love:)

  5. Heard it and sounds like something that could fit on the past 4 Puppy albums (including the Process) and every Ogre/Ohgr solo album. Do they tour though? I don’t think so. Communication from band members themselves appears to indicate touring Skinny Puppy is no longer a big priority as they are occupied with side projects.

  6. I might lose punk points for this, but I’m just not feeling it. It seems a bit thin and delicate, not powerful.

  7. Nathan2013

    Best song on the album!

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