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‘Pixies: A Visual History’: Kickstarter campaign launched to fund new photo book

Pixies book

The imagery of the Pixies will be celebrated this fall in a brand new hardbound coffee-table book called “Pixies: A Visual History,” the first installment in a planned two-volume series designed to chronicle the legendary indie-rock act’s ascent, break-up, various solo projects and spin-off bands and, ultimately, its improbable reunion nearly a decade ago.

The book is being put together by Sean T. Rayburn, who launched and runs the official band site, with the help of graphic designer Aaron Tanner, and is now up for funding on Kickstarter with a goal of raising $150,000 to cover production costs. Fans who fund the project will receive, depending on level of contribution, postcards, posters and the book itself with their names printed in it.

As Rayburn explains:

Sometime in 2011, we started posting some “vintage” photos on the Pixies’ Facebook page. The response was incredible! There were so many ‘Likes’ and comments and shares on Facebook, and several of the photos got picked up by various music news outlets. Which got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be COOL if we had a nice hardcover, coffee table sized book of all these rare, never-before seen photos, maybe with the story behind each photo, told by someone who was there? Wouldn’t it also be pretty cool if we reached out to some photographers who worked with the band in the 80s and 90s, and had them revisit their work, making it all available to the fans for the first time? How cool would it be to talk to the family members of the band, and include some of those truly awkward family photos everybody likes? I know I would buy that book, and I think a lot of other fans would too.

The first volume is expected to cover the years 1985 through 1993, from the genesis of the band up through its post-Trompe le Monde breakup. A planned second volume would cover the band’s solo projects and bands through the ’90s, continuing on through the Pixies’ reunion in 2004 up through the present day.

Check out full details of the project — and learn how you can help support it — at And below, you can watch a short video introducing the book as well.

KICKSTARTER: PIXIES: A Visual History (Exclusive Ltd. Ed. Hardcover)





  1. Frederico Laranjo

    I want to by this book from Pixies, How I can do?
    Please, send me the information for buy that book , Please.
    Best Regards
    Frederico Laranjo

  2. $150,000 for production costs? Hmmm. I smell Amanda Palmer, here.

  3. LOL @ The First Volume! Hey Pixies! How about Kickstarting a new album? That sound good? NEW material? Fuck pictures, seen enough of you! This is beyond lame.
    “With a goal of raising $150,000 to cover production costs” good luck on seeing publication on The Second Volume.

  4. Patrizia

    Dude lists one of his expenses as traveling around the world, visiting people who have photographs. People are free, of course, but….

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