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Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Best of the ’80s, Part 4: Vote for your top albums of 1983

Best of 1983

Our year-long Best of the ’80s feature continues this month as we reach 1983, and once again ask Slicing Up Eyeballs’ readers to weigh in on their favorite albums of that year in our ongoing quest to rank the releases of each year of the decade through the bulk of 2013, concluding, come December, with a poll to determine the best of the ’80s.

VOTING: It’s a simple process. We’ve assembled a list of 170 albums released in 1983, and you’re welcome to vote for up to 10 of them — or write in any title(s) you wish that we didn’t include.

A few notes and reminders on how this works:

  • The albums that made the ballot are those that fall within the very loose and ill-defined “alternative” banner, generally titles from the punk, post-punk, goth, college rock, indie, industrial, New Wave and related genres. If there are albums missing you want to vote for, certainly feel free to write ’em in.
  • Speaking of write-ins, you may list multiple albums in the box at the end of the poll, but, please, limit your total votes to 10 (honor system, here). If you run out of room, e-mail info@slicingupeyeballs.com.
  • As has been the case with the first three polls in this series, this is a ranking of studio albums. So no EPs, live albums or compilations. If there’s enough interest, we’ll run an additional poll to determine the best EPs of the ’80s when this series is done at the end of 2013.
  • Speaking of EPs, there seems to be conflicting opinions as to whether Minor Threat’s Out of Step is an EP or, in fact, the band’s only full-length (albeit short) album. We found enough instances referring to it as the latter that we decided to include it on this list.
  • And, since it will no doubt come up, The Cure’s Japanese Whispers is not a proper album, it’s a compilation of three of the band’s singles and those singles’ respective B-sides.

DEADLINE: Voting will be open through 5 p.m. EDT May 24, and results will be posted at the beginning of June — after which we’ll launch the 1984 poll and take it from there. Sound good? Then vote away. And feel free to discuss/list/explain/lobby for your picks in the comments section below.

And if you missed it, here are the Top 100 albums of 1980, the Top 100 albums of 1981 and the Top 100 albums of 1982 — as voted by Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.




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  1. Jeff in Middletucky

    If some combination of R.E.M., New Order, Violent Femmes, The Police, and U2 doesn’t end up being the top five, then people are just dumb.

    • Yeah why would people want to vote for brilliant albums by those bands when they could vote for whatever obscure hipster crap you have in mind.

      • Yeah, there are a lot of people here that won’t vote for something because it appeals to a lot of people. For them it’s all about exclusivity. They want to feel like they “got” something that the rest of we troglodites couldn’t understand.

        • william petrovic

          To each his own. I happen to think U2 and New Order are two of the most overhyped, self absorbed bands of all time, and wouldn’t walk across the street to see either one of them play for free. Hated both of them even back then. On the other hand, I’ve strongly supported the Blasters, X and Echo & the Bunnymen ever since I heard those bands years ago. “Hipster”? – them’s fightin’ words….

          • Well, If The Chameleons, Wipers, Go Betweens, The Fall and Wolfgang Press are part of the “obscure hipster crap”, then give me more of it! If I never had to hear a song off of ‘Synchronicity’ ever again, I’d be a very happy man.

        • To me definitive ’80s alternative has the distinction of being music not played on American commercial radio back in the day. I discovered New Order and VF via an incredible college radio station, KWMU from St. Louis University, a show called Pipeline. If that means I “got” something other kids didn’t back in the day, damn straight I did. Now those 2 bands are probably considered too popular (whatever the hell that means 30 years on) to be cool, but back then I can assure you they defined ’80s alternative music for me and still do to this day.

        • Ehh, popularity AND obscurity seem to be pretty insignificant. Just because people wanna get all asshurt because other people like music they might have never heard, doesn’t mean that everyone who liked obscure indie bands were the kinds of people who would throw it in your face or hold it against you. I can see how that would be kind of a pisser, but big fuckin’ deal.. you’re gonna like what you like regardless so why even care that they waste their time caring about it? IF you grew up in the 80’s though you would know that most TV and video games sucked (as far as being consistently entertaining) so most kids clocked alot of hours listening to tunes. MTV and radio stuff was all over the place and might seem decent the first few spins, but after being subjected to it at work for the 970th time it really tends to grate on the nerves, and that’s where pretty much anyone might choose to change the scenery. The whole 70’s rock thing was still pretty dominate in the 80’s as well, and even the more popular titles you listed were considered weird obscure underground “punker” tunes by the MAJORITY of people you might know at work or school and they would, quite often, give people shit about listening to anything other than VH, Led Zep, Pink Floyd or even Night Ranger. None of us were BORN liking this or that, someone played it for us somewhere along the line and just because they played a fucking record they claim as their favorite doesn’t give them a corner on being a fan as I could end up listening to something they played me 10x more than they ever did.. SO WHAT? I always liked a bit of all of it, but in the case of the Police for example, I PERSONALLY PREFER the 4 before Synchronicity and never bother to spin that one at all. But I have friends who are really fond of it for different reasons: they saw the concert and had a blast, it reminds them of that girlfriend they dated back then or it was the first tape they played in their first car. That’s fine for them, I can relate. But that doesn’t automatically mean the same rings true for me: I saw a different concert, dated a different girl and drove a different car. Just because your favorite color is blue doesn’t mean everyone else’s needs to be the same, and I would find it just as irritating if everyone told me they liked the same color as me when they obviously paint their world in a different color than mine, just to try to be the same. If it’s genuine then good deal, but if you play Syncronicity I won’t jump up and leave, but don’t get pissed if I don’t sing along.

        • Sorry, I replied to the wrong comment. That was meant for dumb Jeff in Middletucky.

  2. Shawn C Kelley

    Great year for music!

  3. Larry Mac

    Not *quite* as difficult as 1982, but once again a stellar year for music. I feel very lucky to have lived through these years.

  4. I’ll be shocked (SHOCKED!) if Violent Femmes doesn’t hit #1 on this list. It’s such a defining album not just for the band but the genre.

  5. Jay Toncray

    Love this list!

  6. vote

  7. Script of the Bridge and Synchronicity. Poles apart. Both great.

  8. Agree Jonc, it’s the Femmes’ to lose as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Bret Taitch

    Wow… Talk about memories!!!

  10. 1 Rotten Jon

    In the words of N.W.A. “F$#@ The Police”

  11. Jones Foyer

    Personally, I have a hard time finding favorites on this list. Hard to pick ten. Several of my favorite bands with mediocre albums. Gang of Four, Killing Joke- not a good year.

    • Well said, although I think ‘mediocre’ is generous. ‘Regrettable’ is more like it!

      • I can’t speak to the Killing Joke release, but Gang of Four’s “Hard” was truly abysmal. And I say this as someone who prefers “Songs of the Free” to “Entertainment.”

        • When I was first exposed to Go4 in high school, I preferred Songs/Free over Entertainment as well. (That said, back then I didn’t mind Hard that much.) Well, time passes, eyes open, maturity happens… Now Solid Gold is my favorite, Entertainment’s a close second, Songs/Free a distant third, and I really can’t listen to Hard.

        • Songs of the Free I listed as the #2 album that year; it’s a masterpiece, and almost a concept album, and should be considered one of the 25 best of the decade. As for other GO4 releases, not so much. I owned ‘Hard’ and other than 2 or 3 songs it was Hard…to listen to. ‘I love a man in uniform’ certainly a great tune, rest is quite weak.

  12. Is there any question?

  13. Too many to list!!! What fond memories I have thanks for making me feel old! LOL JK. Good times!

  14. Big John

    What a year! Femmes

  15. OMG, this is getting harder and harder. I had to kill SO many great albums. I had a hard time narrowing it down to just 10!!!

  16. Brian Barker

    New Order, U2, The Police, Bowie, Elvis Costello, and more…great year for music…

  17. robert serlinn

    top 5:
    new order power corruption and lies
    the glove blue sunshine
    sonic youth confusion is sex
    depeche mode construction time again
    daniel johnston hi how r u

  18. Violent femmes

  19. 1983 was a great year for music.

  20. paul warner

    Very difficult! Opted for suicidal tendencies as it was their debut I believe, with enduring classics

  21. Jim vandegrift

    Jesus, 82 was a better year than 83 by a country mile.Still, I really enjoy the polls. Thanks

  22. “Feline” by The Stranglers was released in 1982.

    • I was worried about that, since Wikipedia lists its release as Jan. 1, 1982. But there’s some 30th anniversary stuff about ‘Feline’ that was posted on the band’s official site back in February, including this piece (http://www.thestranglers.net/?p=7351), which refers to “CBS set a release date of late January 1983.”

      • Put it in the Top Ten for either year, in my book!

      • Meh. As long as it’s an option on *one* of the lists, that’s what’s most important. IMHO ‘Feline’ was their last really good LP.

      • I went to their concert in support of Feline, and it was 1983 (Still have the sleeveless tour T-shirt I no longer fit in). I find it very hard to believe I went to a concert in support of an album released over 12 months prior. So I’m going to say it had to be 1983.

  23. Velton Coelho

    Aztec Camera, ‘High Land, Hard Rain’ is my Number 1

  24. Wipers, Freur and Trio were all big for me that year, but Echo and the Bunnymen, Marc Almond and The The beat them out for my vote. Wish I could vote for 13.

  25. I had to remind myself that it’s ok to pick the obvious ones and its not ok to just vote for a band. This was definitely the hardest year to judge. Not as strong as years past.

  26. How about Top 20? Wow – this was tough.

  27. It was a good year to be DJ’ing at WCDB Albany!

  28. WIRE TRAIN – IN A CHAMBER. Perfect album from start to finish.

  29. It’s part of my teenage.

  30. The Smiths?

  31. what about “Sort Sol – Dagger and Guitar”

  32. Wow. What a precipitous drop-off from the preceding three years!

  33. Jesse Svec

    Everything Falls Apart by Hüsker DÜ better make the final cut!

  34. paul johnson

    would be good to see some culture club on the list

  35. Come on, Synchronicity is the obvious winner here.

  36. It’s so weird to think something like Confusion is Sex and Rock For Light could possibly have been released in the same year as Rebel Yell and Sweet Dreams. They seem decades apart.

  37. Billy Bragg,Bunnymen,New Order and The Fall from UK and REM,Green On Red,Long Ryders from USA.

    • Cheers for remembering Long Ryders and Green On Red! I feel like this was the year “college radio” really started to define itself, get some separation from MTV, and these bands were part of that shift.

  38. great year!

  39. Morten Foldager

    Simply the best of 1983

  40. Script Of The Bridge – The Chameleons with New Order, the Bunnymen, Billy Bragg and REM nipping at their heels.

  41. Didn’t use up all my votes this time!

    • Likewise. I struggled.

      • Tim Barlow

        Really? I found this such a tough choice (the hardest one yet), I had to drop Elvis Costello, Echo & The Bunnymen, Killing Joke, Long Ryders, Minor Threat, Minutemen, Jonathan Richman & Tom Waits(!)in order to get it down to a Top 10 comprising Bad Brains, The Fall, Green On Red, Husker Du, Rain Parade, REM, Replacements, Sonic Youth, Violent Femmes & The Wipers. We should be so lucky today!

  42. I’m really enjoying this exercise! I still listen to a lot of these records, but I agree it seems like a bit of a down year compared to 1980-82. It almost feels like it was the “Murmur, plus some other records” year. REM casts a pretty long shadow!

  43. Art Rodkin

    80’s rock

  44. Soul Mining was the start of the wonderful 80’s trilogy for The The. A must!

  45. You’re missing at least three that’d be in my top ten:
    One Afternoon In A Hot Air Balloon – Artery
    The Sin Of Pride – The Undertones
    Climate Of Hunter – Scott Walker

  46. The Bunnymen, Bauhaus and DM!!!

  47. Another great year for music:
    My favourite albums for that year
    – Duran Duran
    – Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams & Touch
    – Yazoo – You And Me Both
    – Thompson Twins
    – New Order
    – Heaven 17
    – Billy Idol – Rebel Yell

  48. Nice to see Dumptruck getting some love by being in the poll. Criminally underrated band, and great live. The 2 follow up records were just as good, I hope they make future polls.

  49. Richard Evans

    This has been a fun event. I hope the glove wins this one, it is a great CD that I did not get until it was 15 years old and realized how much I was missing out. It is one of the best CD that Robert Smith has ever worked on.

    • I hope The Glove wins too! This was such a difficult year for me to choose my favorites. I ended up leaving off a lot of great albums such as The Creatures and New Order

  50. Another great year of music!
    Too bad you can’t vote for EP’s.
    The Alarm’s eponymous EP with “The Stand” was my favorite song of ’83.

    Another thing, I swear I got Simple Minds’ “Sparkle in the Rain” in ’83.

    I know it isn’t Alternative but I wrote in Marillion’s “Script For Jester’s Tear”. I love that album!

    • “Sparkle In The Rain is the sixth studio album by Simple Minds, released on 6 February 1984.”

      I agree with The Alarm. That would have been in my top 10.

  51. Josue Daniel Jeronimo

    The Police’s Sychronicty is one of my favorite’s as is New order”s Power,lies & corruption.

  52. R.E.M, Femmes, Police, New Order- my top 4

  53. Honestly, if R.E.M. ‘Murmur’ doesn’t top the list, I just give up.

    • Charlie Conner

      the problem here is that the fanbase for each band is already rallying the troops to stuff the ballot box. Look at Duran Duran. Look, I liked “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” as much as the next teen back then, but in NO WAY is it better than “Murmur”. R.E.M. deserves to top this year in my opinion!

    • Worse, if “Murmur” loses the top spot to “Seven and the Ragged Tiger,” that will pretty much destroy any credibility these polls have as “Best Of,” or that the voters have as knowledgeable. Sadly, I foresee this happening.

  54. Michael Lane

    So many awesome choices . . .best is hard to name. The big question for me was: “what is still musically relevant for me” and not just nostalgia. So many great albums on this list that I still listen too and others that I’d only play in a random moment. . .

  55. Lovin it! See you on #Darkwave!

  56. Unfortunately I can’t vote for Power, Corruption and Lies 10 x

  57. John O'Sullivan


  58. New Order without a about since The Smiths didn’t arrive until 84

  59. johnathan

    Big Country – the Crossing. Perfect debut album. Remember the ridiculously talented Stuart Adamson.

    • Amen, johnathan! “The Crossing” deserves a Top 10 finish. Played it the other day and it sounded as great as ever. Vote Big Country, fellow Eyeballers!!!

  60. This was an easy picking for me. There was so much great music in ’83 but not many albums won me over quite like the following 10…Adam Ant – Strip, Bauhaus – Burning From the Inside, Chameleons – Script of the Bridge, Depeche Mode – Construction Time Again, a Flock of Seagulls – Listen, Gene Loves Jezebel – Promise, the Glove – Blue Sunshine, New Order – Power, Coruption & Lies, Soft Cell – the Art of Falling Apart & Tears for Fears – the Hurting. we were so lucky to grow up in the 80’s. M

  61. Tons of great choices, but it was the year of The Big 3: The Police at a commercial zenith, where a alternative band became the biggest act on the planet, while U2 & REM gave us masterpiece works – both of which should easily be high on the decade list, if not at the top!! College radio & the alternative format would meld & skyrocket thanks to these artists.

  62. Way too difficult. So much that I grew up too.

  63. Even though I wouldn’t name it among my top albums of this year (had no problem filling out my top 10 this time), I would still probably add The Call’s “Modern Romans” to this list.

  64. list is missing Culture Club Colour By Numbers.
    Commercial hit singles aside, there are so many gems on that album.

  65. Laura Combs

    Duran Duran should win. Everything. All the time.

  66. Very hard to choose only 10. In my opinion, it was the best year of the ’80s for music (although I have stronger memories attached to the music of 1985 – can’t wait for that poll!)

    It was also tough for me because some of these albums didn’t come out until 1984 in the US, such as Wang Chung and The Chameleons (which was cut down to 6 tracks for some odd reason).

  67. Randall Lindsley

    The 80s…best era of music.

  68. Damn, I already voted and forgot Power, Corruption and Lies…great title…great album. Big Country’s The Crossing was tremendous. 1983…you were a fantastic year!!

  69. William nothing

    Trio made the perfect album

  70. It was hard to pick between what I liked back in “83” when I was 15 and didn’t know squat about great music(Kajagoogoo, The Fixx and Duran Duran were favorites) and now at 45 when great albums that have stood the test of time are all time favorites.

  71. To me 1983 seems like the weakest year so far. New Order and Violent Femmes are no-brainers, and I’ve heard that REM’s debut LP is supposed to be really good (I have yet to hear it for myself).

  72. …and everyone, PLEASE vote for Ministry’s “With Sympathy”. Al will love you for it!

  73. This is a hard one. I had to rethink a few of them. I’m taking Bauhaus, REM and Yazoo. I know it’s all over the place, but I love all of those records.

  74. I agree with previous comments that this wasn’t a great year for albums but…….there are at least 20 albums on this list that many would still listen to on any given day.

  75. Have to agree that a lot of great bands released mediocre albums this year like John Foxx, Comsats, Church, Sad Lovers, KJ, GO4, Howard Devoto’s Rainy Season single was fantastic but the album didn’t sustain the momentum, . However, the Chameleons, Bunnymen and Bauhaus albums were outstanding and definite all time favourites. And then there was Tom Waits Swordfishtrombones.

  76. Marc Fentress

    Gene Loves Jezebel, New Order. Violent Femmes, R.E.M. Depeche Mode, top 5 for this year

  77. A big ommission for some (I’m not voting it) but surprised it hasn’t been mentioned:

    Bananarama: Deep Sea Skiving

    • Tim Evans

      Definitely a big omission, and I DID write it in! And while I didn’t vote for it, Culture Club’s “Colour by Numbers” is also a pretty serious omission, as mentioned by others earlier.

  78. You can almost see the top-10 coming out of here: Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, U2, REM, The Police, David Bowie, Billy Idol, New Order, Tears For Fears, Violent Femmes…most of them great, worthy and popular. I don’t need to vote for these, so for me it’s:

    Sad Lovers And Giants, The The, Stranglers, Chameleons, Comsat Angels, Killing Joke, China Crisis, Tears For Fears, Go-Betweens and Big Country all put out brilliant albums this year.

    • I find these polls an exercise to see how many of my faves end up in the 70-100 range. No reason to expect Comsat Angels, SLAG, Go Betweens, and Wipers won’t be at the bottom, but I’m curious to see where The Chameleons end up. I’m guessing 60-70 and will commence sighing and rubbing one’s temples when Billy Idol and Duran Duran end up in the top 10.

    • Matt Radio

      The Stranglers are my all-time favorite band of those available on this list, and FELINE is one of their best albums. Good call, voting for it.

  79. Cheers to 1983! Greatest Mega 80’s hit’s! Mainly got on here.. I VOTED for #1 TFF – ‘The Hurting’ Soundtrack to my youth! All-time fave Masterpiece album. #1 Brilliant Duo. *still*

  80. Cheers to 1983! Greatest Mega 80’s hit’s! Mainly got on here.. I VOTED for #1 TFF – ‘The Hurting’ Soundtrack to my youth! All-time fave Masterpiece Brilliant album. Tears4Fears4ever!

  81. Hy doesn’t Oingo Boingo get more love? Good For Your Soul deserves to make the cut.

  82. Yes, I`ve seen the comment about no EPs allowed, but for me 83 was the year of the EP. The best music of 83 for me was cruicial stuff from Birthday Party and Sisters of Mercy (later compiled on cd)

  83. Again, hard job but easier than years before.

  84. baersouth

    Too many. There are more I would pick.

  85. I’m probably the only one voting for Shriekback, but I have to give them some love since they were one of my favorite bands in the 80’s and didn’t get the recognition they deserved.

  86. Paul Lavin

    Numan, TFF, Heaven 17, Yazoo….synth overload and I loved it

  87. What a year for music!! Toy Dolls & Violent Femmes with thee most authentic & original debut albums !

    The Hurting plays like a career spanning best of…

    Bauhaus’ final (back then) album is just so solid, w/some of their very best work …

  88. THOMPSON TWINS all the way. That album is fantastic.

  89. Whilst skateboarding both Rock For Light and Rebel Yell we’re played, cuz you wanted to keep the chicks around. Great year for music!

  90. John Pearson

    Love is the law

  91. The Hurting by Tears for Fears!!!

  92. Go Johnny Go!!

  93. Sourdust

    Surprised to see clock diva – advantage is one of my favourite records from that era. Nice pick!

  94. Thank you, Blue Sunshine.
    Thank you, Robert.
    Thank you, Steven.
    Thank you, synths.
    Thank you, ears.

  95. I just started a write in campaign for the great solo album “Hurt Me” by Johnny Thunders..an epic, classic 1983 release..

  96. Charlie Conner

    for some reason, it seems to me the even numbered years have been better than the odd numbered years so far…Personally speaking, this trend continues until at least ’87…

    • Hmm…you may be on to something, Charlie. The ’82 pack was pretty solid. And off the top of my head, bands like R.E.M., the Church, and Crowded House had GREAT albums in both ’86 and ’88. Will pay more attention from here on out–thanks, man!

  97. Even Duran Duran fans have to concede that Seven & The Ragged Tiger is pretty terrible – and I love the first DD album – but, c’mon! It’ll make the Top Five, which is just sooooo sad. Blind fandom is the worst.

    • I love that album, actually. But I didn’t vote for it — doesn’t seem to belong in a list of top alternative albums (especially considering some of the other choices this year). Though I agree, it’ll make the Top 5 anyway.

    • Jack Watters

      It will make the top 5 because this poll is a popularity contest, for better or worse. Their earlier New Wave stuff was groundbreaking, but commercial radio came TO them…as it did with REM, U2, New Order, DMode, etc afterward.

  98. Would really like to have had one more vote so I could have
    written in Crispy Ambulance ‎– Open, Gates Of Fire

  99. Toyah – Love is the law – esp as myself and group of other
    Toyah fans were lucky enough to be asked to sing some backing

  100. There are some incredible albums on this list. While a number of these releases had a good song or two but a lot of filler (see Real Life), I chose ten albums that are solid from start to finish. I ranked em:

    1. The The – Soul Mining
    2. REM – Murmur
    3. Echo & the Bunnymen – Porcupine
    4. X – More Fun in the New World
    5. New Order – Power, Corruption & Lies
    6. Aztec Camera – High Land, Hard Rain
    7. The Plimsouls – Everywhere At Once
    8. Bad Brains – Rock For Light
    9. Heaven 17 – The Luxury Gap
    10. Big Country – The Crossing

  101. Oh, that Glove album…it’s like Electronic, except members of gothyish bands, a female singer instead of Neil Tennant, and 8 years earlier. So nothing like Electronic. But so good…

  102. What a year! ! !

  103. two faves that missed the cut were southern death cult and What is beat? (comp i know but very big in the usa)

  104. Morten Foldager

    Highlights of 1983

  105. Cristina


  106. chrystian lara castro


  107. whiskeyboy

    Wow – great year

  108. Deirdre Callan

    Best Decade Ever

  109. Marsupial

    I’m not about to go dig for it, but.. wasn’t the Long Ryders 10-5-60 an EP?

  110. Mr FancyPants

    Wow, I have/had 41 of these, and of the 10 I voted for, I would be surprised if more than 2 are in the top 10 overall. I’m sure most people will go for the lowest common denominator again.

  111. Michael Louie

    Wow, what a shitty year compared to the start of the 80’s! I only voted for several albums, anything else would have been just filler. The Creatures, Fun Boy Three, Violent Femmes, Soft Cell, Bauhaus, and OMD. Huge fan of the last 3 bands and although I like everything they’ve done (the first time around) The Art of Falling Apart, Burning From The Inside, and Dazzle Ships are my favourite albums from these artists with Dazzle Ships making my Top 25 albums of all time.

  112. Michael Louie

    As mentioned by another poster, wish I had remembered that The Undertones released their final great album that year. It would have made my list.

  113. Steven Vertel

    Didn’t Colour of Spring by Talk Talk come out in 83′? If so, that’s a top pick

    • It came out in 85 in Germany and Holland and in 86 elsewhere, Steven. Agree with you that it is a great record though.

  114. Please delete Kajagoogoo from the list of nomines. That stuff was crap

  115. I voted for Good for Your Soul 10 times. (I’m kidding; I was too lazy to reload the poll to register one vote at a time.) My favorite Boingo album, and still in the rotation—you couldn’t live in SoCal and listen to KROQ without a healthy dose of (and appreciation for) Boingo.

  116. Why is Cyndi Lauper’s “She’s So Unusual” not included? Yes, it was a commercially successful, but was it any less “alternative” than Duran Duran, Men at Work, or Spandau Ballet?

  117. Great fucking albums& total opposite

  118. PT Wallace

    There were just too many amazing albums that came out around that time. One of the reasons I was always broke! Weekly trips to the record stores always brought back sweet ambrosia for the eardrums. Good times :-)

  119. Test

  120. SCOARNEC Dominique

    Rock´N’Roll !

  121. College years

  122. No Madonna’s debut album ”Madonna’ Why ?!

  123. DorianGraye

    Too many to choose !

  124. I like it all. Just some more than others. Which some? Which others? WHY DO YOU REALLY CARE? It could change from day to day, anyways..

  125. It was difficult voting just for 10. 1983 was one of my favorite years in 80s music.

  126. J nichols

    Top 10

  127. Rob Southam

    Some great albums but Big Counry’s The Crossing is still my all time favorite album. Hope it makes the top ten.

  128. REM’s Murmur and Violent Femmes’ debut are monsters that have to finish top five. So glad Tom Waits is here. Swordfishtrombone is where he really started letting his freak flag fly! And not voting for Synchronicity doesn’t make me a hipster music snob. It’s a very good album, but I genuinely believe there are ten better on this list. Multi-platinum sales don’t increase or decrease my enjoyment of a record. It’s all about what moves you!

  129. A couple more thoughts… I liked Rebel Yell when I was 14, but that album has not aged well… I honestly don’t understand what Duran Duran is doing on an alternative list. I can’t imagine a more mainstream band… Beginning with 1984, The Smiths should rule three or four polls in a row!

  130. There is so much to pick from! I too am looking forward to when The Smiths start appearing!

  131. Pine for the pork of the Porcupine…

  132. I have to put in a dissenting voice. I had a hard time using up all my votes! And people on here were saying 1982 was bad? When Seven and the Ragged Tiger makes this list you know times were hard.

  133. I’m all smiles – I got my crocodiles! Mac & Echo – love it!

  134. Good Stuff

  135. I found 1983 easier to narrow down than 81 and 82. Glad to see so many nods to Violent Femmes- I will be shocked if they are not in the top ten along with REM, U2, and Bowie.

  136. I can certainly tell when I started spending more and more of my allowance on music as a teenager. As I go through the list, I keep getting flashbacks of putting the albums on my stereo.

  137. Cabaret Voltaire “The Crackdown” is the transitional album for them where they moved into old school Industrial mixed with Dance.

  138. Matt Radio

    A plethora of options. The Stranglers’ FELINE and both Eurythmics sets were my “duh” selections. Echo & The Bunnymen and Eyeless in Gaza were also no-brainers for me.

    Why do so many folks want to hold it against The Police and other popular acts that they actually broke through? Whether or not it got played a zillion times on mainstream radio, “Wrapped Around Your Finger” is a magnificent track. I’ve never let whether or not lots of other people love a song determine my feelings about it. If it was great to my mind at the time and still holds up today— as SYNCHRONICITY does— it earns my vote.

  139. Jasmine Stearns

    Only ten? Tough one!

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