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Spacemen 3’s full catalog to be reissued by Fire Records on 180-gram, colored vinyl

Spacemen 3 circa 1986

Fire Records today announced plans to reissue the full catalog of mind-bending and highly influential ’80s psych-rockers Spacemen 3 — featuring Peter “Sonic Boom” Kember and a pre-Spiritualized Jason “J. Spaceman” Pierce — on 180-gram colored vinyl, beginning next week with the band’s first two studio LPs and a follow-up live set.

On May 14, Fire will release audiophile vinyl editions of 1986 debut Sound of Confusion, 1987 follow-up The Perfect Prescription and 1988 live album Performance as part of what’s being billed as “the first stage in Fire Records’ comprehensive Spacemen 3 reissue campaign.” The releases mark the first time the albums have been released on vinyl in the U.S., according to the label.

Each features the original tracklist, which you can see below — and sample one song off each record.



FIRELP015 Spacemen 3 - Sound OF Confusion LP SLEEVE

Tracklist: Spacemen 3, Sound of Confusion

1. “Losing Touch With Your Mind”
2. “Hey Man”
3. “Rollercoaster”
4. “Mary Anne”
5. “Little Doll”
6. “2:35”
7. “O.D. Catastrophe”


Oversized Digipak FINAL

Tracklist: Spacemen 3, The Perfect Prescription

1. “Take Me to the Other Side”
2. “Walkin’ With Jesus”
3. “Ode to Street Hassle”
4. “Ecstasy Symphony”
5. “Transparent Radiation (Flashback)”
6. “Feels So Good”
7. “Things’ll Never be the Same”
8. “Come Down Easy”
9. “Call the Doctor”


Spacemen 3, 'Performance'

Tracklist: Spacemen 3, Performance

1. “Mary Anne”
2. “Come Together”
3. “Things’ll Never Be The Same”
4. “Take Me To The Other Side”
5. “Rollercoaster”
6. “Starship”
7. “Walkin’ With Jesus”




  1. The three titles of the Spacemen 3 were issued on 180 gram vinyl by Fire Records in the U.S. in 2010. You can buy them on Amazon if you want.

  2. “the first stage in Fire Records’ comprehensive Spacemen 3 reissue campaign.” I assume they will reissue these on cd as well? Hopefully with extra tracks.

  3. Catherine

    Slicing Up Eyeballs better hold a contest to give these away.

  4. they suck infinetly.

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