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Update: Tom Tom Club not joining lineup-challenged Regeneration Tour after all

Tom Tom Club

Despite fans’ concerns that the entire trek had been scrubbed, it appears the Regeneration Tour is still on this summer, with Talking Heads spinoff Tom Tom Club and New Wave stars A Flock of Seagulls filling in at certain dates for The Human League, which quit the tour after saying they’d been “promised one thing and delivered something so completely different.”

Five dates had been announced and/or gone on sale prior to The Human League’s departure last month, and each of those concerts is still on, according to the venues and promoters. Tom Tom Club has been added to at least two of the concerts, in San Diego and Saratoga, Calif., while A Flock of Seagulls is listed as a lineup addition at the Orlando concert.

While The Human League had been the tour’s headliners, in the cases of both Tom Tom Club and A Flock of Seagulls, the bands are now listed as openers, with Erasure frontman Andy Bell billed as headliner across all five concerts. Howard Jones is also still listed as appearing at each show, while Information Society is now appearing only in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Saratoga, according to the venues.

All of this follows the abrupt disappearance late last month of the Regeneration Tour’s official Facebook page, where the trek’s promoters had been filling in fans on efforts to replace The Human League on the bill. Similarly, a post on Bell’s official site raising concerns about his role on the tour also has been removed.

It remains unclear whether more dates will be added.

Of the venues already selling tickets, at least one — Humphreys Concerts by the Bay in San Diego — is offering fans refunds over The Human League’s cancellation (although the venue claims the band dropped off the tour due to “scheduling conflicts”).

UPDATE 5/10/13: The Tom Tom Club writes on its Facebook page: “The jumped the gun on this. Tom Tom Club is NOT on this tour.” While the Mountain Winery has now updated its site to show Men Without Hats as its new lineup addition, Humphreys still lists the Tom Tom Club as appearing.

UPDATE 5/10/13 #2: The tour’s organizers have announced new dates and lineups.


Regeneration Tour confirmed dates:

Aug. 7: Chastain Park Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA (Andy Bell, Howard Jones, Information Society)
Aug. 23: Britt Pavilion, Jacksonville, OR (Andy Bell, Howard Jones, A Flock of Seagulls)
Aug. 28: Humphreys Concerts By the Bay, San Diego, CA (Andy Bell, Howard Jones, Tom Tom Club)
Aug. 30: Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (Andy Bell, Howard Jones, Information Society)
Aug. 31: Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA (Andy Bell, Howard Jones, Information Society, Men Without Hats)






  1. This isn’t a tour, it’s a disaster, lol

  2. Marc Plainguet

    If Tom Tom Club is going to be in California they should do the Greek in L.A. as well. THEN I might consider going. I also want to know what kind of setup Andy Bell is going to do. Full band…one guy with synth a la Vince Clark? I like the Human League but I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl on the Totally 80’s show a couple years ago and they were sadly underwhelming. It was probably hard to enthrall the audience after the B-52’s had already torn down the house. Information Society? C’mon…

    I’ll hold off on tickets until this all gets worked out.

  3. And as usual, the midwest is a flyover.

  4. The Mountain Winery has Men Without Hats listed instead of Tom Tom Club or Flock.

  5. One FL date, one GA date, and a few others in LA? I mean no disrespect to whoevever’s organizing this tour, but seriously, WTF? I would imagine most of these bands just would be better off doing the casino route. Most of those gigs get better bills, anyway.

  6. These are the sorts of details you work out BEFORE you promote dates and sell tickets. What a cluster…

  7. “They jumped the gun on this. Tom Tom Club is NOT on this tour.” – Tom Tom Club

    I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it again – Since its inception, the Regeneration Tour has been plagued with problems concerning the line-up of artists involved. I would strongly advise the promoters to give it up. WTF would want to deal with promoters who announce a line-up before confirming anything? Unreliable to the artists as well as the fans let alone completely unprofessional.

  8. I believe they call this a CLUSTER.

  9. Yeah, what a mess up. I got a refund for the Saratoga show. You can take a headliner and replace them with an opener. The last time I saw Men Without Hats they actually opened for The Human League. I had 5th row center but not worth $103 a ticket for this show.

  10. Eric Mimsey

    Humphrey’s San Diego just emailed me, and their website has been updated to reflect that Men Without Hats has joined the bill, in place of the Tom Tom Club, in place of The Human League.

  11. adam smith

    Isn’t A Flock of Seagulls,just Mike Score and some no bodies?

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