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Help fund ‘Dare To Be Different’ documentary celebrating New York’s WLIR 92.7 FM

Dare to be Different

With two weeks left to go, the producers of a documentary called “Dare To Be Different” — which aims to tell the story of hugely influential New York alternative station WLIR 92.7 FM — are more than $12,000 short of their fundraising goal, and are still hoping to lure fans with a variety of donor perks, including, for those who pony up $5,000, an on-camera interview.

Already three years in the making, the documentary is being produced by filmmaker Ellen Goldfarb, who grew up on Long Island “glued to WLIR during the ‘Dare to be Different’ years,” and Denis McNamara, who was LIR’s program director when it switched to a “new music” format in the early ’80s.

So far, the filmmakers have shot interviews with LIR DJs including The Mighty Maxximizer, Larry The Duck, Malibu Sue, Ben Manilla, DJ Bird and Donna Donna, plus some of the many musicians whose music the station helped break, including members of Tears for Fears, The B-52s, Talking Heads and The Beat — plus Seymour Stein, legendary head of Sire Records.

The producers are trying to raise $20,000 to help fund more interviews and secure pricey music and video rights so they can complete the documentary and enter it into film festivals. Because they’re using IndieGoGo, and not Kickstarter, for their campaign, they will, however, be able to keep any money raised if they don’t meet the final goal.

Below, check out their video pitching the project, and read more — and donate — at





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