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Andreas Thein, co-founder of Propaganda, dies at 59 after battle with cancer

Andreas Thein

Andreas Thein — who co-founded Propaganda and co-wrote and performed on the German synthpop group’s debut single, 1984’s “Dr. Mabuse,” before being asked to leave the band — lost his battle with cancer and died this past Thursday, according to ZTT Records.

The label on Friday announced on its Facebook page:  “We are very sad to announce that Andreas Thein passed away yesterday, after a battle with cancer. Andreas was an original co-founder of Propaganda, as well as the cult new wave groups groups Kino and Rififi.”

Thein co-founded Propaganda in 1982 with Ralf Dörper of Die Krupps and singer Susanne Freytag, and, after the addition of Michael Mertens and singer Claudia Brücken, they signed to ZTT and released their debut single. Shortly thereafter, Thein was asked to leave the band, which proceeded to release its debut album, A Secret Wish, featuring “Dr. Mabuse,” the following year.

Thein would go on to play in Rififi and Kino, the latter best known for its single “Room In My Heart.”

Below, in tribute to Thein, we present both “Dr. Mabuse” and “Room in My Heart.”


Propaganda, “Dr. Mabuse”


Kino, “Room In My Heart”



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  1. Richard Morgan

    A man of great talent, he will be missed.

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