Reunions — June 2, 2013 at 7:20 pm

R.E.M. carefully avoids actual reunion as all 4 members play Peter Buck’s wedding

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There very well could have been a full-fledged R.E.M. reunion in Portland, Ore., on Saturday night as all four members of the defunct college-rock superstars — Bill Berry included — performed after Peter Buck’s wedding. But, by all appearances, they managed to avoid such headlines, just barely, by not actually sharing the stage together at any point.

As the R.E.M. Timeline reports on its Facebook page, Buck on Saturday married his fiancee Chloe Johnson in Portland, an event that, not surprisingly, brought together all four members of R.E.M. Based on photos and video tweeted from the reception, all four former bandmates, including Berry, who retired from music in 1997, performed at one time or another in various combinations, but, it would seem, never all at once. Other performers at the reception included Joseph Arthur and The Decemberists.

R.E.M. has been known to reunite as a wedding band in the past, with all four members playing together in 2005 at the reception following the nuptials of one of the band’s guitar techs. But it appears the four former bandmates decided to avoid a headline-making reunion this past weekend, especially just two weeks after Mike Mills told Rolling Stone that there are “zero plans for a reunion.”

Ethan Kaplan, who runs the fansite and worked closely with the band, shared this Vine of what he labeled “3/4 of R.E.M.” The video show Mills, Buck and Berry, along with onetime R.E.M. sidemen Scott McCaughey and Bill Rieflin, performing “Near Wild Heaven.”

Below you can see more photos of Berry, Buck, Mills and Stipe performing in assorted combinations.


Bill Berry and Bill Rieflin | Photo via davedepper

Bill Berry


Joseph Arthur, Peter Buck and Michael Stipe | Photo via ethank



Bill Berry on drums | Photo via ethank

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Michael Stipe | Photo via cartwhispherer

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Joseph Arthur and Bill Berry | Photo via joseph_arthur

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  1. For some reason, this made me really, really happy. Nice to see you all again.

  2. I was there and it was definitely the party of the year, but we were just happy to see a lot of old friends (especially Bill Berry!). I was more concerned about the potential Sleater-Kinney reunion Saturday night! At one point I hear somebody playing an Oasis song. “Oh, it’s just the Decemberists.” But really exciting to see Mike belting out some REM songs. “Superman” was my request! Much love to C & P. Athens/PDX 2013

  3. That 80's Guy

    It’s a real shame REM didn’t play one last farewell concert in Atlanta or something. They should have just done that and thrown the fans a bone. Instead, since they haven’t played live since 2008, they will keep being bothered by it.

    REM – just reunite for a few, proper, farewell dates. Nobody wants new music from you, we just want to see you play live one more time.

    REM calling it quits without some farewell shows was a huge fuck you to the fans.

  4. I caught REM in 2008 and it was an amazing show. For me I don’t think I could have seen REM perform any better or a better set list. “Harborcoat” is my favorite REM song and they played it so for me as a fan it didn’t get any better. I think they need to give it some time – at least 7-8 years; then maybe come back for a reunion.

  5. If your heart is not there then don’t reform . Music is about expression and I would hate to see someone perform like a monkey

  6. whichonespink

    To the dude saying, “Nobody wants new music from you,” I say, screw off! Accelerate was a strong album and Collapse into Now was solid too. I would love more music from these guys, though if it’s over for them (and it obviously is), I respect that.

  7. Gosh, how I miss Bill Berry with REM! When he had what could have been a fatal medical emergency during the Monster tour, my heart broke. This band defined me as a teen. The Green Tour was my first, but not last REM concert. A freshman in college, listening to anything but popular music, but knowing that REM was popular in every essence of the word. I’ve now been sharing my love for what I call, The Bill Berry years of REM with my 18 yo son. He appeases me by listening; but kids these days haven’t a clue for awesome music!

    Bill Berry, one of my best friends is a hay farmer in Cowpens, SC. I applaud your move. And I hope you pass on all of your love of music along to Owen! Much much love to you!! You’re missed!

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