Video — June 17, 2013 at 10:15 pm

Video: Siouxsie closes 2nd Meltdown gig with Banshees classic ‘Spellbound’


Photo via bishi_music

While we’ve already posted copious video from Siouxsie’s first concert in five years this past Saturday, it is worth sharing one key piece of footage from tonight’s reprise at the Yoko Ono-curated Meltdown festival, namely the one song on Saturday night’s setlist that got dropped from that show: the Banshees’ classic 1981 single “Spellbound.”

Until that final song of the concert, tonight’s set was identical to Saturday’s, featuring a full performance of 1980′s Kaleidoscope plus favorites like “Cities in Dust” and “Israel” as well as tracks off her 2007 solo debut MantaRay. It’s not clear why Siouxsie didn’t perform “Spellbound” on Saturday, but it was on the setlist.

She did, however, close with “Spellbound” tonight, and you can it below via Derek Smalls.


Siouxsie, “Spellbound,” Royal Festival Hall, London, UK, 6/17/13






  1. Beautiful!!

  2. Band sucks though, esp the drummer, bring back the Banshees!!

  3. Perfection!


    Very generous comment from Steve Severin on the concerts.

    He also posted a few things on ‘banshees and other creatures’ Facebook confirming his entirely positive intent.

    Two amazing nights from Siouxsie and positive sentiments from Severin. Great week for the Banshees legacy.

  5. I just want her to bring the shows to North America, and come to Chicago!

  6. The band was great, especially the drummer.

  7. And thank you also to Andrew for further Steve comments, which are acute as always.

    Maybe one day we will have Steve’s book of pictures from the heydays years ago it seemed he was working on (Record Collector previewed some, Others were used in a Mojo feature)?
    Pictures have a magic (magik?) that is timeless.

  8. Wish they would reform again.

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