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Video: ‘Talking Heads vs. Television’ — aka 1984 UK TV special ‘Once in a Lifetime’

Talking Heads

In 1984, David Byrne helped put together a TV special on the Talking Heads for U.K. TV’s Channel 4, a 68-minute mix of live material filmed at Wembley Arena, interviews with the band, TV news clips, commercials and other various bits of found footage and sound — sort of a visual version of My Life in the Bush of Ghosts set to a live concert soundtrack.

The film — which comes to us via Joey X, and can be seen below — was titled “Once in a Lifetime” when it was broadcast in the U.K., but apparently is known to the band and fans as “Talking Heads vs. Television” (Byrne, credited in the film as “creative consultant,” lists it as such on his website).

Check it out:


‘Talking Heads vs. Television’ (1984)


Songs performed include:

“Life During Wartime”
“Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)”
“Once in A Lifetime”
“Big Business”
“I Zimbra”
“Slippery People”
“Psycho Killer”
“My Big Hands (Fall Though the Cracks)”
“What A Day That Was”
“Crosseyed And Painless”






  1. Despot To Whiz In

    Talking Heads = MTV “Wanna-bee’s”

    Television = ‘The Real Thing,’ Punk Rock Forefathers. Little Johnny Jewel (1975)

    David Byrne has to resort to “world music” to battle back any sense of cred.

  2. Laughing at those who dont understand music

    LOL what a naïve comment. Talking Heads were popular way before MTV came around, their Stop Making Sense movie is universally rated as one of, if not THE concert movie ever, and Remain In Light – which first incorporated poly-rhythms that you characterize as ‘world music’) is also widely regarded among the best albums ever (1st in 1980, 3rd of the 1980s and 29th all time in one set of rankings).

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