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Hey, gearheads: Take a tour of Depeche Mode’s ‘Delta Machine’ stage setup

Depeche Mode stage setup

If you’re into the more technical aspects of a how a band like Depeche Mode pulls off big arena shows, here’s a short video tour of the band’s current stage setup on the Delta Machine Tour, with a look at the keyboard arrays employed by Andy Fletcher and touring member Peter Gordeno (note the size difference between the two), as well as Martin Gore’s guitar rig.

Check it out below via Waveformless:


‘Delta Machine’ stage setup






  1. Batshiz Crazay

    Love how their “keyboard” tech can’t promounce Moog correctly, calling it “Moooooogue”.

  2. Love how Peter’s set-up makes Fletch look like he’s happy just to clap his hands here and there and lucky to still be on payroll. DEALTA MACHINE is the first DM release that desperately begs for Alan Wilder’s involvement! The album is a pathetic mess.

    • Too true. Reminds me of Duran Duran “Unplugged.” There’s Nick standing and beaming behind his gear, while the hired gun is absolutely sweating his ass off working the keys!

    • Too true. Reminds me of Duran Duran “Unplugged.” There’s Nick standing and beaming behind his gear, while the hired gun is absolutely sweating his ass off working the keys!

  3. Stan Coates

    When are any of you going to understand and realize that Fletch’s main role is not composing or even playing music; he functions mostly as the band’s manager and facilitator. He has said so himself numerous times.

    • Thanks for clearing that up, Stan. We should be ripping on R.E.M. instead. Why couldn’t they have been a sextet with Holt and Downs flanking the stage–one on tambourine, the other on air guitar?! What could have been…

      And stop calling him Andrew Ridgeley Fletcher, people–or is that just me?!

    • We’re all aware of Andy’s role in DM and the fact is, if that’s the case there is no need for his presence on stage. It’s quite simple. I’m pretty sure his only contribution to the actual set is hitting the key that triggers the bass sample for “Just Can’t Get Enough.”
      Peter Gordeno is an incredible musician, lovely individual and a welcomed addition to the DM family (also an excellent companion and accompanist for Martin who will hopefully work on a solo album of original material one day soon)

      • howard's johnson

        no way. it’s not DM without fletch, and that includes the stage. everyone knows he doesn’t do shit performance wise. it’s kind of a schtick and it wouldn’t be depeche without it. do you hold it against martin that some dude behind the curtain is triggering all of his effects and thus he does NO pedal work of his own?

  4. “Take a look at the keyboard [players] employed [and hiding backstage for] Andy Fletcher.” Wait, let’s re-edit that.

  5. Very cool, thanks for posting! Although, it does make me very nostalgic for the scene in “Depeche Mode 101,” when Alan’s explaining how his keyboards work. Must have watched that scene 100 times when I was younger. ;)

  6. Great setup! Shame about the album.

  7. Pathetic mess? Hardly.

  8. Delta Machine is a fine album, maybe not as great as Violator or SOFAD but it has some great moments, in particular Heaven, Broken and Alone. U2 are not making classic albums anymore, neither are the Cure, but Depeche Mode in particular are still making interesting music and at their age thats enough.
    As for Fletch, i do admit that his presence annoys me quite a bit, a 4 year year old could probably do what he does on stage, he’s there because it would probably be too awkward for Gahan and Gore to get rid of him at this stage of the game.

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