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Nitzer Ebb’s ‘Basic Pain Procedure’ reissued on CD, cassette with bonus 1983 live set

Nitzer Ebb, 'Basic Pain Procedure'

Pylon Records this month will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nitzer Ebb’s original Basic Pain Procedure demo tape by releasing it on CD for the first time ever — and reissuing it in its original cassette form — as the eight-song set is newly packaged with a rare 1983 live recording.

Pylon reissued the EBM favorites’ early demos on vinyl for the first time last year, and now is offering the new CD and cassette releases, the latter or which will include a USB stick packaged in the cassette case that will include the full release in digital formats, including “a continuous high-resolution 24 bit/96 Khz transfer from the original master reel with no processing and no track identification” that can be played on hi-res DVD players “for optimum detail in the sound recording.”

The bonus eight-song live set was recorded Dec. 9, 1983, at the Chelmer Institute for Higher Education and features a previously unreleased cover of “A Whiter Shade of Pale” and an early version of “Smear Body,” later recorded for That Total Age.

Pylon is taking pre-orders for the CD and cassette reissues — the later of which is limited-edition and only being sold through the label — and shows the CD will be released next month.

Below, you can stream the full Basic Pain Procedure tape and three of the bonus live tracks:










  1. One would think that, given today’s sound editing capabilities, they could’ve removed that high-pitched noise throughout all of BPP. I had hopes this release would do that – guess not and that’s disappointing.

  2. the tape hiss was left in there on purpose just like the original, the fact is that it is a demo, these are NOT studio productions, this is the same recording that helped them get a record deal 30 years ago, we are celebrating that.
    The CD also contains a live show which was produced in a minimum quantity of 20 cassette.

  3. Very interesting.

  4. Henry Bemis

    Love it! What a kick ass release. Excellent live version of “Violent Playground.” I can’t wait to purchase this.

  5. Any chance they are going to reunite for a US jaunt in support of this new relevance? Lollapalooza side stage in August perhaps?

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