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Stream: Blondie, ‘A Rose By Any Name’ — new single featuring The Gossip’s Beth Ditto


As we reported last week, Blondie is gearing up to hit the road this fall with special guest X in tow, and, in announcing that tour, Debbie Harry and Co. revealed their 10th studio album is due out by the end of the year. Well, now comes the first music from that forthcoming record: the very electronic track “A Rose By Any Name,” featuring The Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto.

Check out the full track below.


Blondie f/ Beth Ditto, “A Rose By Any Name”






  1. Wow, what can I say but “A Rose By Any Name” is lame.
    With that chorus, I can already hear the upcoming remixes cementing Harry and Ditto as the alterna-queer “divas” in the equally lame clubs. Yawn.

  2. Yet again, what I LOVE about Blondie: I really like the production because it seems very much a marriage of early 1980s ATARI New Wave/Pop sound w/ the contemporary/overly-dominant dance pop sound. The song is elevated because of who wrote it and sung it. This better be on the radio, considering all of the “tripe” that is on constant tap in the 21st Century. Though the punk rock/rock/New Wave sound (esp. the songs they’ve released for free over the last year online) is always my favorite side of Blondie, I’m yet even more excited w/ anticipation for Blondie’s next LP w/ the sheer diversity that’s on the way…

    I really hope that Debbie and The Boys gave thought to my idea for the title for the forthcoming album: It’s The perfect title…because they originally thought it up almost 40 years ago. Please release this future classic as soon as is possible, Debbie?!

  3. I like it too. Better than half the sh*t on the radio. Their voices sound phenomenal.

  4. Anthony, i don’t get it what’s your idea for the title? The title of the album is decided ages ago at ‘Ghosts of download’

  5. I should’ve added without Jimmy Destri (and by the way i believe they’ve treated him) Blondie can forget it.

  6. Alterna-queer

    Yes, I like it—looking forward to an extended version.

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