Reunions, Video — June 27, 2013 at 9:44 pm

Watch 9 seconds of The Replacements rehearsing ‘Alex Chilton’ today in Minneapolis

The Replacements 2013

Here it is: The first footage, albeit just 9 seconds and shot through the sliding-glass door of a rehearsal space, of The Replacements, together again and performing in 2013. The band’s official Facebook page shared the video seen below — filmed at 6:35 p.m. today in Minneapolis — of the ‘Mats running through “Alex Chilton” in advance of their three Riot Fest headlining slots in Toronto, Chicago and Denver this August and September.

It’s still not known yet who’s in the band with Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson; the bassist has said they didn’t even bother to invite former drummer Chris Mars because they knew he’d say no.

The Riot Fest appearances will be the first ‘Mats performances in 22 years.

Check out the (very short) clip below:







  1. Tease me, please me, “Pleased to Meet Me”!!! BRING IT ON!!!

  2. This fills me with unspeakable joy!

  3. That was definitely the best nine seconds of my day.

  4. Wish Mars was with them, but can’t have everything.

  5. Without Kim Deal & Hooky this is NOT The Mats! My fingers are in my ears! Nah nah na-na-nah.

  6. Amazing! Thank you Riot Fest for making this happen! What a great year for music in America: The Replacements AND The Waterboys! All we need now is for The Wipers to perform.

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